Post #135, October 5, 2020: The A N N I V E R S A R Y Post

It has been 5 years since the release of Trapsoul and actual this album is released on the 5 year anniversary of the release of his debut project hence the title of the album. Bryson Tiller has managed to create one of the most cult like fan bases in the industry in my opinion which is fueled by the need for his music and its surprising for how inconsistent he is. Bryson has personally been a favorite of mine for a long time, ever since I heard Trapsoul, I think the album is absolutely perfect with close to no flaws whatsoever and that’s what I’m hoping for this album. I want to feel something with this album, I want Bryson to make the last 3 years since his last album worth the wait, he has a lot of pressure but I’m sure he’ll deliver. Let’s get into my review for Anniversary by Bryson Tiller.

A N N I V E R S A R Y by Bryson Tiller

“Years Go By”– I wasn’t expecting this album to be 10 songs, I’m hoping he packs full plenty of content in these 10 songs but we’ll see. The album starts off in a good direction with this track being the opener while also giving us Trapsoul vibes, lovely RnB vocals over a trap beat. I really love Bryson on this instrumental because it’s a fairly aggressive instrumental but the vocals contradict that aggression and come off really smooth. Good opener to the highly anticipated album.

“Always Forever”– In my opinion this is a pretty interesting track because Bryson does something with his vocals to make them sound higher pitched. I enjoy when artists add affects to the vocals to bring more variety to the track and more depth because using your natural tone of voice is a limit to some artists but other artists can surpass that limit and change their voice through effects. The production is very lovely and has a really clouded background sound which adds a lot to this new sound Bryson has which I am loving by the way.

“I’m Ready For You”– I don’t feel anything major with this track, it’s a really good track just like every other track so far in my opinion but it sounds a little too generic for my liking. I can’t find anything I really like or dislike about this track.

“Things Change”– The production is really nice and I can say that it really puts me in a happy mood, the vocal sample used in the production is nice and how it’s pitched up and sped up. The vocals aren’t anything crazy I just think they are typical Bryson Tiller vocals so they don’t do a lot for me.

“Timeless Interlude”– This is a fairly long interlude but I’m not complaining. I find this instrumental to be one of the best off of the album, it’s smooth and has a very soulful element to it that reminds me a lot of Trapsoul. I enjoy it a lot when Bryson raps because he can easily do both, sing and rap, in the beginning of the track he is mainly singing but towards the end when the base line and 808s come in he switches it and raps which I appreciate a lot.

“Sorrows”– This track here has the sound that I expected the album to sound like, a lot of trap beats mixed with an RnB element with beautiful soulful vocals over these types of beats. I’m really enjoying what Bryson is doing with his vocals and the several different effects he places on them to make them more animated over the already animated production style. Very good track here, one of my favorite.

“Inhale”– I’m not sure what this sample is but the production gives me strong nostalgic feelings of the last 90s and early 00s RnB music. The production is really relaxing and calming, I found myself nodding off to it during my first listen. The vocals finally come in with Bryson giving some really strong and pitched vocals, nothing totally new from this album. The last minute or so is slowed down which I absolutely adore because slowed down beats are everything to me. As we go further and further into the album I find myself liking it more.

“Outta Time (feat. Drake)”– I feel like everybody has always wanted a Drake and Bryson Tiller collaboration and I am really excited that we finally got in this collaboration. Drake and Bryson both do their thing on this track and deliver a really smooth and emotionally triggered track, what I mean by that is what they do on this track and the message that they conjure can make the listener easily emotional in my opinion. This will clearly be the most popular record off of the album and for good reasons because I know for one this is one of my favorite from the album.

“Keep Doing What You’re Doing”– This is hands down my favorite produced track off the album because it has such a drake Views kind of vibe and what I mean by that is that a lot of the production on Views feels cold and heartless and that’s what I’m feeling with this track in particular. Nothing at all about this track is aggressive or in your face, even the baseline in 808’s that come in later on in the track, everything comes in properly timed and executed.

“Next To You”– this being the last track off of the album all I can say is that I expect a little bit more because it sounds a lot like the last nine tracks that we’ve gotten, all I can say is that I expected more and I can be applied to the whole project too. The track is nice don’t get me wrong but it just misses a few things that stop it from making it great.

I don’t have much to say after listening to this album besides the point that it’s a little underwhelming. Trapsoul is an absolute classic and I don’t care what anyone says about it, from my eyes it seems that Bryson peaked with his debut album which is unfortunate to see but after listening to this album I fail to find anything that stands out. Do not get me wrong this is a fine and solid album but I just expected much more from Bryson after taking a 3 year break from music. I had set several expectations for this album and I genuinely feel that none of them were met by the music which is really sad to see. Maybe this will grow on me more over the next month but I highly doubt it, I just hope his next project will be better than this because he’s too talented of an artist to deliver an album like this in my opinion. I feel a 5/10 is appropriate for Anniversary, if a deluxe album comes out then I’ll re visit the score but until that potential point this is what the score is.

Thank you for being here once again, I love when you all come back to read one of my posts. If you know anyone who enjoys music then send them my blog and tell them about it as well. See you all tomorrow for another review and don’t forget to FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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