Post #127, September 21, 2020: The Orca Post

Gus Dapperton, the New York native came into my attention earlier this year through a friend of mine sharing his music off of Where Polly People Go To Read which pretty much blew me away, this project made mr a fan instantly and kept me coming back whenever he released anything. I didn’t know that he was releasing this week so when I saw this on the “New Releases” on Apple Music I got very excited. During the duration of this project I wish to hear very strong and experimental vocals which is a common thing from Gus, also some very nice production that packs full sounds of freedom, clarity and hints of psychedelics. I’m very excited to hear this project for many reasons so let’s just get into it right now. Here’s the review for Orca by Gus Dapperton.

Orca by Gus Dapperton

“Bottle Opener”– I genuinely enjoy this opener not only for the subtle meaningful lyrics that has but also for the catchy tune within the production of the song. I’ve always found a little difficult to understand what it is that he is saying but he definitely sounds really good when he’s singing which means that I’m not paying attention to the words but only his voice. I do enjoy the title of the track and its connection to the lyrics, very creative way to go.

“First Aid”– I listened to this track whenever it first released maybe two months ago and I absolutely loved it and continue to listen to it very often. I love the build up with the guitar ultimately leading up to the main instrumental that we’re going to get for the majority of the track and this instrumental is very alive and in sync with Gus and his monotone and melancholy singing style on this track. Around the halfway mark we finally get more depth into the vocals on this track which makes me very happy when I hear Gus sing like this, it’s just powerful all around. This track has a lot to it and has a very nice structure from the start to the finish, this is just one of my favorite songs in general.

“Post Humorous”– this is a very laid-back and relaxing song in my opinion because the build up takes a little bit of time and just transitions into something that isn’t too far off from the first 30 seconds of the track, just a more advanced portion of the track with a drum line. The vocals are very strong on this and it something that I noticed that I love about Gus is when he strains his voice, this does remind me of Trippie Redd and when he strains his voice. Overall this is a fine track but it wouldn’t be up there with my favorites.

“Bluebird”– right off the bat this track grabs my attention with the coordination between the guitar and the high pitch keys on the piano, it’s just something interesting and nice to hear. The overall sound of the track makes me feel like it would be compared to freedom, the sound and the style of music making resembles what freedom feels like because I can definitely see this track supporting a coming of age film but that’s my opinion. The vocals from time to time do you seem a little drawn out but that may be expected with an artist like us who tries to change things up a bit from time to time but I’m not complaining a whole lot.

“Palms”– I absolutely love the four count beat throughout the track, it’s very soothing mixed with the guitar and the soft spoken vocals especially in the beginning. Gus continues to wow me with the diversity and different changes he makes with his voice and the style of music he performs over, it’s just amazing. This is definitely a favorite of mine off of the project because it sounds so vulnerable but makes him sound very professional at the same time.

“My Say So”– The thing that I really like about this track is the usage of the piano and the xylophone especially the way that the xylophone is being played because it gives this track the element of lightheartedness and mixed with the lyrics and vocals makes the atmosphere of the track very wholesome in my opinion. I’m not sure who this Chela artist is but I really do enjoy the collaboration between the two, her background vocals and contribution bring a lot of life to the track which is all I can ask for, very nice track.

“Grim”– This definitely has a more harder element to it than almost anything I’ve ever heard him do and I think that might be because of the type of drums and guitar that he chooses to use on the production, this carries some traces of rock ‘n’ roll with the bits and pieces of electric guitar that’s put on track but I’m definitely not complaining because his voice molds perfectly to the instrumental and makes everything come together very very well.

“Antidote”– i’m not sure what it is about the track but it definitely has cinematic tendencies and I don’t know if that’s because of the vocal effects on the vocals or the baseline and how it’s set up in a very dramatic way but I definitely like this track and the way it makes me feel. The first word that comes to mind when I think about this track is “lost” or “wandering” because the overall vibe just resembles a fossil or somebody finding their way in life which could very much be the case here, definitely not a bad track.

“Medicine”– i’m not necessarily a big fan of the first part of this track because it just sounds a little repetitive then doesn’t really show me anything different but the second half of the tray is when the instrumental starts pick me up and gets more out there with the sounds in personality it has. I don’t think there is one bad track off of this project but this is probably my least favorite.

“Swan Song”– this is the final song off of this short 10 track and 37 minute project and this helps the album go out with a bang. The drum line is really interesting on this track because it makes me think of hip-hop with the certain patterns it follows, it just doesn’t sound traditional for his music and the alternative sound that he follows. I think this is a very nice track it’s very mellow and relaxing all throughout the duration of it and send the album off well with a soft and meaningful ending.

I definitely enjoy this project from Gus Dapperton and everything that it comes with including the emotions you gave me. I can easily say that he met all of my expectations that I had laid out before going into this project but I won’t say that he wow’d me he just gave me what I came for which is all I can ask for. This is a very diverse album and a very versatile one because there are times when Gus feels very vulnerable and open some self up lyrically and vocally to convey more deeper emotions and then there are also tracks where he’s having fun and he’s very lighthearted with the vocals in the lyrics as well as the production so I definitely would say that this is a fantastic project definitely a 8/10 or 9/10 I would have to give us more time. I continue to be a fan of Gus and gain excitement whenever he releases anything so I look forward to the future with him and anything else that he hast to bring to the table overtime.

Thank you for coming back and reading another post by myself, I’m starting to get back into the screws of posting which is very nice but what’s the point of me posting no one reads it. With that being said go ahead and follow the blog right now it only takes two seconds and follow the Instagram too @tylersmusicthoughts. I have a very lovely post coming out tomorrow it is a recommended one by an artist who is no stranger to this blog so stay strong

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