Post #139, November 3, 2020: The Pegasus Post

I am personally a really big fan of Trippie Redd, he is in my top five, and I do believe I’ve reviewed three of his albums on this blog so Trippie is no stranger to this blog and my opinions. Trippie is back with a brand new album titled Pegasus and this has actually been pretty anticipated buy a lot of his fans and just rap listeners in general. I was personally under the impression that this was going to be a Rock album but I guess that idea got scrapped because going through my initial listen there’s nothing Rock about this and it was fairly underwhelming but as I’m writing this I’ve only listen to it once and by the time you start reading the actual reviews of the individual tracks I’ll have listen to it five or six times. With that being said I do hope that my opinions I currently have change because I am a big fan of Trippie but if there’s one thing I know about Trippie Redd and his music he can be very inconsistent at times because he will release a 10 out of 10 perfect album and then his next release is going to be absolutely terrible such as his “!” album and A Love Letter To You 3 which are my least favorite Trippie Redd albums. Since Pegasus is 26 tracks I am going to be cutting tracks that I don’t like from the review to save up time and space because 26 tracks in my opinion is way too much for an album but with that being said here is my review for Pegasus by Trippie Redd.

Pegasus by Trippie Redd

Let It Out (feat. Myiah Lynnae)”- This isn’t what I expected the opening track to sound like but I’m not complaining. It’s very slowed down and easy going, nothing about this track is aggressive or in your face with energy, if this is what the album is going to mainly sound like then we’re in for a treat. The featuring vocals from Myiah Lynnae are very lovely and provide far more depth to the track because Trippie can only do so much on tracks like this one.

Moonlight”- Here we have another very low key track with a gorgeous production style. The overall style of the track is nothing new from Trippie, this is something that he has done on several projects in the past but this time it does sound a little bit more refined and professional which is great to see. Quick track that supplies me with everything I need when I comes to Trippie’s music so for that I have nothing negative to say.

Love Scars 4”- I saw a teaser for this track and I enjoyed what I had heard in the little 20-30 seconds of the teaser. So far with the first 3 tracks we are getting a very laid back sound that Trippie hasn’t really tapped into a lot in his career, his last album started off slow then transitioned into other sounds which I loved so hopefully that is the direction where this album is going to head into. The lyrics are heartfelt and seem stemmed from genuine love so, again, I have nothing bad to say, very nice track with starry and out of this world production.

The Nether”- So far we have gotten a lot of singing from Trippie but on this track we get more rapping than singing which is a good change on things. The production is still very relaxed and slowed down a bit which does wonders for Trippie’s flow. I’ve always been a fan of Trippie using real world sounds in his music and he uses this sample of what sounds like an open field with a fresh water spring in the middle surrounded by wild life, this makes things sound magical which is a word that I can describe for the music and the overall sound of the album.

So Stressed (feat. Yung LB)”- A lot of harmonies are used in this track, mainly from Trippie but they are still wonderful and play a part in that magical and mystical sound he is aiming for. The verse from Trippie is wonderful and keeps the sound of the album strong and the feature from Yung LB who I’ve never heard of is also very nice and low key, no out shining Trippie but supporting his track so very good job there. Amazing track here and probably one of my favorite so far.

Excitement (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)”- This was the major single that was released before the album which went viral for good reasons. The hook is infectious and is hard to not sing to, the feature from Party is just as infectious as Trippie on the track but one of the reasons why I enjoy this track isn’t only for the daring and mystical production style but for the control on Trippie’s vocals, there is little to no strain on his voice which is something he has always done, is he growing out of it? Possibly, but I’m just shocked it isn’t a major key in the music here.

Mood (feat. Chris Brown)”- I’ve never been the biggest fan of Chris Brown but I really enjoy his feature on this track a lot, Trippie and him have a really good collaboration here and it’s something I wouldn’t mind hearing more of. I don’t want to sound repetitive but I feel the same with this track as I do with all the others before this.

Weeeeee”- Here we have the first high energy track and I love this a lot. The hook is very catchy especially every line ending with an “eeeeee” sounding word. The verse sounds fairly monotone but it works very well for the track. I am a big fan of this track and I can see it being one of my favorite when the album is all said and done.

Personal Favorite (feat. Rich The Kid)”- This is another high energy track that fits in perfectly with the sound of the album. I am not a Rich the Kid fan whatsoever but I really don’t mind his future and think it fits in really well. I don’t have anything specific to talk about with this track besides I like it and I think it has a good sound for the album, that’s about it.

Never Change (feat. Future)”- I am a pretty big fan of this track because the collaboration between both Trippie and Future is some thing that I wish I could hear more of. They both bring a really fun vibe to this track which is one of the things that I appreciate but that’s probably the one reason why I like this track, lyrically this album isn’t anything crazy along with all of Trippie Redd‘s albums so that in the production style of the two major enjoyable moments.

No Honorable Mention (feat. Quavo & Lil Mosey)”- Quavo and Lil Mosey are both artists that I’ve never been fond of for their lack luster attempts at being good rappers but for some reason I find myself enjoying both of their contributions on this track, they just bring a good energy that isn’t annoying to me or boring. By the end of the track I feel entertained and supplied with everything that comes with a good trap track such as good energy, entertainment and fairly solid verses.

I Got You (feat. Busta Rhymes)”- This was one of the other singles that was rereleased before the release of the album and I had a lot of mixed feelings about it, I love the production and Trippie Redd’s contribution to the track but I’m not a fan of Busta Rhymes for som reason because while he raps he just seems off beat from time to time with his flow choice. Take Busta away from this track and I would enjoy it highly but unfortunately that one aspect of the track ruins it or just makes it less entertaining to me.

Red Beam (feat. Sean Kingston)”- Trippie has very strong vocals on this track and makes himself a dominating force while he sings and raps, Sean Kingston delivers a fine verse but it just seems too quick and out of nowhere since I haven’t heard him in years but his feature definitely feels unimportant and honestly just a waste of time. This isn’t the best track but these tracks with senseless features are making me appreciate Trippie a lot more on this album.

Oomps Revenge Pt.2”- The original “Oomps Revenge” wasn’t my favorite track off of Life’s a Trip but this is just a different vibe and a more enjoyable one as well. Trippie comes on the track with high energy and keeps it up from start to finish with a very strong verse and a enjoyable flow. The production supports Trippie’s energy very nicely and suits the album as well. This is a very short track but I really like it and it’s placement on the album.

Sleepy Hallow”- This was another single that was released a week or so before the albums release to promote the album a bit and I can easily say that this is one of my favorites from the project, this is the shortest track but Trippie packs it full with a great trap beat, a mysterious setting and an enjoyable but also catchy hook. Very good track and definitely a clear highlight for the album.

Kid That Kidd (feat. Doe Boy & Future)”- This is by far the highest energy track off of the album and by far the most entertaining in my opinion. I wish there was more tracks like this on the album, it just suits everything really well and gives the album a sense of a darkness. Future and Doe Boy bring strong energy and match Trippie’s high energy as well, the one downside about this track is the vocals because I’m not sure what happened but the vocals sound very staticky and unfinished, other than this I think this is perfect.

Hell Rain (feat. HoodyBaby & Lil Wayne)”- Right from the start of the track I knew that this was going to be one of my favorite because of how straightforward everything it, the overall sound is really laid back and chill and the features match the sound, Wayne impressed me a lot because of how into the track he got. There is a lot of depth here which I love to hear especially this far into the album, typically we should be getting really boring and repetitive tracks this deep into the album. I absolutely love the ending of the track and the slowed down portion mixed with the sample of rainfall, this is a favorite track of mine and this part in particular is a highlight of the album.

TR666 (feat. Swae Lee)”- I have always been a big fan of Trippie Redd and Swae Lee both and I love hearing them to on the track because they both dominate harmonies and have perfected really drugged out and psychedelic melodies so hearing both of them do this on a track with this type of relaxed production creates the perfect recipe for a very chill and enjoyable track.

Sun God (feat. Myiah Lynnae)”- Trippie ends the album with the same feature that started off the album which I hope was on purpose because I like that small detail. The track does a great job sending the album off in the right direction and ends things on a positive note. The production is heavy and meaningful especially with Trippie’s vocals and the background vocals from Myiah. There isn’t a lot going on in this track besides the same repeated chorus but that’s all I need because everything else sounds so perfect and natural. Amazing ending to this album.

Early on in the beginning of this review I mentioned how my first listen was not the best and gave me a lackluster emotion to the full album but I take that back because after my fifth lesson I can easily say that I appreciate this album and everything that it represents. If there is one word that I can use to describe the music that one word would have to be “magical” for possibly even “mystical“ because Trippie does a really good job especially with the production with making things sound really mysterious and unexpected such as a Pegasus. I expected other things with this album such as a completely different sound associated with the genre but I’m glad I got what I got because it does seem a little bit different from what Trippie has done in the past which can be bold at times, but I enjoy this attempt a lot. There are quite a few tracks that I did not like and for that reason along with a few other reasons with me feeling that this is a above decent album I would have to read it a 7/10. I would not say that this is my favorite Trippie Redd album or even in my top three but I do respect it a lot and enjoy it a lot, it basically falls in the middle for me.

Skipped songs- “Pegasus”, “V-12”, “Spaceships (feat. Young Thug)”, “Good Morning”, “Too Fly”, “Take One” and “Don

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