Post #130, September 27, 2020: The Nectar Post

Joji is an artist who started off his career as somewhat of a meme. Posting videos to YouTube under the name of Pink Guy and a full length album under the same name Joji soon came to light through a rebranding from the diverse and unique character. My relationship with Joji’s music can be described as an inconsistent appreciation and I use these words because I find myself enjoying some of his music a lot but only once in a while, his overall sound is still rubbing itself off on me and I also find myself confused if I like his music or not. I’m excited for this album because I want to see what he has to offer. I expect some of the things I’m used to hearing from him which would be borderline emotionless tracks with imperfect vocals, these two aspects of his music play big parts into his success in my opinion. Let’s get right into Nectar by Joji.

Nectar by Joji

“Ew”– For the first track we have an element to the production that I didn’t think I’d hear on this album which is a pretty theatrical and dramatic overall sound. The vocals are very high and low in pitch all throughout the track which shows the diverse portion of Joji’s music that he wants to make more prominent through this album. The violins mixed with the piano creates for a very dark but blossoming scene for the production and creates a great atmosphere to finish the track up with, gorgeous opener.

“MODUS”– There is a mysterious and gothic aspect to the production and vocals from Joji on this track which is very nice. I enjoy the half way point more than anything because thing start to pick up like the instrumentation and overall theme of the track, I just feel more around this point. This is a very soft track and Joji releases all sorts of emotions on this track alone.

“Tick Tock”– My thoughts are very indifferent on this track here because of how he comes into the track, the very deep voice throws things off for me almost immediately. This isn’t the best Joji track I’ve heard by any means but he does pull things together around the half way part of the track but the beginning just really ruins it for me.

“Daylight”– This track here was released prior to the albums release and I believe it had some buzz to it. This is clearly my first time hearing it and I’m truly impressed because I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Joji and Diplo collaboration but I’m here for it. These are the vocals I love to hear from Joji because they don’t seem forced at all, they seem very natural and authentic. The production from Diplo is very lovely and support Joji nicely, I would love to see another collaboration between these two soon enough.

“Upgrade”– I do enjoy the low key tone to this track but it’s a little too bland for me. I think this is gorgeous but it lacks color and vibrancy but all in all it’s a calming and decent listen, I can’t complain a whole lot honestly.

“Gimmie Love”– I knew this was Joji but I didn’t know that this was a somewhat brand new track, I’ve seen this a lot on Tik Tok but never put two and two together. After fully listening to the track I obviously see why it’s such a popular track, the chorus is infectious, the best follows a very popular and effective four pattern base drum beat, the ending is heavily and elevating in sound. Everything about this track here is perfect and might be one of my favorite songs in general.

“Run”– At one point while writing the review for this song in particular I forgot I was writing because this song sent me somewhere else. I got hypnotized by the atmospheric vibe to the track, production, vocals, structure and everything else. I haven’t heard a guitar that nice in a while, the last minute or so has this electric guitar solo which fits everything so perfectly. Joji really has himself an absolutely amazing project on his hands.

“Sanctuary”– This is AMAZING! Words can’t express how much I feel for this track. I’m not sure if a friend showed this to me or if I heard it on Tik Tok but it’s very familiar, that chorus is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. The vocals on this track are extremely well done and range everywhere with the pitch, I’m truly impressed with how clear this track sounds and for its other dimensional sound it portrays in my eyes.

“High Hopes (feat. Omar Apollo)”– This track holds the first vocal feature off the album and its by an artist named Omar Apollo whom I’ve never heard of before. Joji enters the track very nice and delivered a good contribution to the track with soft spoken vocals for his entire time and the same with this Omar guy. The dark baseline mixed with this hazy guitar pattern makes for a really unique beat and I’m all for it. Definitely not a bad track but it definitely doesn’t match to the last 3, still fantastic though.

“NITROUS”– I love the main sound in the production that ranges in pitch throughout the duration of the track, I’m not sure what this is but it is very nice. One thing that really stands out to me is the baseline because it’s very dark and aggressive which is contemplating because this album is not necessarily a dark album but from time to time I find that the tracks have dark aspects to them like this one. Joji has probably some of the softest vocals I’ve heard in a while for a male with such a deep voice but he plays it off so well and executes this theme perfectly.

“Pretty Boy (feat. Lil Yachty)”– I was genuinely concerned for how this track was going to play out because I don’t like when Yachty does pop music or alternative music but he does really well with Joji on this track because there’s a lot of rap element in this track starting at baseline and with the overall structure of the track including the lyrics. Joji has done a fantastic job so far with the features on this project and I can’t wait to see what else comes because this album is phenomenal.

“Normal People (feat. rei brown)”– I think this is a very pretty song with very nice and well written vocals but not a lot stands out as far as production goes and the total entertainment value is pretty low but as far as a song is classified it’s a really good song but it just doesn’t hold up to what came before it which is expected with albums like this.

“Afterthought”– This track here is with an artist named BENEE who I’ve never heard of before but from what I heard on this track I genuinely wouldn’t mind hearing more of her. This album does hold very few features but the features are very well done and support the tracks rather than the artist coming on and out shining the artist on their own album so to me it tells me that the choreography in the plans behind the features went the way that they were supposed to go. This track though, I do like it a lot but it’s starting to sound a little bit repetitive so I’m hoping that we don’t get to that point with this album because that would be a shame, I’m starting to hear a lot of the same tendencies with the soft-spoken vocals and the recycled harmonies but I’m hoping Joji does something to change things up within the next five tracks.

“Mr. Hollywood”– Here is that different sound that I wanted. This track is titled after Hollywood so I think it’s very appropriate for the sound to be something that resembles drama and stardom in my opinion and that’s exactly what this track represents through the production and the very nice vocals. This track also has a hint of freedom as a theme behind the production which also ties into that title of the track, this is just another very well done track for Joji.

“777”– I don’t really know how to feel about this track because it starts off very nice but as soon as the autotune gets brought in things start heading south, the production is very nice though. This is probably the more pop sounding songs off of the album which is OK but I’m really liking this dark aesthetic that were getting from Joji because it just seems a little different from what we’ve gotten besides his earlier Ep’s.

“Reanimator (feat. Yves Tumor)”– This is probably my favorite track off the album because the first half is strictly instrumental and it sounds like something that you would hear traveling through dimensions. Joji does well on this track and really blossoms in my opinion because he lets the instrumental do the talking then he steps in and everything just comes right together, he’s basically the glue.

“Like You Do”– This is just the most gorgeous and well done track I have ever heard. There is something so genius about the solo piano from start to finish with almost nothing else besides his vocals and the heartbreaking tone of voice and lyrics that go into this song that make it absolutely phenomenal. You can definitely tell that this is a personal record and something that he put his heart and soul into because it does not sound like anything else off of this album and that’s a fantastic thing to have so close to the end of the album.

“Your Man”– This track does finish this album and in a really nice way in my opinion. It’s a little bit more upbeat which is just fine but I think ending on the most previous track would’ve been the best bet because it leaves you with some sort of an empty feeling that was fueled by sad emotions but I can see how this works too because it leaves you feeling a little more happier. I love the four count be within the production, this does make things a little bit more popular and catchy but there isn’t too much that I could say about this track that I don’t like along with 95% of the album, very nice outro.

This album really solidifies my view on Joji and where I stand with his music because songs like “Gimmie Love”, “Run”, “Sanctuary” and “Like You Do” with plenty of others really stand out with the songwriting and production. The soft spoken vocals from Joji across the entire album serve me well and make me view him as a heartbroken gothic superstar that delivers music with a contemplating dark and uplifting undertone. Words can’t express how strongly I feel about this album because I believe that there is only one true song I dislike, the others are absolutely fantastic and don’t compare to anything I’ve heard from him before. I think this album deserves a strong 10/10 for its rawness and it’s very clear and well structured delivery.

Thank you all for coming back to read another post by myself, this was a very fun and surprising post to make. If you enjoyed it then go ahead and like the post and follow it as well, if you know anyone that would enjoy it too then send this blog to them and have them follow too!!! See you all tomorrow!

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