Post #119, August 10, 2020: The Top Shotta Post

NLE Choppa is a 16 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee and broke into the mainstream with his hit single “Shotta Flow”. This track blew up very fast and he became very consistent after this release with singles such as “Shotta Flow 2”, “Bird Boy”, “Camelot”, etc. He is definitely one of my favorite new rappers because he brings such a strong presence to any track he is on. I reviewed his Cottonwood EP whenever that released and all I remember is that I wish there was more, well here is that more, Top Shotta is the debut project from NLE Choppa and all I’m really expecting is some high energy, great production and a little versatility. Since it’s a 20 track album there is a strong chance on there being a “grey area” so if there are any tracks that I don’t like or that I feel are too generic to talk about then I’ll skip it. Let’s get into it!

Top Shotta by NLE Choppa

“Daydream”– The Intro track for this album is what I imagined it to be. It’s a track full of high energy and catchy melodies, this isn’t anything new from what I’ve heard from NLE Choppa before but it isn’t terrible. All I could ask for is some of that high energy music he makes with just a little bit of versatility throughout the album but this is definitely a solid opener to the album.

“Double Bacc”– This track here keeps the same momentum that the first track ended with but over a more aggressive and distorted baseline. Again, this isn’t anything new or anything crazy, just the same thing we’ve been getting throughout his short career so far. He switches the flow a little bit on this track but all in all it isn’t the most different track.

“Make Em Say (feat. Mulatto)”– This is the “different” I wanted. This is something I haven’t heard from NLE Choppa ever which is nice, it has a very nice and infectious melody within the chorus. He reveals a more soft side on this track which is more entertaining than what we’ve gotten so far with his music. The production is interesting and suits the two artists very nice. The feature isn’t the best and isn’t something I’ll remember at the end of the album but she does her thing and gives the track some sort of a supporting presence.

“Camelot”– This is definitely one of his best songs he’s ever made. From the flow to the production, every little detail to this track is so important to its success. The track ended up becoming a meme and a popular song on social media apps such as Tik Tok which was another reason behind its success. I personally love this song and still play it very regularly, if you haven’t heard this song then you’ve definitely been living under a rock.

“Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch)”– Another hit by the young Memphis teen. This track virtually took over social media in my opinion. The production has a very nice and melodic guitar based beat which is a big part in why a lot of people enjoy the track. The feature from Roddy Ricch does a lot for this track too because when this track was released “The Box” was still such a huge song so NLE Choppa definitely benefited off of Roddy Ricch’s hype with this track. Just like “Camelot” I still listen to this on a daily basis, it’s just a fantastic track.

“Murda Talk”– I really like what Choppa does with his voice on this track, his voice sounds more mature and more aggressive. I’m not quite sure how to explain it but he sounds more grown up while he raps over this production. The track as a whole isn’t the most impressive thing in the world but it does it’s job and supplies the listener with the right amount of entertainment that a typical track like this should. Overall a decent track.

“Who TF Up in My Trap”– Right off the bat the production is the first thing that caught my attention for the repeated siren sound within the production, it’s rhythmic but annoying at the same time. NLE Choppa does a good job over this sound and makes it so his voice stands out over this obnoxious sound. I love the aggression behind his voice and how the flow is structured because these are strong elements and reason as of why this is up there on the list of tracks I genuinely enjoy off this album.

“Shotta Flow 3”– This track was the 3rd installment of the “Shotta Flow” series that comprises of 4 other songs, 3 of them are on this album. Out of all 5 I definitely think this is my favorite because it seems like his flow NEVER stops, it’s super aggressive and matches the production perfectly with how in your face it is. I love this track and I think it’s placement on the album is amazing, right after brand new tracks but only 3 tracks from the last billboard charting track, it shows new listeners just how much of a hit maker he is.

“Top Shotta Flow”– I don’t necessarily like this track because the flow seems a little lack luster and just boring overall. I don’t feel the same amount of entertainment that I’ve gotten on literally every other track before this one and that’s expected with a 20 track album because there are definitely going to be plenty of tracks that I don’t like, this just so happens to be the first.

“Shotta Flow 4 (feat. Chief Keef)”– Here we have the 4th installment of the “Shotta Flow” series which wasn’t released after 3 and before 5, this was released with the album and I was totally shocked when I saw the Chief Keef feature because I genuinely wanted to see how Keef would do over this production and with Choppa. All I can say is I LOVE THIS! Anything with the title “Shotta Flow” NLE Choppa always gives it his all because he’s built a series of songs that are loved by many people, I’m glad that he got Keef on here because he delivered a really entertaining and overall fantastic feature. Amazing track here.

“Shotta Flow 5”– Once again we have another “Shotta Flow” track. This is the most recent installment in the series and was released prior to the release of the album and keeps the legacy of the “Shotta Flow” tracks alive in my opinion. The production matches the flow from Choppa perfectly and supports the aggression and energy Choppa brings to the track and in my opinion this is probably his most versatile “Shotta Flow” track because he plays with his voice and his flow a little bit on this track which I really like.

“Neighborhood Watch”– The last 3-4 tracks really set the bar super high and almost makes it impossible for any track after “Shotta Flow 5” to be this amazing and different track. That’s the problem here, I don’t hate this track but its just so different from what we’ve gotten from the last 3-4 tracks, in energy, production, lyrics, etc. I would let it play if it came on but it isn’t something I’d voluntarily go back to when I come back to this album in the future and it’s also something I more than likely won’t remember.

“Gamble With My Heart”– This is definitely not the best track by any means but I can definitely agree with this being the most conscious and personal track. Choppa gets in his emotional bag for this track here and gets personal about his love life mainly. It’s something that a lot of people listening can relate to so I definitely appreciate the placement of the track here.

“Molly”– I was going to skip the review for this song but I noticed something about it, the flow on this track is the exact same flow that is used on “Shotta Flow 5” in my opinion, there are specific moments on this track where the flows are 100% identical but they mainly reveal themselves within the verses and not the hook. It’s lazy to use flows over again so this track isn’t something I’d listen to again.

“Narrow Road (feat. Lil Baby)”– It’s smart of Choppa to get Lil Baby on this track since Lil Baby’s name is so big right now and anyone associated with his name will get a little bit of that spotlight too. I enjoy this track but definitely not as much as the other tracks, I think it’s alright. It sounds more like a Lil Baby track rather than an NLE Choppa track which is sad to say but Lil Baby just kills beats like this one.

“Watch Out for the Narcs”– At this point in the album things are starting to sound the same but this track stands out a bit compared to the tracks surrounding it, it has more energy and more of an upbeat tempo. We have definitely entered the grey area of the album which is what I expected from a 20 track album but what are you going to do about it, nothing, just sit and listen and hope it’ll end which is what I’m doing right now.

“Made It Happen”– This track here sounds a little too generic for me to like. I don’t have a lot to say about it since it sounds so generic, I would skip the track but I felt like that should have been said because it was destined for a couple of tracks on the album to sound too generic for me to like.

“Depression”– I absolutely love this track. This is definitely one of the best outro tracks I’ve heard in a while and I stand behind that. I love the stories he tells on this track and it totally sidelines me because this is something I never would have expected to be on this album. You can hear the sincerity behind Choppa’s voice when he raps about this experience with depression and it’s ultimately heartbreaking. I’m glad he put this track on the album and brought some awareness to this cause, perfect closer to this entertaining album.

The songs I skipped were “Can’t Take It” and “Paranoid” because they just sucked in my opinion. The review for “Made It Happen” wasn’t good because it’s just such a generic track. The album as a whole started off really really strong but entered a grey area which means a lot of the tracks start blending in with each other and start sounding the same, this happens in a lot of long albums such as this one because at times it is hard to differentiate between tracks when the album is so long. For a debut album I don’t think it’s bad whatsoever, I actually think it’s pretty good or at least above descent. The energy is what I had expected, the versatility was there and something that I didn’t expect was on the album was frequent which was the emotion conveyed by Choppa, I loved this addition to the album which made me more interested in the music and Choppa as a person. I think a rating of 6/10 is appropriate for this debut. Choppa has plenty of potential and has a lot of talent, I personally can’t wait to see where he will go from this album and how much he’ll grow as an artist from this release. I hope nothing but success for him in the future and I’ll be here for any future releases.

Thank you for being back for another post to start off the week of posting. I have one more for the week that goes up tomorrow and then another Throwback Thursday Post so definitely stay tuned for those two posts. If you enjoyed this review then go ahead and like the post and follow the blog for more reviews. See you soon for more amazing content.

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