Post #134, October 4, 2020: The Savage Mode II Post

It’s been about 4 years since Savage Mode released and all throughout 2020 we got teases at a sequel releasing and after months of teasing and false release dates we are finally here with the very long awaited Savage Mode II. I remember being a sophomore or junior when Savage Mode released and just how big and monumental it was, I am hoping that they follow up with the same dark and atmospheric production style that was on the original but i feel that we won’t get that since 21 Savage’s sound has gotten more “professional” over the years but maybe he might tap back into what made him popular. I’m very excited for this album and to see what 21 has to bring with the lyrics and what Metro has to bring with the production. Here is my review for Savage Mode II from 21 Savage and Metro Boomin.

Savage Mode II by 21 Savage & Metro Boomin

“Intro”– When word got out that Morgan Freeman was narrating this album I had plenty of thoughts going through my head but I had to listen for myself to judge anything. After listening to the intro I can definitely say that they took a potentially bland album and made it have depth and gave it somewhat of a storyline, definitely gave it more meaning. I really enjoy this introduction and how it brings things together and transitions into the next track.

“Runnin”– The production from Metro on this track is wonderful and has an extreme trap element, the addition of the vocal sample is a nice touch on things and makes me think back to his solo album NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES. 21 comes in hard as ever and makes his presence known as who he is. This following the intro makes things start off on such a great pace.

“Glock In My Lap”– Hearing a Metro Boomin tag is always fun for me, it just fills me with such a high level of excitement. There is such a dark presence on this track with the production that reminds me a lot of the original Savage Mode, the only difference would be the contribution from 21. The sound in the background of the production that might be a violin is such an amazing touch because the way it’s played fills me with anxiousness almost like the introduction to “Who Dat Boy” by Tyler, The Creator. I absolutely love this track and I’m impressed with how well done it is.

“Mr. Right Now (feat. Drake)”– This is surprisingly my least favorite track off of the project. I just don’t like the production at all, there is something about the brightness and happiness with the sound of the instrumental that I don’t like, it doesn’t sound like it should be on this album. Drake delivers a fine verse but it sounds too familiar, I’m not sure if it’s a recycled flow but it just doesn’t do much for me. I think the only good thing about this track is the smooth transition from this track to the next track with Young Thug.

“Rich Ni**a Sh*t (feat. Young Thug)”– This is another track that doesn’t seem like it should be on this project but I’m really enjoying the vibe of it. The production is smooth and very opposite to what the title and cover art says what the album should sound like. The subtle use of auto tune from 21 is well done and not too annoying in my opinion. Young Thug delivers a near perfect verse, everything about his presence on this instrumental is wonderful and it just makes the most sense to me. I have very few negative things to say about this track as a whole, so far we’re on an amazing path to a wonderful project.

“Slidin”– This is what I want to hear from a project like this, this is the energy from 21 Savage and production I love hearing. 21 plays around with his flow a bit on this track and during the hook which works out in his favor because I think it’s super catchy. The evil and fake presence on this track is everything to me because it makes me think just how well they made this sequel, typically sequels aren’t that good and don’t live up to the hype but that isn’t the case here. Tracks like this make Savage Mode II a far more ínstense version of the original which is how it should be.

“Many Men”– The transition between this track and the track before is wonderfully done, leave it to Metro to give solid and perfectly timed transitions. This is probably the best 21 Savage track I’ve heard in a while. The high pitch sound in the production that goes up and down in pitch is the back bone for the production, the 808s and baseline are aggressive and in your face, the trap element is perfect, I can’t say anything about this track’s production. 21 kills the lyrics on the track but the thing I enjoy the most is the 50 Cent reference with comparison to him and 50 Cents legendary track “Many Men” and also the use of the sample from the track at the end of the track. Morgan Freeman’s outro to this track makes this track end on such a high note. Definitely the best track off of the album.

“Snitches & Rats (Interlude)”– This interlude sets up the next track perfectly with a description of what a snitch is and what a rat is. Having Morgan Freeman narrate this album and this interlude specifically makes everything sound far more professional but street.

“Snitches & Rats (feat. Young Nudy)”– This is another track that represents the album perfectly. I don’t think I have much to say about the track as a whole besides the value it has to the project and Young Nudy’s contribution to it. I would like to think that this would be the most popular track due to the current state of rap and what 6ix9ine has been going through recently, it just makes the most sense to be on this project. Young Nudy delivers a very solid verse and does a great job supporting 21. Very nice track here and it continues consistence of good tracks off the album.

“My Dawg”– This track is a good track but I felt a little unimpressed with it because it sounds a little too generic and like the rest of what’s on this album. Some of the lyrics off of this track are really good and witty, also the production picks up around the halfway point which I enjoyed a lot but all in all I would call this a average track at best.

“Steppin On Ni**as”– This track represents the albums cover perfectly. It has such a strong early 2000s presence that I can’t ignore especially with the scratching at the end of the track. I genuinely hope this is Metro showing off some skills and not some effect or sample because that would be insane to me. At first I didn’t like this track at all but after 5-6 listens I started to enjoy it a lot for the high energy and enjoyable production style it has. I would call this a high light off of the album for sure.

“Brand New Draco”– I’m not the biggest fan of this track mainly because the sound just doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I would understand if this is a fan favorite for some people but it just doesn’t match to where everything else is on the album including the production, not Metro’s best produced track.

“No Opp Left Behind”– I’m a big fan of 21’s flow on this track, it sounds very different and unique to what has been used on this album so far. I like the little intricacies with the production and what Metro does for 21 on this track specifically. As we’re getting close to the end of the album more and more of the songs on the project seem less and less entertaining but this track is an outlier because it sounds good all around.

“RIP Luv”– At first I was not a fan of this track whatsoever because it just seem to slow but after several lessons I started to appreciate it more and more for the message behind the track. Now if there’s anything to know about 21 it’s that when he gets emotional it’s real and it’s authentic, you can see this about him even in his early on music. I love the production and The upsetting atmospheric vibe it has, it really fits in to the emotions 21 is pouring out onto the microphone. I’m really surprised that there is a track this good towards the end of the album because this is where we start to get the “throwaways”.

“Said N Done”– this is too generic of a track for it to be the outro, I personally think they should’ve had a dedicated track for the outro just like they did in the very beginning with Morgan Freeman, he has a nice part on this track but it would’ve made the album have more structure if they followed a typical introduction and outro. I do think this could have been a far better produce track and the delivery could have been better from 21. I’m really happy with this album so one bad outro isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Like I just said, I am very happy with this project and think it’s one of the few sequels that’s released by artists that end up being far better than the original, now I definitely think the original is a modern trap classic but this just delivers more depth and structure then the first one did. The first one had a lot of dark, atmospheric, and slowed down beats with the lyrics from 21 to support the production style. On this project we have more engaging beats, the same dark production style but amped up to promote more of a “Savage” sound, and a more diverse range to 21 savage and his choice of flows and lyrics. Basically this album is the original but on steroids in my opinion. Besides the few tracks that I am not feeling this is a very good album and is well needed especially in the year that we’re in currently, it hasn’t been a bad year for music but the major releases from main stream artists haven’t totally matched up so this was definitely a breath of fresh air. I would love to read this album a strong 8-9/10 with my reasons being the ones listed above and throughout the review mixed in with some self-explanatory reasons.

Thank you for starting the week with me here, this was a really fun post to make and I’m hoping that you all got some excitement while reading it because I know I did. If you enjoyed this post go ahead check out all of my other ones and follow the blog as well as the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts don’t don’t forget to be back tomorrow for another review. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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