Post #117, August 4, 2020: The Blame It On Baby (Deluxe) Post

4 months ago the Charlotte, North Carolina MC released his album titled BLAME IT ON BABY which I did a review on, the review ended with a 4/10 rating which is pretty bad for DaBaby since I’m a really big fan of his music. The biggest thing for me with that album was how different he tried to sound, it didn’t feel natural in my opinion. Yesterday he released the Deluxe version of the album which I’m hoping brings more life to the original album with some higher energy and content filled tracks. The cover art is my favorite out of all of his other cover arts, the main reason is the use of the color orange, it’s serious, eye opening, attention grabbing and out there, great color scheme for the cover. My expectations are mainly set around the tracks being full of more substance than the original version, what I want to hear is just some classic DaBaby hooks, flow patterns and production styles and not something completely different. Let’s get started on this review.

Blame It On Baby (Deluxe) by DaBaby

“BILLBOARD BABY”– This track here starts off the deluxe albums really nicely. In my opinion this sounds like “Pony” from his Baby On Baby project, there is just something about the simple guitar strums behind the production that remind me of it. I really enjoy the flow DaBaby chose on this track because it isn’t anything different from what we’re used to but it also isn’t the most unique, it’s at a good neutral compared to all the flows he has used. It’s a really quick intro but supplies the proper amount of energy for the intro to a deluxe album in my opinion.

“PRACTICE”– For the second track we get another fairly short track that comes in just past 2 minutes in length but that doesn’t matter to me since it’s jam packed with a strong flow and entertaining beat. The thing that I enjoy about the production is the sonar effect in the background, what I mean by that is that there is a sound that sounds like those sonars on submarines, it has a nice rhythm although it’s such a simple sound. So far I’m enjoying this more than the original version so I definitely hope this energy maintains consistent until the last track of the deluxe.

“PEEP HOLE”– This track was released two days ago I believe and was actually teased three days ago so this is definitely a song that’s been rushed to get into the hands of the public. I enjoy the subtle chants in the background because these choir chants mixed with Baby’s unique flow on this track makes this song one of his most different in my opinion. I don’t mind when Baby switches things up but sometimes it feels forced but that isn’t the case here because everything sounds very natural.

“BLIND (feat. Young Thug)”– This is a collaboration that I wouldn’t mind passing on in the future. Young Thug and DaBaby isn’t something that I personally thought of or even wanted since they have such different music styles and personalities. The production is decent but the performances from both of them doesn’t stand out like how I feel like it should, I actually don’t mind Young Thug but in my opinion it feels more like a Thug track than a Baby track which isn’t good.

“NO DRIBBLE (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas)”– This was also released before the deluxe album and when it was released there was a lot of talk of a Baby and Stunna collaboration tape which got me thinking, I wouldn’t mind this honestly because they typically do really good with each other but I would rather see Stunna shine on his own without DaBaby but since his Rich Youngin release earlier this year I find that it’s hard for him to succeed on his own. The track has a good energy and some good flows from both artists even though Stunna’s is recycled, I still enjoy it and find myself head bopping a lot to it.

“GO”- This track really made me realize just how much I love it when DaBaby starts off the track rapping, no time for production because he’s already rapping before the track starts. The production on this track is produced by DJ Kid who is DaBaby’s personal DJ and it’s definitely one of the most odd and unique beats that he’s ever rapped on, it does remind me of something Lil Yachty or Playboi Carti would rap over which would probably go under the bubble gum rap category but the lyrics definitely don’t sound like anything in that category since they are really aggressive and fast paced and about some of the typical subject points that DaBaby likes to rap about. By the way his flow goes all over the place, one of those instances where it feels natural and not forced, amazing.

“TROUBLE”– I appreciate this track for one reason and it’s for the lyrics. I like the story he tells about being unfaithful but from the perspective of him and from the guy who’s being cheated on. It’s definitely not a unique subject matter but the way he raps and tells the story makes it unique. Other than this I really don’t like the track mainly for the production since it doesn’t really grab my attention.

“CALL IT EVEN”– Here’s another track that I’m personally not feeling, I’m not sure what it is that I don’t like maybe the generic sound? Maybe the placement of the track since it’s between two bad tracks? I’m not sure but if it came on shuffle I definitely wouldn’t let it play but that’s my opinion.

“TLC (feat. Gunna)”– Again…another collaboration that I really didn’t want to hear. The same thing goes for this track like the Young Thug feature, Baby and Gunna have such different styles of music so it’s just odd hearing them two rapping together on the same track. I get how it makes sense for the stats and the streams but for the music it just isn’t good whatsoever.

“GO FIRST (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas & Rich Dunk)”– Now this is good…this is what I’ve been waiting for. First thing first the production isn’t this crazy and elaborate thing, just some 808s, claps, hi-hats, etc. Just a typical trap beat but the thing that makes me love the track is the collaboration between the three Billion Dollar Baby artists. I love how they each go in and out and give each other turns for rapping, it’s just amazing to see how they share the spotlight especially Rich Dunk who I’ve been paying a little bit of attention to for the last few months, I love how he’s on DaBaby’s deluxe album because I wish to see more from him.

I think I can say I enjoy the deluxe more than the original although the original is 14 tracks and the deluxe is 10 tracks I just find more enjoyment with the 6-7 track I like off the deluxe. One thing that I thought of during this review was the thought of a Billion Dollar Baby collaboration album with all their artists since I loved the tracks with Stunna 4 Vegas and Rich Dunk, for those who don’t know Billion Dollar Baby is DaBaby’s record label I believe and he has a few artists signed to him. Back to the album, I rated the original album a 4/10 a few months ago but I’m happy to say that the deluxe album ended with a final rating of 7/10 because I can see myself coming back just for the deluxe version. DaBaby felt more natural with his flow pattern, he showed out of some of the track especially “GO”, the production was daring and different, the producer tags were perfectly timed to invoke high energy to the listener, etc. I really enjoyed this deluxe and it may be my favorite deluxe album that’s been released all 2020.

Thank you for being here again for another review. I’m glad I got this review out just a day after it came out, I normally don’t do this because I like to let a few days pass so I get more listening time and my thoughts finalized but since it’s only 10 tracks and DaBaby who I’m a big fan of I felt that it would be just fine. Come back tomorrow for my weekly Throwback Thursday Post, I didn’t post last week because I had a lot of personal things I had to go through but I’m back to it. Tomorrow’s post is a special one to me so I’m excited to post it. SEE YOU SOON!!! FOLLOW THE BLOG!!!

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