Post #124, September 8, 2020: The Detroit 2 Post

Big Sean. The Detroit MC who is well on his way to becoming one of the best to ever do it dropped off an album this weekend, one of his most highly anticipated albums as a matter of fact. Detroit 2 is his first solo album since I Decided. that released back in 2017, I remember this release and just how well of an album it was but were here to talk about Detroit 2. I’ve never been the biggest Big Sean fan but I’ve definitely been there to enjoy his music throughout the last 5 years at least but the last 5 years do go towards my expectations for this album, I’m expecting and lot of deep and sentimental moments since this is a sequel to his Detroit tape that released a long time ago before he was huge in the industry so I’d expect there to be a lot of reminiscing on the album. Another thing I’m expecting are some very well done lyrics, he’s had a while to record this so I doubt there to be any “corny” bars which is what people like to associate Big Sean with. I’m definitely excited for this album and want it to be nothing less than great, let’s get started ASAP.

Detroit 2 by Big Sean

“Why Would I Stop?”– Big Sean comes in really hard on this track and makes it seem as if he didn’t take a few years to deliver us a new album, he keeps the same energy really well. The production is really nice and has this really nice and enjoyable sound that matches his energy perfectly. I think this is a hard intro to the album that sets us up with high expectations.

“Lucky Me”– I absolutely LOVE this instrumental, it sounds friendly and very comforting. The percussion and piano with several random noises throughout the track just make this an enjoyable track. The lyrics are amazing as always and Big Sean drops some really hard bars on this track as he always does which is just amazing to hear. Half way through the track we get a full change in the production and the flow, everything just picks up, the speed of the flow, the tempo of the beat and the energy. This is probably one of my favorite Big Sean tracks I’ve heard in a long time, just fantastic and all over the place.

“Deep Reverence (feat. Nipsey Hustle)”– This was released prior to the albums release and features the late Nipsey Hustle who delivers a very strong and powerful. I’ve never been the biggest Nipsey fan but I definitely give credit where credit is due, the track as a whole is alright but it definitely isn’t my favorite. One part of the track that I love is Big Sean talking about Kendrick and their beef that was worked out, it’s a real powerful part of the song in my opinion that might be overlooked. My favorite part of the track is the ending when Nip talks about the Detroit rap scene and wanting to work with artists from that city such as Big Sean, it’s a really great addition to the track and shows a lot of honor and respect.

“Wolves (feat. Post Malone)”– This track has a very dark and ambient feeling to it with the background sounds of dogs barking and other dog sounds. I love Sean’s verse on this track, it’s strong and abrasive which is something typical and expected from him. I love the hook, it’s very catchy and well done but the thing I didn’t expect is Post Malone to work with Sean, it’s a very good and shocking collaboration. Post Malone’s verse is wonderful and has a huge contribution on what makes this track what it is, amazing track here.

“Body Language (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Jhene Aiko)”- I’m not personally a big fan of this track because of Ty Dolla $ign, I’ve just never been a huge fan of his music and whenever I hear him I just get turned off from the track he’s on. I do think Jhene and Sean make this track good since they have such a loved relationship and great musical chemistry so if it were just the two of them I think I’d appreciate this track more because they both kill it. I don’t have anything else to say about the track besides that, decent track but I’d probably skip it on a normal listen.

“Story By Dave Chappelle”– This is one of three “stories” by people either from Detroit or appreciative of Detroit. This is done by Dave Chappelle where he talks about an encounter by a man who ended up being Big Sean’s dad. The story is engaging and just all around lovely. I recommend listening to it on your own because there are things I can’t talk about since it’s such a lovely recording.

“Harder Than My Demons”- This track was trending on Twitter when the album was released and for good reasons, I don’t have much memory of the track from my first few listens but as far as message and lyrics go I understand why this is a fan favorite because it’s personal and an overall well written track. It’s on the short side with time length but it’s still full of a lot of pure content.

“Everything That’s Missing (feat. Dwele)”– This is probably my favorite produced track off the album because it had a very dramatic and cinematic aspect to it with the baseline. There are these small clouded choir chants in the background which add a lot of depth to the instrumental, this is a small feature but I love it a lot. The lyrics on this track are very strong and powerful, definitely one of my favorite tracks lyrically.

“ZTFO”– This track doesn’t have any listed features but Travis Scott makes several appearances through ad-libs which I think is a wonderful idea. Even his ad-libs bring energy to a track which I think is just crazy. Sean flows like water on this track and just does his thing, the production is also a thing that supports Sean very well. I can see this being an underrated track by fans but I think it’s up there but that’s my opinion.

“Guard Your Heart (feat. Anderson .Paak, Earlly Mac & Wale)”– The amount of artistic creativity this track has is through the roof, I feel this way because of Anderson .Paak’s presence on the track, he is definitely one of the most artistic and soulful people in the mainstream music industry. I’m just baffled by how creative this track is and how much soul is put into it through the two other features, truly the most sentimental part of the album and a clear highlight for me with the album.

“Respect It (feat. Young Thug & Hit-Boi)”– Sean and Thug both work so well on this track to the point where I am truly amazed, they are two artists with completely different styles but it’s amazing how their chemistry works so well together. Hit-Boi has a pretty big part in the production on this album which is fantastic for me because I am a fan of his work to an extent. Young Thug just has a strong presence on almost all of the features he does so this isn’t anything different but it’s great because it’s with Big Sean who I don’t really see a lot of collaborating with Young Thug, a subtle highlight to the album.

“Lithuania (feat. Travis Scott)”– This is by far the best track off of the album and not only for the Travis Scott feature but for big Sean‘s presence and the Hit- Boi production. The last time I heard Travis and Sean work together was off of Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s album Double Or Nothing with the track “Go Legend” but besides that it’s the extremely popular “Don’t Play” off of Travis’s Days Before Rodeo. My favorite part of this track in my opinion is the drums, now something so simple as the drums can make a huge deal about the success of the track and if they’re done right or not, the drums on this track are perfect and sound so raw and gritty. The collaboration between these two has always been amazing, another track to add to the Big Sean and Travis Scott collection of successful songs.

“Full Circle (feat. Key Wane & Diddy)”- This is my favorite track with a very strong subject matter and that is basically everything in life goes around comes around, Sean explains things in his life that were a “full circle” and it’s truly inspiring. I really appreciate him getting ditty on this track since no one really hears a lot from him nowadays so it was a nice surprise hearing him on this track. The production matches the energy of the track perfectly and all the emotion that’s packed behind the lyrics, very nice track.

“Time In (feat. Twenty88)”– I really enjoyed seeing this track be credited as being made by Twenty88 because this is the little duo that Jhene and Sean had back in 2016 with their self titled album. I already mentioned this before in the review but I’ll say it again, I love their chemistry together because it goes further than the music into their personal lives, it’s no secret that their relationship wasn’t successful but they seem so much better off as friends which is great to see and to hear through the music, they both sound so well together and they make it sound so natural and not forced.

“Story By Erykah Badu”– This is Art. That’s all I have to say. This is Art. I’m not familiar with Erykah Badu besides the known fact that she is one heck of an artist but I love this little interlude because she also gives her respect for Detroit and all of the artistic culture in Detroit but the way she does it is what makes me view this as a type of spoken word. I love how calming she sounds and how at peace she sounds with what she’s preaching, truly wonderful to listen to.

“Feed”– This track starts off with very haunting qualities like the vocals being played backwards and this eerie element behind the instrumental. I enjoy this track here a lot but it lacks a little something but I can’t put my finger on it…energy? I’d assume so. The lyrics are strong as always which isn’t anything new and some bars definitely stand out but nothing that totally grabs my attention.

“The Baddest”– This is hands-down the worst track off of the album and I’ll explain why, one word…Jaws. The production is just bad, it reminds me of the movie Jaws for some reason and I think it’s because of the type of trumpets in the production. The track as a whole just seems very chaotic and all over the place which is another reason why I don’t like it but this is probably the only track off of the album that I just really did not like.

“Don Life (feat. Lil Wayne)”– This track was teased on Instagram a day or two before the release and when I saw it I definitely got excited especially to hear how Lil Wayne would sound on it and all I can say is that it’s everything I expected it to be. We get small clips of Meek Mill but he isn’t credited at all, maybe what happened with Travis on “ZTFO” but I like this small addition that brings in Wayne because it gets you very hype. I enjoy the energy from these two a lot and would love to hear this collaboration again because it’s just such a strong and fun collaboration.

“Friday Night Cypher (feat. Tee Grizzly, Kash Doll, Cash Kidd, Payroll, 42 Dugg, Boldy James, Drego, Sada Baby, Royce da 5’9 & Eminem)”- I’m going to try and not spend a lot of time on this track since it’s 9 minutes. The amount of beat changes this track has is crazy, it’s almost a new song for every feature. The highlights are Tee Grizzly, Kash Doll, 42 Dugg, Royce and Eminem. The concept behind this track is wonderful, all artists from Detroit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this but I would love to see more of it from other bigger artists. Being able to get all these artists from your city together to get on a track is crazy and genius.

“Story By Stevie Wonder”– This ends the three “Story By”’s and it’s with the legend himself, Stevie Wonder. This one is the best, he gets very spiritual with his life and his disability. He says “God had made me rich, rich with the spirit of knowing…” this goes on for about a minute but Stevie shows me and other listeners that he has such an amazing outlook on life while having a visual disability. Truly an inspiration and a musical icon for generations and generations.

“Still I Rise (feat. Dom Kennedy)”– We have arrived at the end of the album, truly a masterpiece of an album in my eyes but let’s talk about this final track for a minute. I love how lively the instrumental is with the trumpets and the drum line chosen, it all sounds like a football game band team. Both acts on this track do wonderful and make this track colorful with their lyrics and energy. This is a great outro and I honestly wouldn’t want anything else to end the album, this does it perfectly.

All I’m going to say is that this album is everything I expected and more. I went through my favorite albums of 2020 list to see if this could top anything and it definitely did, I’d probably say this is top5 rap albums of 2020, easy. The album has a lot of promising qualities that shine and make themselves crystal clear to the fans but for people who don’t know the original Detroit project like myself may not know some of the features or the importance of the “Story By”‘s since these are thing that are similar with the two albums. Not everyone will do research like myself so there where it could have been a little difficult for the people listening but besides that the project is flawless. I see this more of an ode to Detroit than an album, it just packs full a lot of the Detroit culture behind the actual music and if you can see this then you’re either blind or deaf because it’s as clear as day. I feel that this album deserves nothing less than a 10/10, it’s a very very good rap album.

Thank you for coming back after such a long time of on and off posting, I’ll do better with my inconsistency. I have two more posts after this one and they are definitely something else so stay tuned and make sure you spread the word of this page and follow!!! See you soon!!!

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