Post #138, November 1, 2020: The Positions Post

I’ve gotten into Ariana pretty late with her last album Thank You, Next being the first project of her’s that I listened to. Here we are with a new Ariana release that I actually just found out about only a few days ago and I can say that I’m excited, I’m not sure what to expect because I hadn’t listened to any singles released before the album or kept up with any sort of theme that she was developing for the album so I’m pretty much going into this blind without any previous knowledge or expectations so hopefully the music just does it’s thing and wows me and I pick up a theme or concept throughout the album. Here is my review for Positions by Ariana Grande.

Positions by Ariana Grande

“shut up”– I’ve always found it difficult to understand Ariana’s Lyrics because of the way that she sings a because it’s pretty “breathy” and a lot of the words seem jumbled up probably to add some more emphasis on the things that she is saying but the thing that really “wows” me with this opening track is the production in the use of the violin because it makes everything so dreamy. The very ending of this track is magnificent because my first impressions led me to comparing the ending instrumental to Disney because it just seems so magical and whimsical. Very good opener in my opinion.

“34+35”– I am a fan of the pre-chorus in the chorus of this track mainly for one reason and that’d probably be the only reason which are the vocals, I feel like there’s nothing much to say because everybody knows that her vocals are strong and powerful especially on this track for the most part. The subject matter is clearly about sex but I do like the way that she goes about explaining it through the title and just the lyrics in the track. Off to a good start with this album so far.

motive (feat. Doja Cat)”- When I started listening to the album I hadn’t seen the features and on the most previous track I thought to myself Doja Cat would be a great feature it turns out she’s actually the next teacher which was this track which surprised me as well as the Murda Beatz production. This has a very and nice catchy beat as well as a very impressive feature from Doja Cat. I’m finding it very hard to think of anything negative to say about this track, all in all this is a very well done track and is on par for being a perfect pop track in my opinion because it fits the requirements of what makes a pop track good.

just like magic”- I’m a little indifferent with this track for two reasons. The first reason being it sounds too generic and Ariana tends to have that problem with her music sounding too generic, I feel it can be a common thing with Pop as well. The second reason being the arrogance behind the lyrics which gets pretty annoying by the end of the track. Needless to say this isn’t something that I would listen to over and over again so I’m just going to leave that there.

off the table (feat. The Weeknd)”- This is definitely one of the better tracks I’ve heard so far on the album and I have a feeling that it’ll be my favorite half of this project mainly for the energy from both Ariana and The Weeknd because this is a collaboration that I was really shocked to see what the final product or something extremely satisfying and I also enjoy it for the slight sensual tendencies that both of them bring to the music. The Weeknd enters the track with very soft vocals as usual and puts the track in a really vulnerable state which I enjoy a lot.

six thirty”- I don’t necessarily have anything major to say about this track that I haven’t said already in this review because it shares lot of tendencies with the other tracks before this but I do enjoy it I just don’t have anything to really comment on.

safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)”- I typically stray away from anything featuring Ty Dolla $ign mainly because I’m just not a bit fan and don’t see what it is about his music that makes him so liked but this track is definitely an outlier. Ty delivers a sensual feature that goes with Ariana and her theme for this track, the two perform very nicely and create a great ambience for the track.

my hair”- This is definitely one of my favorite tracks off the album and I feel this way because of how smooth and easy the production is, the beat is very subtle and not in the way but there is a series of chords or synths that really give the track that smooth and jazz like feel to it which I love dearly. A lot of the topics on this album are sensual such as this track which is fine because it’s helping me find the theme of the album.

nasty”- I am really enjoying the production for this album so far, none of the 808s or the baselines are hard hitting which makes sense because it’s supposed to be a more sensual album so the production fits the theme and concept perfectly with these soft and clean beats. Once again the subject matter is the same as the other tracks so I don’t have much to say about the meaning of the track or the vocals which are strong and powerful along with the rest of the albums vocals.

west side”- First thing that catches my attention is the production and the effect that’s placed on the instrumental to make things sound like they’re going in reverse, love this as well as the crickets in the background of the production, big fan of real life samples in music. This is on my list for my favorites off the album, it is a very calming and relaxing track which is why I love it so much, she also does a fine job at making the vocals match the production perfectly not only on this track but on all of them as well.

love language”- I can easily say that this is one of the more up beat tracks off the project so far. This track takes a different approach with the sound but conveys the same meaning behind the lyrics with every other track off this album so far which is starting to get a little bit repetitive but there are still three tracks left so possibly a chance for there to be something different but I doubt it. There isn’t anything major that sticks out with this track, just another track that I can easily say I enjoy to listen to but nothing I’d take seriously in the long run.

positions”- This was the single that was released before the album and from what I was told by friends was that it wasn’t anything crazy and that it resembles a lot of her other records that she has released in the past and after listening to it I can agree to this to an extent, the subject matter is somewhat different with the production it has a lot of the same tendencies as her other big hits. As we enter the end of the album a lot of these tracks are a very blurry because they all are starting to sound very similar.

obvious”- The vocals on this track are very bright and bring a lot of wife and energy to the track which is some thing that wasn’t happening as much as I would’ve hoped earlier in the album but at least we have a track that does this it makes me feel this way because this was a big reason why I liked her previous album.

pov”- Here we have the last track of the album and a nice sendoff to everything that we’ve heard so far. As far as the music goes it isn’t anything major for there is an anything worth noting that is eye-opening for shocking to the ear. The somber tone of the beat does a great job at setting everything in stone and closing the music on a good note.

From all of the Ariana projects I have listen to which in total now have only been three I can definitely say that this is my least favorite and what I would say is the main reasoning is the lack of individuality with the sound because there are a lot of tracks that share similar traits not only with the subject matter but also with the production with her other music and it’s something that gets boring halfway through the album. There are quite a few records on this project that I genuinely enjoy but for the most part I feel like this is an average attempt to outdo her last album which in my opinion can’t really be done because that was her best project to date, or Sweetener. I personally would not rate this anything high, more than likely a five or six out of ten because I do feel this to be a fairly average album.

Thank you for joining me again with another week of music reviews, sorry for the absence there just has not been anything that has caught my attention lately but I have plenty of posts going out over the span of the next two weeks so stay tuned and make sure you follow @tylersmusicthoughts on Instagram and follow the blog here as well. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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