Post #131, September 28, 2020: The Floor Seats II Post

In the very early stages of this blog I did review on A$AP Ferg‘s Floor Seats which I ended up giving 7/10 mainly because it lacked a lot of content and was fairly inconsistent but it had some memorable moments. I don’t really know what to expect, I don’t think anything is going to different from the first album of this sequel but there are plenty of features which can be a good thing and a bad thing but we will see. I’m kind of expecting that Harlem sound that him and Rocky both perfected over the years and also maybe a song touching on the drama that has been going on with him and the A$AP mob. Let’s get right into this review for ASAP Ferg‘s Floor Seats II.

Floor Seats II by A$AP Ferg

“Marilyn Manson (feat. Marilyn Manson)”– I am really blown away with this track being the first track of the album because it has so much dark energy and aggression behind every little aspect of this song such as the baseline and entirety of the production, the really slow and monotone flow from Ferg creates this somber tone for the track, the background screams from Marilyn are everything and the guitar throughout the track makes this a perfect rock n roll/ rap and hip hop fused track. I really like this track and I have always wished Marilyn Manson would work with more rap artist but for what it is this is phenomenal.

“Dennis Rodman (feat. Tyga)”- I’ve never been the biggest fan of Tyga but he does an all right job supporting Ferg on this track it doesn’t really out shine him on his own track which I think will happen once or twice during this album because of the motor features there are. There are a lot of things that Ferg does that can be considered as repetitive but he switches it up or at least tries to on this track with his flow later on in the record by making it faster and more entertaining. I enjoy the hard hitting base on this track and how lively the production is, so far we are two for two and starting better than the original Floor Seats.

“In It (feat. Mulatto)”– The beat grabs your attention right away with a crazy aggressive 808 pattern, this type of production is what I want to hear from Ferg because it makes me think of his album ALWAYS STRIVE AND PROSPER. Mulatto has had a crazy good year so far and continues to kill these features, I haven’t seen much of her on work become popular besides a song or two but she has enough potential to kill her own work. I really love the energy of this project so far and can’t wait to hear more of this aggressive sound from Ferg.

“No Ceilings (feat. Lil Wayne & Jay Gwuapo)”– There doesn’t seem like a lot of choreography behind this track because mixed with the add libs from all the artists it just seems very chaotic and all over the place. I do enjoy the Grime production still which is sort of expected because that seems to be the new New York sound that’s been becoming popular so why wouldn’t Ferg adapt to and adopt this sound a bit. This track doesn’t seem crazy, it’s an okay song but the things that ruin it for me is the lack of planning and structure and the production but Ferg does a fine job but that’s mainly it, the two features are forgetful and lack entertaining verses.

“Mask (feat. Antha Pantha)”– I’ve always found that Ferg is one of the most entertaining rappers because of his fun and fluid flows as well as his timeless ad live. This track tests his ability to flow and I say this because he uses quite a few entertaining flows, for the hook and for the verses, these flows make this song fun and easy to listen to. I’m not sure who Antha Pantha is but from my memory I do remember her on the original Floor Seats. I really love her and Ferg’s chemistry because her attitude and charisma match Ferg’s in my opinion. She comes in and delivers a fire verse and probably the best feature off the album, lovely track and good rebound from the previous one.

“Intermission”– This is a nice little audio clip from 3 NBA player who also make music on top of playing basketball. It’s a short interlude to add more depth to the meaning behind “Floor Seats” and what that’s supposed to mean.

“Move Ya Hips (feat. Nicki Minaj & MadeinTYO)”– Ferg and Tokyo have never missed on a track together and in my opinion are within the top 5 best collaborators in the rap game currently. Tokyo comes in and sets up the track nicely with the hook and does a good job with the delivery of the hook. Ferg and Nicki have always done well also so I wouldn’t expect nothing less than greatness for this track. I love the production and the overall atmosphere that Ferg has created with the sound and the features, very nice. I would call this the best song off of the album easily. Also, I honestly want to hear more collaborations between Tokyo and Ferg because “Ned Flanders” and “Wam” will always be favorites to me.

“Value”– Ferg has definitely gotten far more aggressive with this album and I say that because the production supports this claim of mine. The production on this track and a lot of other tracks have very hard hitting 808s and base lines to match these 808s. This track here is the only track without a feature and it’s just as good as a track with a feature because it keeps the same amount of entertainment as the other tracks. Ferg has always managed to make his sound last for a good amount of time before it gets boring and he shows me this in bold lettering on this track here. Very hype track and fun one too.

“Aussie Freaks (feat. ONEFOUR & Fivio Foreign)”– A track with Fivio Foreign seems pretty appropriate since he’s blowing up in New York currently and also having the production sound like something from NY with the grime style also seems appropriate. I’ve never been a big fan of this type of sound so I’m not crazy about this track but I will admit that it’s a decent track for what it is but if it had come on during a shuffle listen I am more than likely not going to listen to it.

“Hectic (feat. Puff Daddy)”– This is definitely the worst track of the album, the production matches the title of the track perfectly because there is no direction of the production, it’s just all over the place. I get the message and I like the message I think it is appropriate for the current situations that this country has been going through for a very long time but I feel like the delivery could have been reevaluated because the message is there but somewhere during the creative process they lost sight of what the goal was and created this abomination of a piece of music. This definitely has the potential to be so much better but it just isn’t.

Ferg’s definitely does his thing on this project and I would agree to the statement of this being better than the original Floor Seats but it still has its imperfections as any piece of music has. I love the aggression with Ferg, I always have ever since 2013 with his Trap Lord debut album and I also enjoy how he’s managed to stick around for so long and still make me entertained. I am personally waiting for another full length project from Ferg because it’s been almost 4 years since a project from him like that but after hearing what he did last year and off of this project I like the direction that he’s going in because he’s getting more aggressive and sounds as confident as ever so I don’t really have anything that I would say is troubling with him. His ad-libs are perfected on this project, the production is hard hitting and in your face as well as the way Ferg raps, the features don’t out do Ferg on his own songs but they do what they’re supposed to do and help support the track as a whole. I would honestly rate this a solid 8/10 which is a higher score than the review I did last year. I’m excited to hear more from Ferg and the rest of the A$AP mob because it’s been a while so whenever they end up releasing more music I will be here to review it.

Thank you all for being back to read another post of mine. Tomorrow I have a recommended post going out from an artist who seems to be very different with his sound and portrays individuality very well so definitely stay tune for that and every day up until Thursday for the Throwback Thursday Post. If you haven’t yet go ahead and follow the blog and follow the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts. See you tomorrow!!!

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