Post #118, August 6, 2020: The Thriving Post

Cenza is an artist that reached out to me through Instagram via DM who asked me to review her track titled “Thriving”. Upon listening to it I asked if she wanted a review on my blog to which she agreed and now here we are. I like to ask the artist a few questions so I can put it in my review so the reader can possibly become a fan of the artist I’m reviewing so here is a little information on Cenza. Cenza is an artist out of Red Bank, New Jersey who started her music career being in Musical Theatre back in grade school but her love for music stems back from when she was 7 where she learned to play the piano and just had music everywhere she went around her house. Her main goal for her music is to just perform it and to have as many people touched by it as possible, some of her influences are Cher, Judy Garland, and Lady Gaga which you can make out through the music a bit. No more talking, let’s get into this review.

Thriving by Cenza

First thing first I didn’t expect this song to be what it is. This is a very well done and highly produced record which is something that I’m not necessarily used to when artists reach out to me to listen to their music. At first I heard some hints of Indie that made me feel like it was more of an Indie record but after many many listens I can happily say that I feel this is a strong pop record. The thing that really does it for me with this track is probably the production, what it is about the production is how dramatic and borderline cinematic it sounds because there are several points in the track where there are electric guitar riffs brought out which add a lot of depth and a lot of emotion to the actual music which is what I genuinely love, also in the very beginning and the very end with the phone recordings, it’s the little things in music that I appreciate a lot.

The lyrics from time to time seem a little hard to understand but this is mainly in the chorus but the vocals do have an effect over them but I can do my best to make out a little bit of what she’s saying but all together I feel like the point of this song is what her life is like after a bad break up and how she is genuinely doing much better and “thriving“ after this break up which is something that is important especially to me because self betterment is a super important thing. I also get hints of someone falling for her who she feels like is not on her level which is also important because this tells me that she has high self-confidence and won’t fall for just anybody. I feel like the tracks overall message is one of those two but I’m not totally sure, whatever it is she plays it off as being strong and firm in her beliefs, truly inspirational with the lyricism on this record. I definitely think the track has more than one meaningful aspect to it which is what makes it such a wonderful listening experience.

I am having a hard time trying to compare the vocals to someone for some reference for the reader but I can’t, this isn’t a bad thing at all, as a matter of fact it’s definitely a good thing because it shows individuality and the ability to be unique and having your own sound in a time when having your own sound seems impossible in the music industry but she definitely has some really strong vocals and uses them to convey emotion through the message she’s delivering, amazing aspect to the music. I’m definitely a fan of this track and I can say with confidence that I would listen to this on a regular basis and I plan on it because it’s a really strong, professional and very well done track and I genuinely don’t have any negative things to say about it.

I highly recommend this track to anyone who enjoys real music and a professional sound. I was shocked by how well done this track was from the production all the way to the song writing, I plan on keeping my eye out for any future projects because I am definitely interested and hope she has nothing less than a long and illustrious career.

Thank you for being here for this recommended post, I haven’t done one of these in a while so it was definitely fun to make. If you make music or know someone that does and wants some sort of platform for it to be exposed then send them over to this blog or better yet my Instagram @tylersmusicthoughtsand I recommend you do it fast because I plan on making some changes to the recommended posts I do to make it more of a “business”. Stay tuned for more recommend posts and just posts in general, don’t forget to like, follow and comment for more content. See you soon!!!

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