Post #123, September 1, 2020: The B4 The Storm Post

Sorry for the week of no posts I just didn’t find anything worth reviewing but we have quite the set up this week. We’re starting off this week with a debut album from the music label Internet Money records. The label is created by Floridian producer Taz Taylor and had a bit contribution from producer Nick Mira, these two on their own have production credits for “F*ck Love”, “Lucid Dreams”, “Ransom”, etc. and their production tags are some very familiar tags in my opinion, for Internet Money we have a tag that’s said by Trippie Redd that goes “Internet Money Bi**h” and Nick Mira’s tag goes “Nick you’re stupid”, all I know is that when I hear these two tags the song will be good. This album is a collective album full of their artists and other artists and a lot of them, I decided not to list out all the features and artists on the tracks since it would have taken too much room and would have taken a while to put in but I will be talking about them on the tracks. The artists that are featured on the album are artists that use a lot of harmonies and different melodies in their own music so I’m expecting nothing less than good vibes, strong harmonies and melodies, artists like Lil Tecca, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Lil Mosey, Nav, etc. are featured on the album so this is why I expected this. I’m excited to give you my thoughts on this album, let’s get right into to.

B4 The Storm by Internet Money

“Message”– This introduction track features an artist by the name of TyFontaine who I’ve heard of very few times but never really got the chance of actually listening to but after hearing this track I can say that he’s alright, not too special. The track as a whole is not bad at all, as a matter of fact it’s probably what I expected the introduction track to sound like, it has a fairly intricate production style with all sorts of sounds that support the artist very well. Good Intro to this album.

“Really Redd”– I did expect a lot from this track because it has two artists that I really do like, that being Trippie Redd and Young Nudy who both do a really good job on this track, a little lackluster in some areas but overall they both have a strong presence. Lil Keed is still an artist that I don’t enjoy listening to and this track isn’t anything different. The production is very nice and is well done but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Nick Mira or any Internet Money producers so I would definitely call this a win.

“Lost Me”– This track here is executed perfectly from the artists that are featured on it, we have Lil Mosey who I’m definitely not a fan of but his presence here is amazing and the melodic presence he has just fits in really well with Iann Dior and Lil Skies. Lil Skies shines really hard on this track but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him especially since I personally hold his music to a higher standard than anyone else on this track. The truck has a really nice summertime vibes to the production which is something that I feel like we’re going to get a lot of throughout this album especially, very nice and well placed track.

“Right Now”– Cochise blew up on Tik Tok with his track “Hatchback”, other than that this is my first real time listening to him and all I can talk about with him is how much he sounds like Playboi Carti. Cochise Has that baby voice Carti aesthetic to his music which is probably why he got popular, being mistaken for Playboi Carti, his feature on this track is decent but nothing more than that. We get another TyFontaine verse on this track which is alright, it sounds different from what we heard on the introduction track which shows me that he can switch thing up pretty easy so hopefully he keeps this momentum up throughout the rest of the project.

“Familiar”– This album is full of artists that are very underground but that’s okay because it gives them a chance to get great exposure with names like Future, Lil Tecca, Juice WRLD, etc. who are all mainstream acts. I mentioned that because this track has an artist by the name of TheHxliday on it who I’ve never heard of before. If I am going to be completely honest the one thing that I can think of when I hear this artist is if Justin Bieber became a rapper or a melodic rapper at best, in all seriousness though he has a nice vibe to him but the style of music he makes isn’t anything crazy because we just got it with The Kid Laroi.

“JLO”– I haven’t heard much of Lil Tecca since his album We Love You Tecca that released late last year but maybe this is his promotion for his upcoming album Virgo World. I’m definitely a fan of this track and Lil Tecca because he has such a weird style to his music, he is very melodic but oddly sounds very monotone in the sense that he has a very un-interesting tone of voice but it works for him. The production is very nice and sounds very pretty with the piano that comes in and out of the track, very nice track here.

“Thrusting”– When I first listened to this track I didn’t realize that Future was on it until he came on which threw me way off because this isn’t the type of rap album that I would expect Future to be on but he does a really good job along with Swae Lee. Swae Lee is one of the most underrated melodic wrappers in my opinion because what he does on tracks is so psychedelic and out of this world that it just gets overlooked in my eyes. I love the little clouded Dancehall vibe this track has and a little four count beat throughout the production of the track, everything about the music makes you wanna head bop or too little dances since it’s so catchy.

“Speak”– The Kid Laroi is an artist that I’ve been really getting into a lot lately mainly because of his connections to Juice WRLD and his emotions behind the music. When it comes to melodic rap you have to back up what you’re rapping or singing about with the proper emotion which isn’t something that a lot of melodic artists do but The Kid Laroi does such a great job with this because he makes you feel his pain whether he’s actually been through this pain or not, he does a great job conveying the appropriate emotions. I love the little shakes vocals in the background all throughout the track, very small detail but very nice touch.

“Blastoff”– Whenever a track has Juice WRLD and Trippie Redd on it you know it’s going to be absolutely worth it. When I saw the track list for the album this was definitely on my radar since I knew it had such high expectations from fans. All I could ask for on this track is emotion and a very strong melodic presence which is what they both delivered on, I don’t really have much else to say besides that and that it’s probably one of the best tracks off of the entire album but that’s my opinion. The line from Juice that goes “Me and Trippie Redd boolin back in the Bahamas” hit me a little because all I could think of was the emotion Trippie probably had when making the track or listening to the track for the first time.

“Take It Slow”– 24kGoldn is having such a strong year with most recently making the 2020 freshman list for XXL. I’m not the biggest fan of him but his biggest songs are really good and I definitely understand why he’s liked so much. This track features TyFontaine again and his flow seems the same a bit from the second track he was on and I also got a little Lil Yachty type of voice from him which I didn’t really like. The track as a whole is all right but isn’t anything crazy then I’ll just leave it at that.

“Somebody”– This track was released quite a while ago actually and I guess was the lead single for the album. This track did a lot of numbers whenever it was released which really surprised me actually because I don’t think it’s that crazy of a record but it’s definitely good. Having a track with both Lil Tecca and a buggy is a really good idea since they’re both harmonic and melodic artists so I definitely understand this collaboration and would not mind hearing it again. The track has the piano as the main structure of the beat which is appropriate for the artists because they do so well over this instrument in particular.

“Giddy Up”- I always love hearing Wiz Khalifa with a newer and younger artist because it shows me the amount of respect he has for the newer generation. The track that we have here is not bad, it isn’t my favorite but it’s definitely a nice and low key track. The 24kGoldn feature is pretty good and the chemistry between both Wiz and 24k is something that I never thought would be that good but I’m definitely a fan.

“Block”– Trippie Redd has definitely made his mark on this album with two other hard hitting tracks but this is possibly my least favorite track that Trippie is on and it’s mainly for the collaboration we have here. Trippie is such a mainstream act and for him to be on a track with StaySolidRocky, an artist very new and not as popular as a lot of the other artists on here, can hurt Rocky more than it can help because Trippie will clearly over shine Rocky. The track is decent at best and ends before it starts in my opinion, not a lot of content within the track.

“Devastated”– I have no idea who lilspirit is but I love his sound on this track. He brings a nice RnB sound to this melodic rap album, it’s a nice addition to the album. I can’t really compare him to anyone as a reference because he sounds very new and unique. This track is probably one of my top 5 favorites off the album because it’s just so smooth and soulful with the vocals from lilspirit, very nice track especially this late in the album.

“Let You Down”– I feel like Internet Money is trying too hard to push this artist TyFontaine because he’s the artist that’s been on this album the most, he doesn’t do bad on this track at all but I want to hear someone else besides him at this point in the album. We get more of TheHxliday which is great because I really enjoy his voice and how approachable he sounds on the track, he makes things come together with ease in my opinion. The production is nice and gives off those good summertime vibes we’ve gotten so far off the album.

“No Option”– This is an appearance that I did not expect whatsoever, I can’t remember the last time I heard Kevin Gates but I’m not complaining at all. This is arguably the best track off the album because if there is anyone who knows how to convey emotion it’s definitely Kevin Gates. The topic on the track is jail and the effects it has on a person and the different aspects of their lives like family. It’s a really deep and personal track for Kevin which makes it 10x better. He just rides the beat and makes everything come together really nicely which surprises me because typically this far into the album is when we start to get the less memorable tracks, not the most.

“Lemonade”– This track was released probably a week or so ago and was highly anticipated for very obvious reasons, this track has 3 of the biggest melodic artists featured on it, NAV, Gunna & Don Toliver, what could be better than that. I absolutely love this track and how it makes me feel, it makes me feel like I’m at the beach but that’s mainly for the production and the usage of the guitar. Anything with Don Toliver will be good, it’s hard for Don to deliver a bad feature but I think having this be the last track off the album is a great idea because it sends the album off with good vibes and a hard hitting track. This is one of my favorite tracks in general and off the album too, very nice.

I can think of very few lows for this album like over usage of TyFontaine, I think it hurt him more than it helped him and the track “Block” with Trippie Redd and StaySolidRocky, this is hands down the worst track and I feel that way for the lack of attention to the set up on the track, having a mainstream act with a rookie basically but I’m not saying this can’t happen it’s just Rocky doesn’t seem like a memorable artist off the album since he was put on a track with someone like Trippie. Some highs would be all of the mainstream acts like Tecca, Future, Swae Lee, Lil Mosey, Kevin Gates, etc. and the overall melodic presence on the entire album. This is a very good album that radiates good energy with the style of music that the album focuses around. I would definitely give this a strong 8/10 or a possible 9/10 but one thing that I’m not a big fan of is the roll out, I feel like this had potential to be even bigger of an album than it already is only if it was promoted more. I didn’t see much promotion which sucks because there are artists on here that could use more exposure like TheHxliday, TyFontaine, Cochsie, lilspirit, etc. but for what it is I think the exposure they deserve is there, it just could have been more. I would personally enjoy more label albums especially from Internet Money because the artists are all artists that have blown up through social media or are engulfed in the melodic sound. I enjoyed this and can’t wait to hear more from some of the lesser known artists.

Thank you for coming back to read another post from me and I apologize again for the inactivity this past week, it’s been a busy week since I started school but I plan on continuing these posts and pushing out new ones for this week so stay tuned. If you haven’t followed the blog yet then go ahead and do that right now!!! See you soon!!!

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