Post #143, December 27, 2020: The Whole Lotta Red Post

After 2 very long years Playboi Carti finally delivered on his very highly anticipated album Whole Lotta Red and I am extremely excited to deliver a review to you all. I have a few things that I’d like to say before the review. I typically listen to the album a few times before actually starting to write anything down so I already listened to it a few times as of now and decided that it was any where near what I expected it to be but I also don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes it out to be so with that being said I will be doing reviews on the tracks I like then I will discuss what I feel could have been done better then I will finish things up and move on to my final thoughts. Let’s get right into this review and waste no more time. Here is my review for the long awaited Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti.

Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti

Rockstar Made”- This track perfectly represents what I expected the album to sound like, loud, obnoxious and high in energy. Carti shows us that he’s been working on his voice a lot and comes with a new voice, it’s pretty raspy and sounds pretty forced but it works. The track isn’t anything crazy and keeps the same tendencies that Carti typically does on tracks such as a lack of lyrics, crazy production, more ad-libs than lyrics, etc. I definitely enjoy this track a lot and had wished that more of the album had this energy or this chaotic tone behind the music.

Stop Breathing”- This is another track that I enjoyed for its loud and energetic tone. Just like the first track Carti plays around with his voice and makes it sound deeper at times which again does a fairly good job at least I think. Carti gets very aggressive on the verse of this track which I love to hear, this is definitely a track that’s made for the mosh pits and the crazy parts of the concerts. I don’t see much wrong with this track besides the obscure sounds later in the track but all in all I really enjoy this.

M3tamorphosis (feat. Kid Cudi)”- I can say without a doubt that this is one of the better tracks off this album and not even for the Kid Cudi feature but the feature definitely adds a lot to it. I hate that this track is 5 minutes long because by the end of it I feel extremely bored so that’s one thing I’d change. The production on this track is probably some of Carti’s best in my opinion because it matches this new style Carti has perfectly. The Kid Cudi feature is well done and supports Carti really nicely and evens things out as well, Carti brings a strong and high energetic presence to the track but Cudi brings things down a bit and smooths everything out, very nice record here.

New Tank”- This new producer that Carti is working with on this album named F1lthy is capturing something unique with Carti, he is creating beats for Carti that match this crazy and obnoxious style that Carti has entered so I’m genuinely impressed. This track as a whole isn’t anything crazy especially from Carti but I like the production and the run time, it supplies the right amount of energy for the right amount of time and doesn’t drag on for too long.

Vamp Anthem”- I only like this track for one major reason and that’s the best. The beat is a take on the original vampire theme song basically and a Halloween classic. The track is very short which makes it tolerable but besides the beat there isn’t anything worth talking about in my opinion.

New N3on”- This track radiates a bright vibe that I wish was more of on this album. The track as a whole is quite nice, it isn’t hard on the ears and does a good job at capturing this new Carti in my opinion. The run time is just under two minutes but I wouldn’t mind if this was just a little longer, very nice track.

Place”- Pi’erre Bourne has always captured Carti no matter what phase he was going through but on this track it seems that he’s going back to his Die Lit sound just a bit. Again, he isn’t aggressive or loud and energetic but fairly calm and just rides the beat very nicely. The few Pi’erre produced beats are actually my favorite off the album.

Sky”- We are entering a part of the album where a lot of the tracks are sounding very different from how the album started off, they are smoother and far more easier on the ears than the first couple tracks. Carti flows really nice on this track and mends the beat to his will, other than that I can find much to talk about.

Over”- This is by far the best track off of the album at least to me and that because I heard a snippet of it on Instagram and fell in love with those synths. The energy is just right as well as the tempo Carti raps at because it’s on the borderline of being aggressive and not. I genuinely enjoy this and wish that Carti filled the album with tracks that sounded more like this or at least had the same creative structure as it.

ILoveUIHateU”- This is another Pi’erre Bourne produced beat and it’s also my favorite best off of the album for the nostalgic feel it brings me, it makes me think of the good ole days in Carti’s career. The whole record is just one big vibe and at this point in the album that’s all I could really ask for from Carti.

We are now in the part of the review where I just finished talking about my favorite tracks and tracks that I generally liked so it’s time now to talk about what could have been done differently. I’m going to list everything off pretty quick so here are some of the things that I would have liked to see. I would have liked a shorter track list, preferably 14-17 at most and save the rest for the deluxe. Ditch the Kanye feature, keep him on the executive production credit and only that because I feel that the Kanye feature hurt the album more than it helped. Lil Uzi should have been on the album despite any sort of drama they are going through if any, an Uzi feature or two would have elevated this album to a different level. He should have put some leaked or teased tracks on the album such as “Cancun”, “Tatoo”, “Molly, “Rip Yams”, and so many more to choose from but that’s probably what the deluxe is for. I would have liked to see Carti start the album aggressive and transform that energy into a more calm and laid back vibe by the end of the album. That might be all that I would have liked to see as far as changes go, I enjoy the versatility in Carti’s voice but that’s something I expected and I also like the energy Carti comes with on probably half the album but besides that it was pretty underwhelming.

After listening to the album over and over again I definitely don’t think it’s as bad as people make it out to be, it’s different and people don’t like different but artists need to be different in order to grow so I definitely think it’s better than what people think it is. The deluxe is going to save the album because from what I know Carti will be putting a lot of unreleased teased tracks on the deluxe so I can’t wait to be back here for that. Whole Lotta Red is a long awaited and highly anticipated album that didn’t sit well with everyone once it was released, I listed off what I wished to see different that would have catapulted it from a decent album to a classic, hopefully everything do see this happen on the deluxe. The album reveals what Carti has been up to over the last two years and needless to say he has been working hard on new sounds and an overall different style and aesthetic, I think it works for him and I would like to see more of this from Carti but toned down just a little bit, there is such a thing called too much energy and we get that a bit on this album. I would rate Whole Lotta Red a 6/10 but I have a feeling that the deluxe will raise this score to a 9/10 but until then all we can do is wait and see.

Thank you for being here for another review by me, this one was a fun one to do despite the slight let down. If you want more great music review content then follow the blog and follow the Instagram page @tylersmusicthoughts. See you soon with more content. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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