Post #137, October 27, 2020: The Bawskee 4 Post

If you’re a fan of this blog you know that Comethazine is no stranger to my interest and to this blog. Comethazine has just released the fourth installment of his Bawskee series which happened to be one of my favorite series of albums mainly for the short and straight to the point music making style that he perfected over the course of this series, the aggressive production style with very vulgar and violent lyrics that catch your attention immediately and the ambitious attitude he carries while performing these records. I’m excited for this review although it is only 26 minutes long and 15 songs I’ll try and make this as packer as possible and to prevent any sort of repetition from happening within these Comethazine reviews I’m going to give a shorter review that consists of an overall opinion of certain tracks and album as a whole. Here is my review for Bawskee 4 by Comethazine.

Bawskee 4 by Comethazine

Bawskee 4 has a lot of the same tendencies as all of the other Bawskee albums such as violent and graphic lyrics and subject matters, this has always been a major part in not only the Bawskee albums but in Comethazine’s music as a whole. Each album that he releases he seems to become more and more arrogant and confident with the things he talks about as far as fame goes and for obvious reason, he gets bigger and bigger every release. Tracks like “Riddle”, “556”, “Air Max”, “Doubledecker”, “Two 45s”, “Murder Passion”, “Skin That I’m In” and “Get Naked” bring such a different element to the music Comethazine makes which sounds more refined and a little different which made me realize that he is becoming a bit more versatile but only slightly because he still makes everything sound the same with the high energy and entertaining lyrics but with slight change through the choice of the flow or beat structure. Tracks such as “Jumpman 4’s”, “Sip Lean” and “We Gone Win” aren’t necessarily my favorite tracks off of the album but they are the most different compared to the other tracks and his whole discography as a whole, we get a very obnoxious but charismatic flow on “Jumpman 4’s” which gives me mixed emotions for the track as a whole but mainly leaves me a little confused as of how I should feel about the flow, on “Sip Lean” we have a new flow style from Comethazine and it’s revolved around whispering which has become a thing in rap over the last few years, I enjoy this to an extent but I do enjoy it nonetheless, and “We Gone Win” just isn’t that good fo a track in my opinion because it’s something completely different from Comethazine with the flow, energy and production but I do appreciate the change.

I definitely enjoy this album a lot as well as the other albums in this series and I definitely feel like it was a strong come back from his most recent project titled Pandemic which was a major miss on his end but this album keeps the Bawskee name alive and well. I took this approach for my review because a lot of my Comethazine reviews sound the same that’s because his music sounds the same and it’s only a matter time before the hype runs out with the title of these albums and the way he makes music because it’s been going on for about two years and I’m still not tired of anything yet which is a good sign but just like all my other Comethazine reviews I finish up with saying this I am looking forward to seeing what he can do differently because he tapped into that a bit on this project but he’s going to need more than slight changes to his music to become more stable in the music industry so that’s why I wish he would experiment a bit more to see what does work for him but I’m overall just excited to see where he goes from this. I would have to rate this a solid 8/10 which is a strong comeback from Pandemic and I would possibly rank this my 3rd favorite Bawskee out of the series.

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