Throwback Thursday Post #9: The beerbongs & bentleys Post

It’s about time that I’ve done a Post Malone project. This past week I asked one of my closest friends for some advice because I wanted to know what album I should do, Stoney or beerbongs & bentleys, it was a hard decision because I personally love these two albums very much but with her help we decided on beerbongs & bentleys. Post Malone has always been a favorite of mine and is a favorite of millions of people around the world but what is it that makes him everybody’s favorite, it’s his shaky but very strong singing style, his ability to write and perform very catchy and harmonious tracks, his loving and hilarious personality, and lastly his laid back attitude as a person and an artist. Post Malone has been the center of conversation ever since he became famous with his breakout single “White Iverson”, the conversation is whether he is a rapper or not and in my opinion what he is is a pop star who occasionally makes a Rap record but in all seriousness he isn’t stuck to one genre which is fantastic because not many people can go from Country to Rap to Pop so easily like Posty. We get a lot off of this album so I’m definitely very excited to start talking about everything because I hold a lot of emotional connection with this album that I will be sharing and various other connections. Let’s get started shall we.

beerbongs & bentleys by Post Malone

“Paranoid”– Whenever I first listened to this track I didn’t like it as much as I do today. The chorus is very nice and gives a little insight into the chaotic life of Post Malone. As far the music goes it’s a pretty laid back track that doesn’t have any major qualities to it, decent opening tracks.

“Spoil My Night (feat.Swae Lee)”– This track right off the bat caught my attention when I first heard it mainly for the Swae Lee vocals and verse but also for the vocals all throughout the track with this really bright and upbeat production. Swae Lee over the chorus was a great decision because he has such a nice, calming and drugged out sound especially on this track. Post Malone has never really been one for messages behind his tracks but this one has a funny one, basically it’s about him going out around other women knowing that he has a girlfriend at home but still sticking to his selfish ways. Fantastic and very catchy track with amazing melodies.

“Rich & Sad”– This is another track with a surprising meaning behind it, the titled of the track clearly states what it’s about, he has all this money but can’t seem to be happy. The hook is wonderfully written and sang. Post Malone’s vocals have always been one of a kind so hearing it on a track with production like this really makes it stand out even more. Another fantastic track with a significant amounts of highs.

“Zack And Codeine”– When I first listened to this track I hated it and I still don’t like it at all, it’s just really corny. The comparison between “Cody and Codeine” on this track just sounded really unnatural and just plain stupid.

“Takin’ Shots”– This right here was something really different from what we got off of Stoney and sounded like something off of his August 26 tape that released a few years back mainly for the subtle aggression Post has on this track and the dark and gritty production style here. All in all it’s a solid and different track that I would associate as a rap record.

“rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)”– This is by far Post Malone’s most popular song but not his best, this got so much popularity from becoming a meme and a certain line during 21 Savage’s verse when he refers back to his track “No Heart” with the lyrics “They like Savage why you got a 12 car garage and you only got 6 cars”. I definitely love this track and think back to when it was released and just how much love this track had gotten. The thing that I really like about this track is how abrupt 21 Savage comes onto the track because it comes out of nowhere and really catch you off guard which I think is a great way to come on a track. The vocals from Post are nothing new, strong and easy to sing along with which is another aspect as of why this song has almost 2 billion streams on Spotify.

“Over Now”– Now in my opinion this is probably the most passionate and musically intensifying track off of the album because as soon as it starts you get this really nice pattern of guitar chords that play a nice riff then some of the strongest Post Malone vocals on any track in my opinion but the thing that makes it so great is the effect that he uses with his voice to make it shaky and his ability to make music that people can sing to and feel such as this track.

“Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)”– When this was released I didn’t like it either and it never grew on me. Unlike “Zack And Codeine” I see why this is a popular track and a very well liked track, it’s catchy, slow and calming, and has a lovely feature from Ty Dolla $ign, what else could you ask for. This track just never did it for me, I never liked it or appreciated it but that’s me.

“Better Now”– I have a personal connection to this track and for a long time I could not listen to this track because it just brought up terrible memories but over time I found a new appreciation for this track to replace the old ones. This is a very emotional track and really hits you with said emotion through the lyrics primarily but the instrumental does a great job at capturing and enhancing those emotions that Post is emitting through the lyrics. At the end of the track lyrics “I promise, I swear to you I’ll be okay, you’re only the love of my life” always give me chills and genuinely make me want to cry because of the connection I have with this track and also because it’s a series of emotional and relatable lyrics.

“Ball For Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)”- This track definitely has the most obscure production off of the whole album and probably out of his whole discography but it’s such an amazing track in my opinion. The vibe is wonderful and surprised me when I first heard it, it’s hard to talk about this track because the vibe just puts a smile on my face but something I can talk about is Nicki’s verse. Nicki’s verse is really good, I didn’t expect me to like it so much because she has a strong history of corny features but this is really well done, the rapping and singing from her just support this track amazingly. One of my favorite Post Malone tracks definitely.

“Otherside”– I don’t have much memory with this track mainly because it didn’t stand out a lot when I first heard it so I just never revisited this track alone. It’s a nice track but in my opinion it’s just a filler track, it doesn’t support the album a lot and the album could be better off without it. It’s presence it definitely there but doesn’t really compare to the other tracks off of the album.

“Stay”– this is hands-down the best track of the album and I am a firm believer on that statement. The track reminds me of his track off of Stoney “Feeling Whitney” and it’s really only because of that acoustic guitar throughout the entire duration of the track and the really strong and heartfelt vocals over that acoustic guitar, Post Malone just knows how to make simple music good music and has always done that.

“Blame It On Me”– The track starts off pretty ominous with an echoey production style but this only lasts for the first minute and a half probably let me get some energizing production with some strong vocals to support this production. I am personally a fan of the lyrics because they are a little saddening and troublesome when you figure out what the overall meaning is but I love the delivery and the several build up’s of the track.

“Same Bi**hes (feat. G-Eazy & YG)”– this has always been a peculiar track in my opinion because it proves the point that G-Eazy and YG can’t really survive off of anything besides a West Coast influence track. On their own music and on other peoples music they have to have the production sound like something that would be cured up in the West Coast, no post sounds very good on this as he does with everything else but I definitely think he could have survived without the G-Eazy verse or the YG versus for that. I do like the meaning behind the track because it’s really funny in my opinion but the track isn’t bad at all.

“Jonestown (Interlude)”– This Interlude has always gave me an uneasy feeling because it’s named after the mass suicide of Jonestown in 1978. The track has very echoey vocals and a really strange and eerie production style especially towards the end of the track but Post Malone just repeats the same lyrics over and over again so this isn’t anything crazy of an interlude but I definitely love it’s place on the album.

“92 Explorer”– this is by far the most fun track off of the album, the production is so lively and upbeat to the point where you cannot just sit still while this track is playing. It’s my favorite of the album hands down but it’s mainly because of the production in the overall melody that Post Malone has on the track through his vocals. this is just one of those summertime tracks that you can easily sing to and enjoy for what it is.

“Candy Paint”- This track is just like the one above in the sense that it’s easy to seem too and also fun to listen to, I don’t have much memory with this track or a lot of experience with it but whenever it would come on I would listen to it fully because it’s full of good vibes and good melodies.

“Sugar Wraith”– I’ve never really been a fan of this track because almost everything before it is perfect at times but this is probably the worst track of the album which is bad because it’s the last track of the album, I would’ve been perfectly fine with “Candy Paint” being the last track of the album album. The track just seems a little dead compared to all the other ones before it not only in production but also with vocals. Also, the track also sounds a little too generic for my liking, since the last two tracks were fun, lighthearted, and a beat this just feels like an odd crossbreed of those last two tracks.

Out of the three albums that Post Malone has released I would say that this falls between Stoney and Hollywood’s Bleeding, I wouldn’t put it above Stoney because Stoney in my opinion is a classic album because it just came out of nowhere but this album is also great because it gave more depth into Post Malone as an artist with more aggressive sounding tracks, more ominous vibes from Post Malone, and overall more sad emotions. Like I’ve said several times in this review, I love the album and would rate it nothing less than a perfect score if 2-3 of the tracks I didn’t like weren’t on the album but since that’s not the case here I would give it a strong 8/10 or 9/10. Post Malone will forever be an enjoyable artist who makes music that reflects his personality. I am personally excited for new Post Malone music whenever that may be because it’s starting to get time for him to make altercations in the way he makes music or else it’ll start sounding the same. Maybe one day soon I’ll release my review for Stoney also since I wanted to do that too.

Thank you for being here for another Throwback Thursday Post, this post was a special one to make. I am not sure who’s releasing this week but I don’t think there’s many albums releasing worth listening to but definitely keep your eye out for new posts from me by following @tylersmusicthoughts on Instagram and you should definitely follow the blog too. See you all very soon!!!

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