Throwback Thursday Post #11: The A Love Letter To You Post

I have vivid memories of me working the summer of 2017 doing landscaping and coming across this brand new artist with a hit song called “Love Scars”, the artists name was Trippie Redd. I gave the record a listen and didn’t stop listening to it all day long and when I got home that day I played this album from start to finish and fell in love with it. A Love Letter To You is one of my favorite collection of albums especially this one, it is my favorite. I have a friend who picks these albums for me since she and I both have a deep and personal love/ appreciate for music so it only felt appropriate to do this album. My personal ranking of the albums goes 1, 4, 2 then 3 and I’ve explained this on my review for A Love Letter To You 4 I believe. One of the reasons why this is such a classic album to me is because of the correlation between the title and the music, it resembles what would be a musical love letter with “Love Scars”, “Romeo & Juliet”, “It Takes Time”, etc. The lyrics and production come hand in hand with providing the proper emotion for an album like this. Without any more time wasted let’s start this review for A Love Letter To You by Trippie Redd.

A Love Letter To You by Trippie Redd

“Love Scars”– This is the song that started it all for me and made me a fan of his music. Everyone compared him to Lil Uzi Vert but I personally never saw it at all. The prolonged vocals is what did it for me, the straining of the voice over and over again mixed with the stretching of the dark and futuristic sounding synths in the beat makes for a genuinely heart breaking emotion. The term “Emo Rap” or “Trap” can be applied with this track and better yet with this album for the swagger and charisma Trippie carries with him through out the track/ album.

“Love Scars Pt. 2/ Rack City”– This track brings a change in tone and tempo compared to the first track, now we hear a lot of the same qualities like the stretching and straining of the vocals from Trippie but we have two features to add more depth and character to the music. Chris King and Antionia deliver very strong features and don’t only add depth to the song but to the album. The production captures Trippie and friends very well and has more of a trap element than emo element compared to the first track.

“Romeo & Juliet”– This is one of Trippie’s best songs but that is my opinion. The production never gets aggressive or in your face, it’s calming and comforting in all aspects. The vocals from Trippie are still prolonged but formed through raw and pure emotion to signify heartbreak, he tries to churn up being relatable to the listener which works. I love the range with his voice as well especially when he raps “Your love is my medicine when I’m up, being me down” because when he says “up” his pitch goes up and when he says “down” his pitch goes down, it’s the small things. The ending has a very psychedelic feel to it which I’ve always loved and appreciate because slower music just triggers something in the brain to become relaxed. This is the perfect Trippie song.

“Deeply Scared”– This is probably my favorite track off the album when it comes to lyricism, besides “Can You Rap Like Me?” obviously. The hook is very nice and pertains to personal situations with a lot of his core fan base at the time, heartbreak is something a lot do young people experience so that’s why I make that claim. It isn’t as exciting as the other tracks but just more low key than any of the other tracks which is still a fine thing.

“Blade Of Woe”– I’ve always enjoyed this track for how entertaining it is and for the collaboration between Trippie and Famous Dex. Both being from the same family, cousins to be specific, makes this a really cool track. An enjoyable quality for the track is the warping effect on the beat mixed with the trap element of the production, there are few things wrong with this track if any at all but it just has a lot of the same qualities in the music I’ve talked about so far in the review.

“It Takes Time”– This has always been one of my favorite tracks off of this album because of how relaxing it is, there isn’t anything but some hi-hats, an 808 pattern and a lovely piano but that’s all Trippie needs to succeed. The vocals are really soft and easy on the ears and the prolonged vocals that Trippie has been doing on the album are mainly used for background vocals and that’s it so the the vocals aren’t anything aggressive and in your face. Around the 3 minute mark there is wonderful thing that happens and that thing is the music getting an effect placed over it to make it sound foggy and suppressed which I enjoy a lot.

“Poles 1469”– This is and will forever be an iconic song. One of the biggest feuds in rap over the last 5 years has been between Trippie and 6ix9ine, both growing to become crazy mainstream acts and becoming famous with this track being a main contributor to their success. This track carries the most energy out of the entire album from both Trippie and 6ix9ine, more so 6ix9ine and the yelling rap he so perfectly does. I don’t know how to describe the production style because it’s just so different and odd in good ways but I find it hard to talk about that and the overall sound. It’s just a special track that needs very little explanation and more listening experience than anything.

“No Smoke No Smoke 1400 B.C./ Sauce”– There isn’t much of a difference between the “No Smoke” portion of the track and the “Sauce” portion besides a change in flows. It’s a relatively short song, one of the shortest but Trippie manages to fill it to the brim with content, the same content we’ve gotten so far in the album. He delivered a very entertaining and catchy verse that I enjoy to this day, the feature is also entertaining and delivered some interesting bars. Again, not much can be complained about this track.

“Stoves On 14th”– I’ve loved the message and meaning behind this track for what seems like forever now. The hook has always been one of the better hooks off of the album because of the structure of it and no other major reason, maybe the vocals but that’s one of the reasons why I like this entire project. The feature on this track is one of my least favorite but it still does it’s job and supports Trippie fairly well but all in all I again have nothing to really complain about it’s a lovely track that builds the early sound of Trippie Redd.

“Limitless”– For some reason I find this being the most underrated track off of the album, it’s high in energy, the production is the most vivid and out there in my opinion, the features do a great job supporting the track, and plenty other reasons. Hands down my favorite track off of the project for obvious reasons. One things that this track makes me realize is just how good Trippie is when doing the hook of a track, this is gold.

“Can You Rap Like Me?”– This track caught a lot of attention whenever Trippie was first starting off in his career because around the time this blew up the whole “mumble rap” conversation was a popular thing to talk about and Trippie put it to silence just a little with this track and it’s lyrical capabilities. Trippie showed me just how much potential holds with his music making on this track, this was the track that showed me just how diverse Trippie can be when he wants to be.

“Never Ever Land”– This track ends the album perfectly and might be one of my favorite ending tracks off of an album because it sounds so calming and cold with the choice of synth used in the background of the production. The vocals have the same effect on me as they did from the beginning of the album so hearing them here and on this production style create a good atmosphere to send off the album in a very appropriate way.

The things Trippie does on this album create a style and an image of him that has stuck with him for the last 3 years, when you think of Trippie Redd you have to go straight to this project for its versatility, extreme psychedelic sound, prolonged vocals, harmonies and melodies, immense skill when it comes to vocal pitch and honestly many more reasons. This will forever be a classic in my opinion and redefined the Emo Rap scene and presented Trippie Redd to be one of the best in his generation. A Love Letter To You along with the other albums in this series became monumental projects and fan favorites for many people who call themselves fans of Trippie Redd, this album in particular deserves nothing less than a perfect score.

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