Post #140, November 15, 2020: The Pluto x Baby Pluto Post

Days before this albums release we were announced the existence of this album and a release date along with a track list, the Internet blew up in response to this project. Future and Lil Uzi Vert teased a tape together but everyone including myself probably didn’t expect it to come this fast but everyone can agree on one thing and that being that we’re glad it is here and that it exists. Future has very good collaboration projects such as What A Time To Be Alive with Drake, WRLD ON DRUGS with Juice WRLD and Super Slimey with Young Thug which are all memorable projects to plenty of fans. I for some reason have my doubts about this project because it was anticipated highly so it has high expectations to meet but the thing that relieves me is the fact that the title is Pluto x Baby Pluto, what I mean is because the first 6-7 tracks off of Eternal Atake were by this “Baby Pluto” persona created by Lil Uzi and they are some of the best tracks off of that album so I definitely feel like Uzi will transfer the same high energy from those specific tracks and put it on this album under that name. I am very excited needless to say so let’s get started with this review for Pluto x Baby Pluto by Future and Lil Uzi Vert.

Pluto x Baby Pluto by Future & Lil Uzi Vert

Stripes Like Burberry”- Lil Uzi is the first person we hear on the album and he comes in starting off with very light harmonies in the background of the track then hits hard with his verse, the verse is mixed with a slower flow but structured mainly around the voice and the harmonies with him which is typical. The production is pretty low key and isn’t necessarily what I expected from the opening track but it isn’t bad by any means, I can definitely say it grew on me a lot since my first time listening to it. Future makes his appearance on this track and dominates it, I feel like I like Future’s contribution more than Uzi, it just feels and sounds different from him which is rare from Future.

Marni On Me”- This is the type of energy I wanted to hear in the first track but I’ll take the second. The production is very different and satisfying and what makes me say that is because of the main sound in the production which sounds like a futuristic set of buttons being pushed as well as a quiet but very noticeable whistle from start to finish. The repetition isn’t anything that gets on my nerves, as a matter of fact I love it, it’s infectious and catchy. Uzi and Future complete each other very nicely on this fairly short track but their energy together on this track makes me excited for all the tracks following this one.

Sleeping On The Floor”- The progression on this track is insane in my opinion because it starts off pretty normal sounding, nothing stands out but as soon as the baseline hits and Future starts rapping the energy goes to 10 and I love it. This track along with the cover art makes me feel like I’m traveling at light speed through space, this track along with plenty other tracks off this project would be played in that environment. This is another track where Uzi stands out and they both suit each other perfectly, I can not complain about anything here, this is amazing.

Real Baby Pluto”- “Real Baby Pluto” gives me very strong Eternal Atake vibes, mainly for the rapping Uzi does because on quite a few tracks off of that album Uzi goes in and delivered a solid flow with hard bars and that’s what happens here. These tracks are produced fantastically and overall just made really well from the contributions from Future and Uzi, they aren’t sounding the same or making things boring for me and I hope they keep this up throughout the remainder of the album.

Drankin N Smokin”- This is actually one of three tracks that I don’t like, it’s too generic sounding. The guitar is overused in rap and is starting to become somewhat of a problem since it’s the go to instrument. The reason why Uzi is successful not only with his music but on this album especially is because of his performance on obscure beats, he doesn’t rap over “normal” sounding beats, it’s always something different about Uzi’s beat selection. Don’t get me wrong they both sound great but it sounds more like a Future track than a Pluto x Baby Pluto track, I expect more uniqueness and beats that make you interested in the track, this doesn’t do that for me.

Million Dollar Play”- I’m not the biggest fan of this track but I’m also not going to be listening to it every time I listen to this project. I enjoy the small qualities that make this an above decent track such as the flute in the production, the strong trap beat style, the successful collaboration between Future and Uzi and just the sound in general but it’s missing a little something for me to think it’s amazing, but it is a good track nonetheless.

Plastic”- This is one of my favorite tracks off of the album so far along with two to three other tracks I’ve talked about. I really enjoy this track because of how simple it sounds, it makes me head bop to it very lightly, the volume is low key, it’s pretty quiet compared to everything else so far in the album but it is a lovely beat that incorporates some attention grabbing sirens and a great trap percussion line. Uzi and Future flow perfectly on this track and overall they make everything sound so natural, that’s why I enjoy it so much.

That’s It”- This track is no question a favorite of mine, everything about this track is very satisfying to the ear. The back and forth from Uzi and Future is unmatched and highly entertaining, the production especially the 808 pattern is structured perfectly and everything about the beat stands out as an elite track off of this album. Nothing can be said in a negative manner about this track at all, I absolutely love this track.

Bought A Bad B**ch”- I don’t really feel like there is much to say about this track that I haven’t already said about everything else that I have reviewed so far. All I will say is that this track makes me feel the same as every other track so far on the album and has a lot of the same qualities as well such as the production and very nice flows from Uzi and Future besides that there isn’t anything that stands out.

Rockstar Chainz”- Uzi and Future both have individual tracks and this one is Futures and for how much I don’t typically like Future on his own he does a very good job on his track. I don’t mind him rapping over this beat or in general, it’s very good and definitely a highlight track for the album. There aren’t any outstanding qualities about the track that make me go crazy, it’s fairly generic but Future doesn’t sound bad which is what I’m trying to say, I find him sounding bad on a lot of his own records but like I said already, this is the rare occasion where I enjoy him by himself.

Lullaby”- This track is Uzi’s standalone track and in my opinion this is definitely the worst track off the album and I feel this way because Uzi has a flow that sounds a little inconsistent and fairly offbeat at times which seems to shock me a bit since that isn’t anything that Uzi deals with on his own. I don’t plan on listening to this possibly ever again, it is a very forgettable track and an Uzi track that I find no enjoyment in which is rare.

She Never Been To Pluto”- I’m a big fan of the sound this track has because It’s very bright and radiates optimistic vibes in my opinion, it’s a very strong feel good track. Like I’ve been saying for the whole review so far Uzi and Future compliment each other very well on this track and deliver one of the better tracks and more memorable tracks off of this album.

Off Dat”- This track is pretty fast paced compared to the others off this track and I’m not necessarily fond of the track being that way. It starts and goes on and on repeating the same hook over and over which does get old by the end of the track as well, by the end of the track I’m left bored and waiting on the next track.

I Don’t Wanna Break Up”- Based off of the title of the track I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to like this as much as the other tracks and that because I felt that it was going to be a more sentimental track than what we’ve gotten so far which has been nothing but high energy tracks. After listening to it a few times I can say that it definitely grew on me, Uzi’s harmonies throughout the hook really save this track a lot in my opinion but that probably the only thing I enjoy, not much replay value.

Bankroll”- This is one of the better tracks I’ve heard in the later portion of the album but it still isn’t the best. I enjoy a lot what Uzi does on this track and how he flexes his range especially, future seems to mimic Uzi’s vocal inflections a bit which humors me. This being the second to last track gave me low expectations but after listening to it a few times it grew on me and I think it’s an overall good track.

Moment Of Clarity”- I didn’t expect this good of a track to be the last track of the album, it isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst, for an ending track it’s pretty good. I enjoy the production and whatever string instrument that is as the main instrument in the production but it sounds really good and compliments their flows really well. This track makes me recall everything I’ve listened to so far and ends the album on a good vibe.

For my final thoughts about this album I can easily say that it surpassed any sort of expectation for prior thought that I had about the album and actually shocked me because a lot of these tracks have such a high quality to them that I did not think was going to be there. One thing that I really love about this album is the range that Uzi has and I love this because he’ll sound really unique on one track and on another track he’ll have a completely different sound to him, future does this as well but it’s more dominant whenever Uzi does it in my opinion. I enjoy this project a lot and all of the good qualities it has such as the chaotic and space themed sound, the wonderful beat selection, the chemistry that Uzi and Future have is unmatched and was proven to be unmatched on this project, the different and unique flow pattern from the both of them was bizarre and entertaining, the list goes on and on. I can sit here and rate this album a solid 8/10, only reason that it isn’t a 10/10 is because of the few tracks I found not enjoyable. I really liked this project and wish to see more collaborations between the two of them, let me know what you think about Pluto x Baby Pluto down below!!!

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