Post #122, August 17, 2020: The Don’t Leave Me Alone Post

An artist by the name of Tancredi Hill reached out to me via Instagram and asked to review his track titled “Don’t Leave Me Alone” which I agreed to, I never turn down an artist. Firstly I like to give some information about the artist for the reader so they feel more comfortable so here’s a little bit about Tancredi Hill.

Tancredi Hill is from Italy but moved to London in 2014 to become an international singer. A handful of years ago someone gifted him a CD by Michael Bubble called “Caught In the Act” which plays a part in the passion to want to become a singer. His main goal at the moment is to reach and inspire as many people as possible all over the world which I think is one of the best things said from an artist. Another goal of his that he mentioned to me is a current goal, last week he reached 10k streaming on Spotify but right now after 2 weeks he reached more than 24k of spotify streams which I think is an amazing feat, on his way to 50k too. Some of his influences include Micheal Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Sigala and Joel Corry. Other influences are all the people that built something from nothing, kind of like Oprah. They are really inspiring to Tancredi and also a reminder that one single person can change the world and also that we can achieve anything in life just by working hard! The question is why should you listen to Tancredi Hill? I asked him this and this was his response “People should listen to my music because I always make sure it’s uplifting, and it has a positive message behind. I also sing, manage and promote myself. I created a small creative team that helps me and I often work 18-19 hours a day to do the job of PR agency, Manager and Artist All by myself!! I strongly feel people respect me so much because of that. I didn’t wait for somebody to offer my a platform for me and my music, I just created it myself. Also, everything I release to the public is 100% coming from me, my real life experience. I have nobody telling me what to do, what to say or how to behave. I’m 100% myself making art that reflect my soul.” This was extremely well said and explained, I love this energy and appreciate when artists go beyond the music to ensure that every aspect of their personal life and musical life is managed properly, amazing.

With all of this out of the way I think it’s time to get into the actual music.

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Tancredi Hill

Let’s start with the sound. The overall sound of the track is a electric infused pop track with some really nice funky kicks and 808s for the majority of the track. The thing that makes this track so catchy in my opinion is the use of the “four on the floor” production pattern, I feel like some of you or all of you is questioning that right now so let me explain, a four on the floor beat is when the bass drum, 808 or kick that is used is in a pattern of 4, this is used a lot in pop and dance music to make things more catchy, if you want a reference go listen to “bad guy” by Billie Eilish, the beat follows this four on the floor rule. I enjoy when music uses this method because it makes the track more enjoyable for the listener and more memorable in my opinion. All in all the production is very nice and supports the lyrics/ vocals very nicely and doesn’t surpass the other elements of the track, it all plays its part equally.

Another thing that I want to talk about is clearly the vocals/ lyrics. I enjoy that the track itself is more relied on the lyrics instead of the actual vocals and the ability of singing, Tancredi does show off his vocal range from time to time on this track but the more important part of the track definitely seems to be surrounded by the lyrics. In the words of Tancredi “this is a self love anthem” which I totally agree with, the lyrics talk about loving ones self and having a past of being with someone who seems to be toxic. The lyrics are very uplifting especially to anyone who deals with any sort of toxicity in a relationship. By the end of the track we get confirmation from Tancredi that he is aware that he needs self love before being able to love others which is a common theme nowadays in music and just in the public eye. I enjoy these reviews because I learn about other persons story and what they’ve been through but through music, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I’m definitely a fan of this track for the production, lyrics, vocals and overall message of the track. We all could use some uplifting energy and this is what the track supplies the listener with, you can go into this track with a clouded mentality but leave the track with a smile on your face while you’re going to replay the song again. The production is addictive and fun to listen to, it’s engaging and gets the listener tapping his or her feet at the start and has them borderline dancing by the end of it, these qualities are something not every artist has so it’s amazing that it’s within Tancredi’s music here. Very well done track and I would love to hear more from Tancredi. He is definitely full of plenty of talent and so much potential so I definitely can’t wait to see more from him in the near future.

Thank you all for coming back to read another recommended post, if you enjoyed this post then go ahead and listen to the actual track itself. Head over to @tylersmusicthoughts on Instagram and follow the page there for more great music review content. See you Thursday for another Throwback Thursday Post. Don’t forget to follow the blog too!!! See you soon!!!

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