Post #133, September 30, 2020: The After School EP Post

Melanie Martinez is no stranger to this blog. I reviewed her K-12 album when it had first released earlier on in the beginning stages of this blog and then I came back to review her Cry Baby album for a Throwback Thursday Post a month or two ago and she is back with a new EP. From my knowledge this is in the same universe as the Cry Baby and K-12 stories but I don’t think it focuses on the character Cry Baby as much as the two other album, I may be wrong but I’m not sure that’s what I’ve heard. This EP is only 7 songs so I’m not expecting a lot of content but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pack full with that disturbing and double meaning style of music Melanie makes and does so well at. I know the vocals will be wonderful as always as well as the production so I’m definitely ready for this tape. Here is my review for the After School EP by Melanie Martinez.

After School EP by Melanie Martinez

“Notebook”– Right off the bat I get immediate flashbacks to the K-12 album with the production and how playful it sounds. The vocals are the usual which is structured around them being very breathy and innocent sounding. I love this song and the overall sound, it’s something that would resemble playground pop, I’m sure that’s not a thing but let’s make it a thing here. The sound and pacing of the track is very playful as well as the vocals but the lyrics may not fall under this category. Lovely opener to the EP in my opinion.

“Test Me”– I love the instrumental to this track and how it begins, in the beginning we get this very ominous pattern of bells and a sound that I assume would be to glass bottles rubbing against each other because that’s what I picture and then when the beat drops in the vocals come in we get a really nice guitar sample. The vocals are very strong and very theatrical in my opinion but I do find myself having a hard time figuring out what the meaning behind the track is but I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day, but other than that I love this track and how catchy the hook and every little aspect of the track is.

“Brain & Heart”– Now I’m not sure why I feel this way but this track gives me strong feelings of her track titled “Orange Juice” off of her previous album and I went back to compare the two and they don’t sound a lot alike but the same vibe is definitely there. I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite track so far but I definitely do enjoy it for a lot of the same reasons why I enjoy her music as a whole, I won’t list those because I don’t want to sound repetitive but the same emotions are there.

“Numbers”– The thing that I really enjoy about Melanie Martinez and her music is that it doesn’t seem like she tries to make it popular because she doesn’t follow a lot of the popular trends with pop music such as music that follows a four count bass drum beat or a lot of the same catchy hooks but her music is something that she wants to make and is straight from her own creativity which is why I enjoy listening to her. I really enjoy the vocal affect that’s placed over her vocals because it makes things more secretive in my opinion, also this small aspect of the track adds to my excitement for the music.

“Glued”– I feel a little indifferent about this track because there are a lot of really fantastic qualities like the meaning behind the track and the vocals but there’s also a lot of subpar and decent qualities that kind of turn me off from this track like the production, the overall pace and tempo of the track and the amount of repetition there is on the track. This isn’t a bad track by any means but it just isn’t entirely for me, maybe after several listens.

“Field Trip”– I really enjoy the production on this track because it’s warmer than any other track half of this project and I also enjoyed the subtle hip-hop elements that she has embedded in the production, she has always done this but this is the most prominent one off of the project. I am a fan of the lyrics on this track and the delivery in which she gives them because she flows very nice it makes everything come together very smoothly.

“The Bakery”– There are two elements to this track that I really enjoy and it’s the bass guitar riff that appears in the beginning of track and just throughout the record as a whole and the baseline which is not that attention grabbing but it definitely makes itself self known. Out of these seven tracks that I just listen to I can definitely say that this will be the most popular and was probably made to the main stream and a fan favorite, that’s just what I see from the production and the structure of the track as a whole with the melodic patterns that she uses.

One of the reasons why I enjoy Melanie Martinez and everything that she does is for the double meanings she has with her music and what I mean is she’ll have a track will be titled something innocent and wholesome but the lyrics within that track don’t portray to the title and end up being much darker. That is on this project but not as much as per the last two albums and I’m not sure why but maybe because this project is something to just release it doesn’t tie them to the whole crybaby universe that she has created. I think this is a fun project it definitely is not bad by any means and I will continue to listen to it as the days go on and the weeks go on, I’ve taken some songs from this project, I’ve paid attention to the production and appreciate the sound that she has made on this project and most importantly I’ve collected my thoughts and delivered them to you all. I would probably rate this a 7/10 or 8/10 for all the reasons that I listed above and the reason why I won’t read it higher is because of how short it is in the difficulty that comes with rating short projects. I always enjoy listening to Melanie Martinez and I am glad that she was back so soon with new music and I can’t wait to review her some more in the future.

Thank you for being here once again to read another review by myself. Tomorrow will finish up this week and all of the posting with a special Throwback Thursday Post but, get ready for next week because we have a lot of big music releasing and you don’t want to miss out on it either go follow now so you don’t miss out on any amazing posts. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW.

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