Throwback Thursday Post #12: The Supermarket (Soundtrack) Post

This post is a mixture of things, a Throwback Thursday Post/ Recommended Post/ Birthday present. One of my close friends played me the song “Baby” which I had fallen in love with and then went on to recommend this entire album to me. I do remember when this came out and my first listen to it, I didn’t think anything major of it because it isn’t necessarily an album, it’s a soundtrack to go with Logic’s book titled Supermarket. The sound is very indie pop/ rock and heavily alternative which is a sound and a genre that Logic’s never been apart of but I can say that I’m excited to get into this album because my mind is open more to artists genre bending now than it was when this project was released. Here is my review for Supermarket by Logic.

Supermarket (Soundtrack) by Logic

Bohemian Trapsody”- I remember close to nothing about this project when I first listened to it so this is basically just another first listen. Right away we have Logic laying down some very soothing melodies over a great Mac Demarco type production style. I feel a strong sense of freedom when listening to this which is clearly a great quality, a little surprised also that Logic can make this type of music. There’s definitely a strong psychedelic presence behind the lyrics and the vocal effects placed over Logic voice during the main chorus of the track that I can help but to appreciate. Just past half way we get a very interesting drum break and a smooth transition into the “Trapsody” portion of the track filled with 808s, hi-hats, baselines and more of a hip hop approach to things which is a great and creative way to come at this track. I prefer the first part of the track because it’s just so different and out of the normal for Logic but the track as a whole is just flawless in my personal opinion, couldn’t be better.

Can I Kick It”- I’m not sure what track Logic samples on this record but the hook is noticeable from a mile away. Just within the first minute of the track I was immediately blown away with how smooth and direct the music was. Every little element of this track is perfect to the point of no explanation, the feature from this Juto artist is warming and the instrumentation radiates such a bright and welcoming vibe. The short rapping area of the track is well done as well as the singing from Logic, I’m actually impressed with the range Logic can reach because he doesn’t seem like a person who can reach higher pitches but he proves me wrong on this track here. Again another perfect track.

Time Machine”- This track definitely has a more dark approach to it and has more elements of rock primarily due to the instrumentation more than anything but I’m not complaining. The lyrics have a chilling and haunting emotion behind them which give me Red Hot Chili Peppers vibes just a little bit especially with their record “Under The Bridge”, the personal aspect on this track plays a part with my feelings. The vocals are definitely a favorite for me on this track but more so at the end of the track because they become drawn out and just overall more noticeable, the base guitar becomes more noticeable too and I wanted to say this because that’s my favorite guitar so I definitely appreciated the ending of this track more than the beginning but as a whole it’s still very impressive.

Pretty Young Girl”- I’m not really feeling this track and I think it’s the vocals that do it for me, they seem very shaky and a little too amateur for a person like Logic and with what I’ve heard so far. The last half of the track turns into a hip hop fused record which saves the track and makes it a somewhat enjoyable track. The message is lovely and clear as day but the delivery definitely could have been executed much better than this.

Supermarket”- The sound is perfect, I went back and listened to quite a few classic rock albums a few months ago and his record definitely has elements of rock, it’s gentle but has that abrasive tone to it that puts it a little over the edge but unfortunately I find the lyrics very corny and quite funny if I’m going to be honest, just Logic being Logic I presume.

Baby”- This song is played probably 2-3 times a day at this point because of the relatable lyrics and indie rock production style it carries. The drum line is really strong and stands out from all the other drum lines within the project in my opinion because it goes with the melodies and lyric structure Logic performs on the track absolutely perfectly. I can’t find anything else to say about this track because it’s more so a track to listen and experience rather than explain about.

By The Bridge”- There isn’t anything better than a dark theme in art, wether that be art, poetry, writing, cinema and music. This track definitely has a hallow structure to the track but that’s due to the lyrics and the emotion conveyed from Logic, I can’t help but mention this about the track, other tracks off this project feel very warm and inviting but this has a presence coldness and depression and it makes me think just how hard it is for artists to make people feel all different types of emotions through their music but just how easy Logic does it on this track. Logic is a true artist and this is a clear example as of why I feel that way.

Best Friend”- I can easily say that this is my least favorite track off of this project. The sound just doesn’t match with all of the other tracks off of this project, but I do understand that it’s purpose is for the actual book and I’m sure wherever it fits in with the book it fits in perfectly but as far as the music goes it isn’t anywhere near the best off of this project. Logic makes the vocals sound pretty bad in my opinion, almost like he’s tired, the vocals sound very sleepy and lack a lot of substance but also the guitar is very repetitive which frankly gets on my nerves by the half way point. Not good.

Lemon Drop”- I’d be a liar if I were to say this track doesn’t confuse me but unfortunately it confuses me a lot because I have no idea where logic is going with this because it starts off really obnoxious and in your face but then he goes into a singing portion but then back to the obnoxiousness so I’m left by the end of the track really confused as of what it is that I just listen to so this is again not that good of a track.

I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World”- Mac DeMarco has production credits and writing credits for this track and it is very aware that his presence is on this track just due to the overall creative result with the music and as well as the sound because it sounds like some thing he himself would make. I love the low key vibe distract produces and I think the only thing that would make this better is if the synths within the background of the production were more prominent and also if Mac DeMarco had a contribution to the vocals but I’m just fine with what we have here.

Vacation From Myself”- This track just radiates good energy and has quite a bit of funk at least in the production and the music making process, around the end of the track there’s a fantastic psychedelic sounding guitar solo that really brings everything together. This is the second shortest track off of the project but logic does a fine job filling it with everything that I need in order to respect the track, which I do.

DeLorean”- as I get further into this soundtrack the more calming it sounds and therapeutic the music becomes which is something that I did not expect from this project in particular and also logic as a rapper but I am definitely not complaining. There really is not a lot going on within this track but I really do like it for the simplistic production style it carries and the relaxing state of mind it puts me in.

I Love You Forever”- This is a very nice and heartfelt Outro to the soundtrack, it’s very personal, heartwarming, executed nicely and wraps up the entire soundtrack in a bow. Looking back when I first listen to this project I never would’ve expected it to end this way and the way that I’m referring to is gentle and full of raw emotion, Logic is an emotional rapper at times but I never thought that he could make something like this and I’m glad that I like almost all of it from start to finish.

Like I said in the beginning all that I knew about this project was that it was completely different from what logic normally makes which can be a scary thing from a lot of artists but that doesn’t seem like the case here. There are some tracks where the overall theme, sound and message is really corny and choppy but on other tracks primarily the majority of the track album is really well done and represents the theme of what Supermarket is supposed to be, the book that is, the sound is territory that logic wishes to step in but never had the courage and confidence to do but now he did and he did a fantastic job like I said with the majority of the album. The indie pop/rock elements within the music is very noticeable and the strong instrumentation shows a lot of versatility with logic and his creative mind. There is very little that I can say that I dislike about this project here so with that being said I can definitely give this a strong 8/10 and feel 100% confident with my rating.

From the look of things there are plenty of albums releasing this week and the weeks following so definitely follow if you haven’t yet and stay tuned for more reviews. Thank you for being here for this weeks Throwback Thursday Post and make sure you’re back next week for another Post. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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