Post #136, October 6, 2020: The dusk Post

mxmtoon is an artist that I’ve gotten to love over the span of a year with her releases the masquerade and dawn. Her sound has changed quite a bit with her having quite an insecure sound on the masquerade and more of a confident and vibrant sound on dawn. She is back with a new project titled dusk and I can’t help but notice the correlation between the title of this album and her last album dawn, dawn and dusk, with the titles being named that. I wish to expect somewhat of the opposite of what was on dawn so possibly slower and more relaxing production styles, softer spoken vocals than what she normally delivers, the cover art for both projects also oppose each other with one promoting warmth and the other promoting something close to relaxation. I’m not sure what to expect but I hoping it’s what I think it might be. It’s a short project so let’s get into things and not waste any time. Here is my review for dusk by mxmtoon.

dusk by mxmtoon

bon iver”- The track starts off with real nice playing of the ukelele, this is an instrument that I’d wish was in music more often. The thing about this track that I love are the little background malo does she sings, they are subtle but very noticeable at the same time because it’s basically the backbone of the song. I absolutely love how calming she sounds and how mature she sounds also, definitely a bright and happy track to start off the project.

ok on your own (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)”- I haven’t heard Carly Rae Jepsen since 2012 with “Call Me Maybe” so I didn’t really know what to expect from her feature. The melodic pattern from both mxmtoon and Carly is really interesting in my opinion because I feel that it contributes a lot to the overall theme of the project very nicely. The production is nice and becomes more layered later on in the track with different echoing effects. Very lovely track again.

myrtle ave.”- I know I’m only 3 songs in but I feel like this will be my favorite because her melody on this track just hits a little different. This is the type of track of refer to someone who doesn’t know mxmtoon and wants to listen to her. I love the progression from high pitch to low pitch in the structure of the melody, very nice and just makes me very happy.

wallflower”- I like this track for the same reasons why I like the other tracks on this project and also her music but there is something about the beginning that makes me feel bored. The last minute and a half get better because the production becomes more detailed and gains a sense of bliss with how it’s structured, that’s all I really have to say about the track.

asking for a friend”- The piano makes mxmtoon sound far more vulnerable than how she already makes herself sound in her music. The vocals have an effect over them that make it have an echo effect which I enjoy hearing a lot especially over her vocals. The message behind this track is very nice and possibly relatable to quite a lot of people.

show and tell”- I’m a big fan of the vibe of this track and how the sound of it contradicts the overall theme of the project because it makes me feel warm inside and happy but I don’t feel like that’s what the intentions are with this project but nonetheless it’s a fantastic track.

first”- Here is the final track off of this short 7 song album. It’s a nice closer to the album in my opinion and does a good job at sticking to the main theme but that’s about all of it, she delivered a lot of what we have already heard off of this project so nothing shocks me a lot with this track. All in all it’s a fine track and does it’s job as the ending track.

I continue to be impressed by mxmtoon and her music, every single release that she has I just get more and more involved in her music because her entire aesthetic and sound is perfect in my opinion. The very soft-spoken vocals but important messages behind her music create such a confident and mature outlook on herself. The production style that she uses in health it’s very warm and engaging continues to intensify as her music progresses. I could honestly go on and on about my appreciation for her music and how quick I’m a fan I became of her music but that can be for another post in the future. I think I might have to rate this project a 8/10, I didn’t post this yesterday because I wanted to listen to her last album and see just how much they matched or contradicted each other for my final rating. Very lovely and wholesome project from mxmtoon, can’t wait for more music.

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