Post #128, September 22, 2020: The Listening Post

Cenza reached out to me a few days ago to let me know about a new track that was released with her on it. This is a song by the artist Jay-Elle who I’m not familiar with but after hearing this I can say I’m interested. Cenza is a very lovely artist so I’m definitely expecting a lot of what I had heard initially with the first song I reviewed titled “Thriving”. Just based on the cover art alone I feel like this is going to have a lot of summertime vibes to it. I’m not totally expecting much besides some very nice vocals from both artists and a really nice pop type production style, all in all nothing too crazy but hopefully I get proven wrong.

Listening by Jay-Elle with Cenza

So the track starts off with this vocal sample that ranges in pitch and it just goes high and low, it sounds a little bit warped but it’s very nice and then this ultimately leads into the main production style which loses this small vocal sample, it comes in and out for the rest the track but this is where it stops in the beginning. We get a nice little drum line but it sounds a little masked which does wonders for the track and for the vocals that entered at this point in the track. The vocals from Jay-Elle are very soft-spoken I am very relaxing, it’s almost like his voice hugs your eardrums and makes everything very comfortable. I do enjoy the lyrics because they do have some sort of meaning behind them which is something that’s appreciated over here on this blog. The production picks up in tempo and resembles something that would be a pop dancehall fusion which I really enjoy and meets my expectation about it giving off a summertime vibe, very lovely. Everything I just explained goes on for the next minute and a half until Cenza comes in. Cenza gives an approximate 22 second verse for appearance I should say then she comes in very nice and very strong, I’m definitely a fan of her voice especially on this track because it sounds very heavenly and the same thing with the male artist on this track, it’s very comforting and welcoming to the ears. Jay-Elle finishes off the track just repeating the same course that we’ve gotten in the first part of the song and exits this song very nice and in a very professional way, I love this sendoff and it’s friendly outro.

I definitely enjoyed this track for the instrumental and the beach time vibe/sound of the track. There isn’t much that I can say that I dislike about this song, everything about it is well done and professionally done as well which is something that doesn’t really come across my radar that often but when it does I definitely appreciate it and for the creative element of the track. The production is very lovely as well as the vocals from both artists, I am very glad that Cenza reached out to me again for this track here, I can’t wait to see what she does next. I’m glad I listened to it and also I recommend this track to anyone Who just wants to have a fun listening experience.

I can also say that Jay-Elle is on my radar as well and should also be on yours. Thank you again for coming back and reading another recommended post, this was very fun to make so with that being said if you know anybody who makes music send them my way for a little bit of exposure, a good artist knows that any exposure is good exposure. See you tomorrow for a another post and follow the blog so you don’t miss out on it!!!

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