Post #126, September 20, 2020: The Virgo World Post

Lil Tecca blew up virtually overnight in early 2019 with his breakout single “Ransom” which took over everything and ended up leading to the release of the newly platinum certified We Love You Tecca which was also reviewed on this blog whenever it was released. I wouldn’t call myself a big fan of Tecca because a lot of his music is hit or miss with me and tends to sound the same a bit but since this album was hyped up quite a lot I can’t help but to think that it might have some depth and versatility. I didn’t listen to any of the singles or snippets prior to the release of this album so everything is brand new to me. I want to like this album a lot because Tecca seems like the underdog in rap at the moment and it’s strictly based on his appearance, he looks nothing like a rapper so that makes people doubt him a lot so I definitely want this to be fantastic, my hopes are set high so let’s see if he delivers on some of the things I want to see from him like versatility, more depth in his vocals and music making skills, opening up more on the tracks, etc. Let’s get right into Virgo World.

Virgo World by Lil Tecca

“Our Time”– Tecca doesn’t waste any time with this track in my opinion. Seconds into the track we get a baseline and a up beat dance trap sound, the sound that Tecca had all over We Love You Tecca. I feel like a lot of the music from this album and his last will resemble because this is his sound, this is what he does best. I really like this introduction because it’s quick and to the point, entertaining and not boring.

“Actin Up”– I personally don’t know how to feel about this track because the best pattern wants to be dancehall rap and upbeat bit the overall vibe doesn’t necessarily match. Tecca flows very nice and virtually effortlessly on this track but it’s just missing a little something, a little something that holds me back from fully enjoying it but all in all it’s a decent track.

“When You Down (with Polo G feat. Lil Durk”– I should like this track a lot but I really don’t for a few reasons, one because it sounds more like a Durk track than a Tecca track because this is a production style that both Durk and Polo G are used to rapping over, it’s a bit boring and colorless but Durk and Polo make it come alive. Tecca doesn’t do anything to be honestly, should have been Durk’s song. The feature from Polo is good but he’s starting to sound the same to me which isn’t good because I absolutely love Polo G, hopefully this was a fluke but this isn’t a good track in my opinion.

“Back It Up”– I love the entry to this song and the low ambience with the flute, really sets the track up nice. This is probably the first song I genuinely like and it’s mainly for the production and the flow from Tecca. Tecca sounds different and brings a new flow to the table, it’s faster paced which really impressed me because I never knew he could rap fast. The flow goes places on this track from having a fast tempo to being harmonious, Tecca is definitely showing me a lot more on this album.

“Chemistry”– This is another track that I really enjoy. The production is odd because I want to call the instrument used in the best a xylophone but a children’s xylophone, not quite sure but I really enjoy it and how well it works for Tecca. Nothing new with the melodies from Tecca, very good melodic pattern from Tecca and how he matches the rhyme schemes with the melodies, very addictive and lovely in my opinion.

“Royal Rumble”– This was released prior to the release of the album but I didn’t listen to it because I wanted to wait for the album. I see why this track is popular but it personally doesn’t do a lot for me because of the structure and style of the production, it resembles something from the west coast which I know isn’t what Tecca does but I understand he’s experimenting and finding different sounds but this doesn’t sound a good as it could be.

“Foreign (feat. Nav)”– When I had seen that Nav was featured on this I knew it was going to be good. Nav delivers very drugged out and boring melodies but that’s what makes him so special and great, the collaboration between these two is really really good in my opinion and a collaboration that I knew would be good but just wanted to see it executed. This is probably one of the best tracks off the album for the feature, the collaboration and the production, the production is lively and colorful unlike some of the other produced tracks off the album.

“Selection (feat. Skrillex and DJ Scheme)”– I really don’t like this track here at all. The production is just annoying to me and Tecca doesn’t help the production at all which is sad because I’m a fan of DJ Scheme but not every track will be a hit. The track is too colorful and alive for me but all in all it just seems like there is too much going on.

“Take 10”– I enjoy the production on this track quite a bit, one of the better produced tracks in my opinion and the contribution from Tecca is well done as well but for some odd reason I find myself not necessarily enjoying this track as much as the other ones but that’s more than likely just based on the placement of the track and it coming after a track that was not good.

“Dolly (with Lil Uzi Vert)”– This is hands down the best track off the album and I would hate to say that it’s because of Uzi but I feel that a lot of people would make it because of Uzi. Tecca does seem to shine more on this track with Uzi on it which is wonderful but one thing I see and hear is the equal amount of effort and attention on the track, I don’t see Uzi out shining Tecca but Tecca actually stepping up to the plate and handing his business with someone like Uzi. Very nice and entertaining track from the two of them.

“Insecurities”– Around this part in long albums I start entering the “grey area”. The grey area is a term I call the 3-5 songs towards the end of an album that I absolutely don’t care for because things start sounding the same and blending in together hence the name. I can easily say that I don’t care for this track since it doesn’t so anything for me whatsoever, I don’t see a big difference in this and the last 5 tracks which isn’t good.

“Tic Toc”– This track here doesn’t fall in that grey area because it sounds different with the production and the overall sound from Tecca. This track sounds pretty different from what it is that I’m used to hearing him do which is fantastic. Other than these two aspects there isn’t a lot to say about the track besides that it’s good overall.

“Miss Me”– I absolutely LOVE this track here. I have no idea what it is but it just makes me happy, I genuinely think it’s because of the production, it’s just so fun and out there. Tecca does a lovely job with the choice of melody and harmonic timing on this track. I may take back what I said about the grey area, this album might not have one.

“True To The Game (feat. Guwop Reign)”– Now I’m not sure who this feature is but he does a pretty good job, a little risky if a feature from Tecca but he proved that he knows what he’s doing to let a underground rapper on his mainstream project. Tecca does a fine job but for some reason to me this track goes by really fast, not sure what it is but it just doesn’t hold a lot of content and substance so it just goes by without doing anything major to me or making me feel anything.

“Closest To Heaven”– Here is another track that could fall into that grey area category because it has that same dance hall rap sound that Tecca started the album off with but this track lowers that element just a little bit. Tecca is the main focus on this track and this is different because it’s normally split 50/50, the production and Tecca but this is majority Tecca in my opinion, I don’t mind but it just seems a little boring to me.

“Level Up”– I really enjoy this track here for the vocals from Tecca because he sounds very vulnerable and open which is something that I don’t hear from him often. I like the little ounces of ambiente piano keys in the production, this adds more deaths and structure to the track at least in my eyes and the very ending of track is lovely when it’s slowed down and the production is warped and reversed, love this part of the track and this might be my favorite part of the album.

“No Answers”– The production may resemble a track where Tecca might get emotional and open himself up more lyrically but in actuality this is just another typical Tecca song, he has a few things to say but nothing notable. I would love to see Tecca get a little more open in the future but for now this is decent. The track lacks vibrance but that’s what Tecca is figuring out in his career right now.

“Last Call”– The production on this track is very nice, very nice choice of guitar and very nice string pattern with the use of the guitar, the implementation of this instrument makes this track better for me. The flow from Tecca is very nice and resembles water in my opinion almost like Gunna but from Tecca, he just makes everything on this track look very easy.

“Out Of Love (feat. Internet Money)”– This track does rnd Virgo World and ends it off in a very complacent way, it stands out a bit which is what the ending track should always do but since this album is 19 songs it’s hard for this to end strong since I’ve heard this track 10 times before all throughout the album. I like it and love the Internet Money feature but I would probably forget about it over time.

I have a few things to say before giving my final review. Some of these reviews are a little short but that’s because Tecca isn’t one to change the production halfway through a track or switch things up in a drastic way so Sometimes it is hard to find things to say then things ultimately become repetitive on my end due to the lack of creativity or versatility in an artists music but I can’t say that Tecca does switch things up just a bit on this album compared to this last which is what I wanted to see so I’m definitely satisfied there but I feel like he could have done more with less tracks. Don’t get me wrong I think this is a fine project, one of the honorable mentions of this year but by no means is it great, it’s supplies me with what I want to hear and that’s about it. Tecca is very young so on his next album that’s when he’s going to have to make some sort of concept or find something else to do because at this point it’s getting a little tiring hearing the same things over and over again but it’s acceptable as of right now in his career. I would rate this a solid 6/10 or 7/10 if I’m feeling generous but nothing past 7/10. Tecca meets some of my expectations and comes close to exceeding them, he delivers some nice melodies and lovely produced beats but the length is what gets me and repetition through the album, besides these problems it’s a pretty solid album on his end.

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