Post #129, September 23, 2020: The Dreamland Post

A friend that I work with pulled me aside one day and asked me if I took recommendations and I gladly listened to him and wrote down what it is that he wanted me to listen to. Glass Animals is a group that I’ve heard of before just a few times through social media or in conversation but I’ve never listened to their music, fun fact though, I remember going through trying to find new music to listen to and I stumbled across this because the art work and titled seemed very cool but I never gave it a chance for some odd reason. Now with the name of Dreamland I expect some very nice instrumentals that revolve around bells, drawn out synth cords and very nice and low key drum lines, but mainly some spacey and dream like instrumentals. I will be expecting some very nice vocals and amazing harmonies that radiate a very relaxing tone and mood within the structure of the album. I am definitely excited to listen to this album because I feel like it’s going to be one heck of an experience but we’ll see. Here is my review for Dreamland by Glass Animals.

Dreamland by Glass Animals

“Dreamland”– So right off the bat we get a very nice production style that is very dream like hence the name of the track but I love the bells in the background and the really smooth baseline that masks these bells, it’s just gorgeous and very soothing. The chorus of the track is almost like a bedtime melody within a children’s song, I definitely feel like I have heard this song before but I’m not sure, it just sounds very familiar to me. There is not one thing about this opening track that I don’t like, I really hope that the rest of the album is just like this because if it is then I have a new favorite album, everything it’s so warm and welcoming about this track and invites you into the music so well.

“Tangerine”– Now this track definitely has a more upbeat and more happy vibe than the last track which is perfectly fine because it still fits that feel good mentality that the artist is going for. I love the chorus and how addictive and entertaining it is, it just makes you want to nod your head and sing along. I would definitely say that the artist has a flow because he just rides the instrumental naturally, it doesn’t seem to force any skill that he has which is amazing to hear to a new listener. One thing that I do want to say is that I don’t necessarily hear any lyrics but I hear the sound of his voice more than anything but that happens sometimes when somebody has too much effect over the vocals, jumbles their words a bit or just doesn’t put much effort in their lyrics.

“((home movie: 1994))”– This is just a little audio clip that leads into the next track.

“Hot Sugar”– Okay, I absolutely love this instrumental. This is an out of this world, out of body and dream like instrumental, this is everything I imagined psychedelic pop to be and I am 100% here for it. There’s nothing better than small details in the production of a song like the Jetson spaceship sounds in the background, these little additions make everything so much better. The vocals on this track stand out way more than the last two tracks because there are more out there and more bright and bold then the soft-spoken and hypnotic singing style from the previous two. The last minute and a half of this track is a musical masterpiece in my opinion. I don’t think I can explain it because it’s too good to be explained, it needs to be experienced by everyone who is reading this.

“((home movie: btx))”– I’m not necessarily sure what the point of these little audio clips are because I’m not familiar of this group and don’t know if it was something that was planned to have significant meaning so if anybody is a fan and can explain these to me that would be lovely.

“Space Ghost Coast To Coast”– I am enjoying so far just how versatile this group is and how they can go from somethings sounding like I lovely dream to somethings sounding like an absolute nightmare but in the best way possible, this definitely has a haunting and more dark approach to it than the other tracks but with something titled “Dreamland” I would assume that there’s going to be a nightmare eventually. Again, I see nothing wrong with this track and I would not change or critique any aspect of it, it’s just perfect in my opinion and plays a big part in the big picture with the album’s final concept.

“Tokyo Drifting”– Now what in the world is the coincidence that I get recommended an album from a group that I’ve never heard before besides through social media and in rare conversation and come to realize that one of my favorite artists is featured on this track and is the only feature on the album. Denzel never misses…period. Sometimes when the track is so good it becomes very hard to talk about and I find myself in that situation here but I’ll do my best. I love how abrasive the production is and it’s absolutely perfect for somebody like Denzel who is an abrasive rapper, the main vocalist of this group does such a great job altering his voice and almost making it seem like he’s another person. I genuinely love this track so much and again find myself failing to see anything wrong with it.

“Melon and the Coconut”– If I had to pick at least favorite song off of this album it more than likely will be this one and it’s mainly because the lyrics are a little too silly for me and the production is really drawn out and doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a fine and relaxing track but all in all I would probably skip it if it came on during a listen of the album, it’s just a little too boring compared to everything else that I’ve listen to so far.

“Your Love (Déjà Vu)”– The title of this track made me feel like the sound of it was going to be more slow and heartfelt but it’s actually the opposite and fast paced and more serious than anything. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of this track but I definitely don’t hate it, it just doesn’t really have that sound that I expected it to have and I also don’t expect this sound be on this album because it sounds a little too upbeat, still very good though.

“Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth”– I really do enjoy the beginning of this track and the guitar that’s used in the beginning of it because it just sounds very psychedelic and is something that I haven’t heard so far in the album. The track as a whole is very good but something that I do want to mention is how powerful the vocal sound on this track because they are definitely something different, I really like the use of the effect that’s placed on the vocals because it just adds more depth and builds more structure to the track in particular and the twisted sound it has.

“It’s All So Incredibly Loud”– The closest thing that I can compare the instrumental to is nothing and I genuinely mean that because it’s almost like they took nothing and made it into music if that makes any sense but this only lasts the first half of the song but then we get more percussion and more action in the music making process. The build up for this song does take a while but I would say it’s worth it because once the music starts kicking in and the vocals become more prominent it becomes a much more enjoyable listening experience which is great in my opinion.

“((home movie: rockets))”– This starts off as just another audio recording of what I would assume to be him as a child and his mother then it leads into a very lovely instrumental that ultimately leads into the next track perfectly.

“Domestic Bliss”– This track has the most understandable lyrics off the album because third just more articulated than any other track. With that being said I really do enjoy the message and meaning behind this set of lyrics because it ties into the actual title of the track and touches on some sort of abuse. As far as the production goes it’s pretty good but it isn’t anything crazy like some of the tracks before this one but don’t get me wrong it’s still one heck of a good track.

“Heat Waves”– i’ve noticed this over the last few tracks and it’s how the tracks that are later on in the album tend to lose that production style that we’ve had since the beginning which is a dream like in psychedelic fused production style and focuses more on lyrics and tell me a story which is perfectly fine but I just noticed this with the album. I’m definitely a fan of this track in the lyrics behind it and what they stand for because you can definitely hear the passion and the connection that he is trying to make through the music.

“((home movie: shoes on))”– This is the last audio recording and it’s pretty much the same as all the other recordings, nothing too crazy.

“Helium”– here we have the final track off of this fantastic album and all I can say is that I am not a huge fan of the first part of the song but I am a huge fan of the ending for the last two minutes to be specific. I absolutely love the dropping of the vocals and a strict instrumental to finish off the album, the instrumental that finishes off the album is so warm in fluid with every sort of sound possesses and sends off the album in a very solid way with bringing back the chorus and a partial instrumental from the very first track which is a lovely touch in my opinion.

I am very glad and I appreciate you dearly the recommendation of this album because it was definitely worth it and I think I found a new favorite album and a new artist to share my attention with. This album goes all over the place just like a dream and has so many different sounds and styles to it such as a main psychedelic pop sound, very hypnotic harmonies and choruses, at times there are haunting instrumentals, etc. this is just one very well done album. The small details within this album is what makes this what it is, and what this album is is nothing but perfect so with that being said I find myself giving out a perfect 10/10 score to this album. I will definitely be baby paying attention to Glass Animals and any future releases that they have because I definitely want to hear more of this sound that they so perfectly execute. They met and exceeded all of my expectations with this project and even shock to me with a lot of the instrumentals that were used on this album. I don’t think I have anything else to say besides how great this album is but I’ve said that plenty of time so far.

Thank you for coming back to another post by myself and if you’re like my friend that I work with and have any albums that you think I should listen to then go ahead message me on Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts or just drop them down in the comments below and I will do my best to get to as many as I possibly canor just drop them down in the comments below and I will do my best to get to as many as I possibly can. See you tomorrow for this weeks throwback Thursday post it’s going to be fantastic but in the mean time go ahead and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!

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