Throwback Thursday Post #10: The Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World Post

Lil Uzi Vert is a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of the younger generation. The Philadelphia MC blew up in about 2016 and has been dominating the world ever since. This album LUV vs. The World is my favorite Uzi album and was such a different sound in 2016. I chose this album for this weeks Throwback Thursday Post since it is one of my favorite and also because I hold a lot of personal memories with this album that I want to share through my review. The cover art has been something associated with Pop Culture in my opinion, the cover is a little parody of the comic “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” with the main similarities being that the characters are drawn and animated the same, this cover would go on to also be the cover of LUV vs. The World 2 that released this year which is also a favorite of mine. I can’t wait to get into the music, this is going to be great BUT FIRST!!! Follow the blog if you haven’t yet, you won’t want to miss out.

Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World by Lil Uzi Vert

“Canadian Goose”– This song starts off the album with such a high energy and grabs your attention right off the bat. Uzi comes in immediately with a very fast flow which is some thing that he is known for but he comes on this track ready to go and spends no time wasting any bit of the production and gets right into it. The track is a play on words to the brand Canada Goose which is a high end brand that Uzi likes clearly, it’s no secret that Uzi is into high end fashion. This is the Uzi that people love, the production from Maaly Raw is what made Uzi such a dominating force in rap in my opinion because this producer captures his style and his flow perfectly with these obscure and futuristic sounding beats, this track in particular has a very fast paced series of piano notes played throughout the track that makes you think everything about the track is meant to be quick. perfect introduction to this album and it really gets you going and wanting for more.

“Hi Roller”– This is another Maaly Raw produces track and just like the last one he captures Uzi very good with this really odd beat, it uses these really high pitch in futuristic/ harmonious sounding synths which just work so well for Uzi especially on this track. There is absolutely nothing that Uzi is saying that is important by any means but the way he raps, his flow, his style, and the production is what makes people so happy to listen to his music and I know that from experience, it’s just a good time.

“Money Longer”– This Track right here is hard to describe since it was such a dominating song back in 2016, there was not a soul that wasn’t singing this song during the summer of 2016 and I will put money on that. This track changed so much for music like how people approach their production style and their flows and you can hear it in the music that’s coming out in 2020 or 2019 even. I’m not sure what sound it is but it’s the main sound in the production and how it keeps on getting higher and higher then repeats this cycle, this is one of the things that people loved about this song, the obscure and annoying production style because this is such a hard song to avoid since it’s so out there, the baseline is also done perfectly which was another reason for its popularity. This song will always be appreciated by the younger generation for its sound of freedom and fun.

“Grab the Wheel”– This is for sure the most different song off of the album because it slows everything down and gets a little bit more personal with the tone of voice and actual lyrics behind the music. I’ve always enjoyed this one right here because it adds more depth to the album since it’s only nine songs you don’t want everything sounding the same so great job for Uzi to switch things up on such a short project. Uzi breaks out his harmony bag for this track and drags out some of the words that end certain lines during some of the verses or bridges which I think is a smart way of building the structure of the track, again, adds more depth. This may not be a fan favorite but I think it’s perfect for Uzi and the album.

“You Was Right”– This is another track that took over the world in my opinion and I think it might mainly be because of the Metro Boomin and Uzi collaboration since they were both such big artists in 2016. The track has some nice verses but the thing that people come back to and love about the track is the repetitive and dumbed down hook, it’s super easy to go along to and it’s also so fun to sing. The production in my opinion isn’t anything crazy which is odd because it’s Metro Boomin but compared to everything else on the album so far it is a little flavorless because it doesn’t hold any of the other qualities such as a futuristic trap sound, obscure sounds, etc. I still enjoy it but just compared to everything else it may be the most boring but Uzi does great at redeeming the production.

“Baby Are You Home”– In all honesty I prefer this Metro Boomin producer track more than the last since it seems more colorful and lively. I’ve always felt that there is a darker undertone behind the production and the vocals especially with the hook, there is a haunting vocal effect that gives me chills and on top of that Metro Boomin throws in his female laughter tag which makes things all come together. I feel that this is a very underrated Uzi track because it’s almost directly in the middle of the album and between two dominating tracks but I know I always listen to it whenever it comes on. The ending is particularly haunting since everything gets slowed down, it sounds more drugged out than anything actually but this is a great touch to end the track.

“Ps & Qs”– This track was also huge in 2016 and took over a lot. The production is a big part in its success with the unique and addictive sounding accordion sample, this is one of the best Uzi track in my opinion through entertainment and also production. The choruses on this track are lovely and perfect for that drugged out and harmonious music making style, everything about this track screams drugs and psychedelics which again is probably why it became such a dominating track in 2016.

“Team Rocket”– Uzi is no stranger to Anime so naming a track after the iconic Pokémon duo under the name of Team Rocket to reflect his own relationship with his girlfriend at the time is genius but also subliminal at the same time. Uzi just flows so well on this track and doesn’t make anything come out forced or unnatural, he starts with such an energetic and bright flow and continues it throughout the duration of the track which makes this one of the best off of the album because it’s so fun to sing along to and just makes you happy like all of his other music.

“Scott and Romona”– The final track is another ode to the comic and movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” because the two main characters are names Scott and Romona, this track is also about him and a certain girl he talks to or dates so the name is fitting with the content within the track. The last few track in the album get more and more drugged out and clouded in my opinion which is good, definitely nothing wrong with it because it adds to that depth I talked about a little while ago but this track more than the others since he is trying to convey some type of emotion with the lyrics for I feel they are coming from a place of pain. Wonderful track and amazing outro to such a timeless piece of music.

Uzi, ever since he became famous has gotten unnecessary amounts of hate from the older generation and from people who prefer lyrical over whatever it is that Uzi makes to them, and it wasn’t until about last year when I realized why people enjoy his music and it’s simply for the fact that it makes them happy. I believe that his music releases a certain amount of serotonin to the brain of whoever is listening to his music and makes it an addictive thing, Uzi’s music is addictive. In all seriousness I feel like it’s Uzi who represents the younger generation and the freedom we want through music that makes him such an iconic factor, his vision and his usage of futuristic and out of this world production styles mixed with his drugged out and extremely personalized style of music is what attracts so many people to him. This project alone is a timeless masterpiece and is probably his best piece of music by far, the timing that it was released makes it such an iconic project and will forever be a favorite of mine since it makes me thing back to that summer I first listened to it. This is deserving of a perfect score and nothing less than that.

I haven’t posted one of these in a while but I’m starting to get back into things with posting. Thank you all for sticking around and sharing the page, continue to share it and spread TMT, this will be a thing one day! Follow the blog and the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts for more amazing music review content.

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