Post #132, September 29, 2020: The Save Me Post

This post is dedicated to an artist who reached out to me to review his music, this is another recommended post. Diego Illanes is from Mexico City but has lived in places such as New Orleans, California and Quebec. Diego has been playing the piano his whole life, and after playing in many different bands he took it upon himself to create his own solo project. I asked him what his goals are and he said this “Well I’d love to eventually have done all kinds of music, I’d like to be remembered for mixing genres and making new stuff with it. My main goal is to one day have a number one album tho.” I loved this answer because it shows a person who has intense determination and will to succeed. Artists that inspired him to start creating his own music are people such as The Beatles, The 1975, Machine Gun Kelly, Kanye West, Post Malone, YUNGBLUD, Blackbear, Walk the Moon, Avicii, Panic! At The Disco and trust me the list goes on, this is a man who loves music and takes inspiration from many different genres and styles. Upon asking him if he has any major upcoming music he replied by saying this “Well I’m working on an album, but I don’t really have a release date yet” keep an eye out if you like this review and his music. The last question I asked was “Why should people listen to Diego Illanes?” And Mr. Diego replied with “That’s a tough question, because you should only listen to it if you enjoy it (which I hope you do). It’s not necessarily for everyone as it does deal with a lot of dark themes and songs that sometimes antagonize me, and that’s because I haven’t always been the best person and I have done a lot of bad things through my life. But that’s what my music is about, telling true stories while exploring new sounds .” This answer excited me because I enjoy darker themed and sounding music, that’s just how I am but this got me ready to listen to his music and I hope you the reader feel the same way. Let’s get right into this short 4 track EP and discuss the artist Diego Illanes.

Save Me by Diego Illanes

“(Don’t) Save Me”– This opening track is really the only full length track off of this small project. Typically whenever I review amateur artists who don’t have the utilities to make professionally sounding music I eliminate a lot of the things that I judge music on because if I were to use the same criteria with a main stream artist and an artist who is not as known it wouldn’t be fair so that’s what I’m going to do here. There is a clear alternative sound from Diego which I enjoy a lot and this is from the instrumental and to the way he uses his voice on the track. The thing that would make this track better in my opinion would be better mixing and just more experience all around but for someone who is starting to enter music this is not a bad alternative sounding track, I can hear a lot do the influences that he listed in this track as well.

“Roller Coaster- DJ Bsphead Remix”– This is a remix to another one of his tracks titled roller coaster and has has a really nice summertime vibe to it. The person who had remix this did a fairly nice job capturing a more positive sounding aesthetic then what is on the original which is a nice take on things. The same things that are said about the first track can be applied here with the lack of mixing hand experience overall but for an easy listen this is a nice track to wind down to and has a lot of potential to be far better.

“Roller Coaster- Da1h Remix”– This is also another remix to a song of his titled roller coaster which is also what the last track was. This has more darker take on things with the production and Diego had mentioned this when he was messaging me that he has a lot of dark themes and I take this with the production as well and this does include the lyrics. His sound in my opinion can be described as something along the lines of rebellion almost like a Green Day, I do see a lot of comparison in the way that he makes music and what I’ve heard from Green Day over my 20 years of living, which is a good thing to be compared to in my opinion. I really do enjoy the instrumentation towards the end of the track with the guitar solo, this is one of my favorite aspects of the music so far, the instrumentation.

“The Bright Side- Live From Mexico City 2019”– This track ends this short EP with a live recording from a show down in Mexico City which I think is a really interesting approach on the structure of the project because it shows that he is actively performing his music and that the crowd is also actively involved in it. This is probably one of my favorite tracks off of this project because it shows just how raw and natural his performing style is and his overall persona which are good things. This track shows me that Diego is an artist who does not care about what society thinks nor does he feel the need to be labeled, he is an individual and promotes individuality which is all I could ask for with art as a whole.

Diego Illanes is a very very interesting artist and is hands-down the most interesting person to have reached out to me, his sound can be described as alternative but more specifically a voice to the rebellious youth of today and I say this because his music goes against the grain and goes against what would be considered as main stream and just threw his persona on social media and what he has to say in conversation makes me feel that he is his own person and has Plenty of creativity to make it big one day and achieve these goals that he has set for himself. Now the music on its own may not be for me specifically but that does not mean it isn’t for anybody so I highly recommend checking out his music and his newest album that I noticed released a few days ago. I always wish nothing but success from the artist who reach out to me and I do my best to reach out to almost all of them to see how the music is going and what is that I can personally do to help boost that just the slightest bit, I know my page and my brand isn’t big but I care about art and most importantly music and oneself expressing their creativity which is why I adore this artist and what it is that he stands for through the music he makes.

Diego Illanes is truly one with plenty of potential and a bright future ahead of him so I definitely recommend this project and the other pieces of music he has. If you personally know or know of somebody who makes music then send them my way for a chance to gain some sort of exposure. If you know somebody that enjoys music send them my page for a good read. Basically follow the blog and let people know what TMT is. Thank you for being here and see you tomorrow!!!

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