Post #141, December 15, 2020: The MOTM 3: The Chosen Post

First and foremost I’d like to apologize for the extreme lack of content on this page over the last month or so I haven’t been seeing a lot of releases that were worthy of making a post for and also a lack of motivation to create content for you all but this week is a good week and ends the year on a great note.

Kid Cudi is back with a brand new album ever since his last solo project Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ back in 2016 and is also back with the third installment of his Man On The Moon Trilogy with this one being “The Chosen”. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Kid Cudi which has always confused me since my favorite artist is Travis Scott and the reason why this confuses me is because of how influential Cudi is to Travis. I’ve never listened to a full Cudi album besides his collab with Kanye a couple years back but other than that it’s only been collaborations and singles from Cudi so I wasn’t necessarily sure how to feel about this album since I didn’t have much to compare it to but based off of the track list, the features and the cover art I have some high hopes for this album and expect a real strong story line, theme and unique out of this world production style. I’m so ready to get into this album and just as a disclaimer this post won’t look like my normal posts since it’s my first in about a month, this post won’t be a breakdown of the tracks but instead broken down by the 4 acts within the album. Here is my review for Man On The Moon III: The Chosen.

Man On The Moon III: The Chosen by Kid Cudi

For the first act we have “Return 2 Madness” which has tracks “Beautiful Trip”, “Tequila Shots”, “Another Day”, “She Knows This” and “Dive” which are all fairly up beat and high in energy tracks but what I truly enjoy about these 5 tracks is the production and sound because everything has a very acid rap and psychedelic rap style, not even the production but the vocals from Cudi as well. The beginning of “She Knows This” caught me off guard in a major way because the way the 808s come in with the baseline following behind grabs my attention and puts me right into the track. The versatility from Cudi within these 4 tracks alone is impressive because on a few he is rapping then some he’s giving drugged out harmonies. The album starts off extremely strong and caught me off guard in a major way.

The second act on this album is titled “The Rager, The Menace” and the tracks in this act are “Damaged”, “Heaven On Earth”, “Show Out (feat. Skepta & Pop Smoke)” and “Mr. Solo Dolo III” and they all have very different sounds starting with “Damaged”, we have very strong harmonies that make it seem like you’re floating around in space and a personal hook that isn’t only meaningful but also catchy and then we have my personal favorite track off of the album which is “Heaven On Earth” and it’s my favorite because the vibe literally feels like what the cover art feels like. The hypnotizing bells and dings in the instrumental covered by strong shouts and hums from Cudi create this perfect “lost in outer space” sound. “Show Out” really caught me off guard because I didn’t expect to hear New York drill and UK grime on this album but words can’t explain how much it works for the album, I’d expect something so dark and evil to be on this act and this is what we got, a short hook from Pop Smoke and an aggressive and overly concentrated verse from Skepta, this is definitely one of the better and more energy fueled tracks off the album. The track to finish up this act is pretty much just a glorious trip, there isn’t much going on in it but what does go on is much appreciated, the slowed down production and smokey/ compressed vocals create an atmosphere that keeps up with the theme of the album and all I could ask for is consistency.

The third act in the album is “Heart Of Rose Gold” and the tracks in this act are “Sad People”, “Elsie’s Baby Boy (flashback)”, “Sept. 16”, “The Void” and “Lovin’ Me (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”. The first track doesn’t do much for me and actually makes itself as one of my least favorite tracks, I’m still a fan of it but not much entertains me. I am a big fan of this next track though because it’s something that I haven’t heard yet on this album but the track holds this very nice guitar riff for about 3 minutes and showcases lyrics based around possible reminiscent feelings about his childhood? I’m not sure but everything sound stellar on this track especially the unique ending, I don’t see the resemblance to the ending and the track but it sounds good and works for me. “Sept. 16” was a clear favorite for me ever since my first listen because it’s super tripped out and has a face melting production style and overall structure, the humming from Cudi are beautiful as well as the entirety of the track, I see nothing wrong with this and actually would place this within the top 3 songs off of this album. This track “The Void” sounds mor like a message to the fans than just any other track because there are times where it sounds like he talks to the listener and distances himself from the music and becomes more personal, especially in the ending. I enjoy this track highly and keeps the same vibe from the previous track, perfection. I don’t necessarily care for this last track in this act. There isn’t anything worthy of talking about in this last track in my opinion so I’ll just leave that there, it’s a decent track but definitely not one of my favorite.

The ending act of the album is titled “Powers” and the tracks within this act are titled “The Pale Moonlight”, “Rockstar Knights (feat. Trippie Redd)”, “4 Da Kidz” and “Lord I Know”. This act starts off very strong with “The Pale Moonlight” which has a very interesting and thought provoking title but everything about this track is top tier which surprised me since this is the part of the album where things start getting boring but not for Kid Cudi. A Trippie Redd feature is something that I didn’t expect and didn’t think I needed honestly, Cudi got Trippie to be normal which is more important than you might think, he came onto Cudi’s track and made his appearance known and left which is all you need with a feature so I definitely love this track for that and several other reasons. Cudi will always be for the kids and the youth and a representation of the youths energy and be pretty much makes that even more known on this track through implementing a message to the youth of his fan base or his fan base that grew up with him. The ending track for the album isn’t anything bizarre or out of the normal which is good to hear because he isn’t bringing anything new at the very end to make us want more, the ending of this track is my favorite part of the whole album because the synth instrumental brings in everything I just heard and sends it off into the void of space perfectly.

Kid Cudi began this trilogy well over a decade ago and has accumulated a extremely deep and dedicated fan base not only for him but for this trilogy, I am not a part of that but after listening to this album I have the plans on going back and listening to the other Man On The Moon albums. I have not heard an album is this good and meticulously planned out in such a long time, there is a plot and there is a theme and Kid Cudi sticks to both of those throughout the entire duration of the album. Through my listening of this album I can confidently say that there is not a moment in time but I feel like a track was missed placed for was a throwaway and just had no purpose being there, every track has its purpose for the overall story. The music matches the cover art perfectly and what that says for the music is basically your own interpretation of the cover so for me it would have to be acid wrap in overly psychedelic rap and also just traveling through space seeing gorgeous galaxies (Mr. Solo Dolo III) and also black holes (Show Out). I could go on and on about this album but I have to end it here with my rating. Man On The Moon III deserves nothing less than a 10/10 score.

Thank you for being here to read my review for Man On The Moon III: The Chosen by Kid Cudi. I’d like to apologize again for the lack of posting and a thank you for being here after a month of inactivity but that’s stopped and I’ll get back on this grind. Share this page with anyone who would like it and follow the Instagram page @tylersmusicthoughts for more great music review content.

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