Post #142, December 23, 2020: The First Hit EP Post

Terreyl Fields is an artist that reached out to me about a week ago to do a review on his debut EP titled First Hit EP. The Broward County, Florida native found love in making music by watching other musicians make music and their music inspiring him to make music. I had asked him what some of his goals are for music and he gave me this lovely response “Touching people’s lives with my music & being able to create with my idols would complete me. And even though I haven’t done it in years, I love performing. Being able to tour and perform my music around the world be amazing.” I really am a big fan of this response and respect it a lot. He is influenced by artists such as Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Sampha & Julia Cameron. Let’s get into this review because I’m definitely excited and you should be as well. Here is my review for First Hit EP by Terreyl Fields

First Hit EP by Terreyl Fields

Intro / Prophecy”- Right off the bat Terreyl does something that most lesser known artists do and that’s grabbing my attention from the beginning and he does this by the use of the horns in the track, they are re aggressive and really in your face. At one point there is a implementation of synths and a bunch of humming from Terreyl which reminds me a lot of Kid Cudi, there is a lot of Kid Cudi tendencies on this track which I am 100% for. This is a very strong opener and keeps me interested in what’s to come.

Spacing”- This track starts with a Hi-Hat break and lasts a few seconds then we get a really nice synth with a reverse effect applied to it which plays into that Kid Cudi sound nicely but Terreyl definitely takes ownership of his own sound and uniqueness. I enjoy the lyrics a lot and the overall melody he chooses, very nice track here and great connection to the title of the track and the style/ sound of the track because it feels as if I were floating through space.

Slice Slide”- In the original messages between me and him he mentioned how this track is his favorite and I definitely see why because it’s a whole different vibe from the other tracks here, it’s more up beat and on the Pop spectrum of Rap in my opinion. The one major thing that I would change is the 808s, they are kind of weak and don’t hit hard at all but besides that everything flows really nicely and I enjoy what he does with his vocals at the end of the track, artists that realize that pitching their vocals up and down are different to me because they can mold the track to their advantage and that’s what he does here.

Bby Boi”- This is probably my favorite track off of the project because of how spacey and extraterrestrial the vibe of the track is. The 808 on this track hits more than the one on the track before which is good to hear but all in all this is a fantastic track that gives me very strong Man On The Moon vibes.

Kodak Moment”- This is the ending track for this short 16 minute EP and it does a good job as the ending track. Since it’s an EP I don’t necessarily care if it leaves me hanging and wanting more because that’s the purpose of an EP, to get you ready for the album but this is a very lovely track and shares a lot of the qualities I already talked about with the other 4 tracks.

This is why I enjoy reviewing other artists music, I never know what the music sounds like just looking at the artist or talking with them so when I listen to it for the first time and genuinely enjoy it then I know this artist has a bright future if they stick to it and work on their craft. The universal and spacey vibe this project gives me is very nice, the production style resembles floating around through the cosmos which is something about music that I enjoy, the lyrics are well written and performed as well as the melodies from Terreyl. There are quite a few times that I feel a strong presence of Kid Cudi vibes on this project which is perfectly fine but the humming from Terreyl is very beautiful and is done really well. There isn’t much that I can say that I don’t like from this project besides getting a more refined and professional sound but that comes with experience. I highly recommend this artist and can’t wait to see more from him in the future.

Keep an eye out for Terreyl Fields because he is releasing visual projects and an album some time in 2021 which I hope to see a review for on my blog. Terreyl has potential to own the Rap/ Electronic wave and to do big things one day.

Thank you for being here for another post by me. If you make music or know anyone that does then reach out to me on Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts and we can talk and work together. Follow the blog and like and comment for more great content, I have a big post coming out by the end of the year so definitely stay tuned for that! See you all soon and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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