Post #116, August 3, 2020: The TOXIC BOOGALOO Post

City Morgue is a duo/trio that comprises of artists ZillaKami and SosMula who are both from New York and a producer named Thraxx who is also from New York and has quite a few production credits on this tape along with Powers Pleasant who has worked with ZillaKami in the past. I came across them in 2018 through Denzel Curry’s album TA13OO but it was just ZillaKami at the time. My introduction to City Morgue was odd because I was genuinely listening to something I’ve never heard before and I was also watching things that I’ve never seen before through their dark and violent music videos but there was something I loved about it. Ever since I listened to my first City Morgue song I haven’t stopped, I’ve came back to every release and I’ve payed close attention to them as a group because they are so raw and authentic, their Rock and Rap fusion is full of emotion and energy which are two aspects of music that I love and look out for when initially listening to new music. This project happens to be just a mixtape, a little something before their major release so with that being said I won’t judge it too hard since it wasn’t made with a lot of seriousness, also, ZillaKami posted on social media that some of these songs were just made to have fun and that the serious music is being saved for the album. With the name TOXIC BOOGALOO I’m expecting nothing less then raw, unfiltered and violent lyrics and production. I’m definitely ready so let’s get into it.


“THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE”– This opening track brings that aggression and energy that I was hoping for. I personally am a huge fan of ZillaKami’s voice, it’s so deep, aggressive, raspy and full of hate, it’s amazing. The track as a whole isn’t anything crazy but it just supplies me with that typical City Morgue aggression that I’ve been anticipating.

“HURTWORLD ‘99”– This track was released prior to the release of the album so I got the chance to listen to it before the album and I absolutely love it. The chorus is really engaging with ZillaKami spelling out “H U R T” and makes the listener want to go along with the song. I love how aggressive and enticing the instrumental is with the mix of the guitar and distortion or the bass line.

“YELLOW PISS”– Here we have the first solo track and it’s just going to be ZillaKami on here. I’ve always been such a huge fan of ZillaKami because there is just something about his voice, he has the perfect screaming voice because it has the perfect amount of raspiness in my opinion. The track here begins with some really nice electric guitar chords but then all of a sudden gets engulfed in an extremely distorted baseline. I’m mainly focusing on the production, the voice, energy, and a little bit of the lyrics and I can definitely say that this track holds all of those to a high standard.

“BUAKAW”– This track starts off with a really intense series of electric guitar chords that really set the track up for energetic success. I’ve always appreciated the perfect merge of rap and metal that City Morgue manger to perfect. As far as the content goes we don’t have anything new, same lyrics about fighting and the street life, crazy aggressive production and more.

“YAKUZA”– Here we have the first solo track from SosMula off the album and when I first listened to it I really did enjoy it, I still don’t really like it and this is probably my 10th listen. SosMula has sounded the same on all three of their mainstream projects in my opinion and has yet changed anything major about the way he raps. The track here consists a lot around him saying “skrt” which gets annoying after about 30-45 seconds in. I was hoping to hear more from SosMula on his solo track but I didn’t, hopefully later on in the project.

“CRANK”– This track seems a little less intense compared to the others but more dark. It starts off with some sort of weird ambience that’s really mind bending in my opinion because it leaves the listener unsure as of where it’s going to go. ZillaKami starts off the track with a quick and intense verse then goes into the hook where he carries an above decent flow throughout it. SosMula delivers a quick verse also that isn’t anything crazy, just there for energy really. I enjoy the low key aspect this track has but it definitely doesn’t stand out in any major way.

“YOU CAN SMD”– This is another solo track from ZillaKami and it’s…different. Here we have ZillaKami expressing a new voice that sounds really good, it’s sort of like a soft spoken screaming voice, that’s the best I can explain it. The lyrics in the track are very different, the hook consists of him talking about…well…just read the title, if you’re so interested then you should listen for yourself. Moving on from the lyrics, I really enjoy the production, Powers Pleasant has a big mark on this project and of course this track here, I like how the best cuts in and out during the hook because it just amplifies the overall energy and I also love the choice of guitar mixed with 808s, very nice.

“ALL KILLER NO FILLER”– The first thing that came to mind during this track was that the production doesn’t seem as abrasive compared to the other tracks here but the vocals are more amplified and more of an attention grabber which I enjoy a lot because I like hearing ZillaKami’s voice since it’s such a unique aspect of the music they make. This track, like the rest of the project has a really short run time so there isn’t much I can talk about but one thing I can add is their ability to jam pack so much energy into a short track, they’ve always been able to do this which is why I am such a huge fan.

“SUPER SOAKA”– This is the next solo track from SosMula and again, I’m not a fan. Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the rapping from SosMula, ZillaKami does the screaming and the actual vocal work but SosMula does the rapping. The thing that makes me not like this track is the production, I just don’t like the weird echo sound effect throughout the background of the track, I just think it ruins things.

“PROSTHETIC LEGS”– Here we have the last track of TOXIC BOOGALOO and it isn’t anything new or different in my opinion, although, ZillaKami does use a different type of flow and voice that I’ve never heard from him, the best way I can explain it is basically just him rapping with a normal voice compared to his typical screaming and aggressive tone of voice. Other than this the track isn’t anything crazy in my opinion, the project starts and ends the same, with high and unfiltered energy.

TOXIC BOOGALOO is just a tape before a major release so that’s what I’ve been keeping in mind throughout the duration of the project. Their first project was very aggressive and opened many doors in their career but the production wasn’t that high in quality. Their second project seemed to top their last in energy because it seemed like they had gotten far more experimental with not only the energy but the lyrics, the emotion, the production, etc. I loved their second project and I still go back to it after almost a year of it being released. This project here is probably their most aggressive, energetic, unfiltered and punk/rock/metal fused. I would rate this project a solid 6/10 for a few reasons, although I think highly about the energy and aggression I think the actual song writing and structure is jumbled just a bit. Overall it seems a bit rushed and unfinished, I think anything after the 4th track just seems recycled and a little boring compared to the first 4 and other tracks off their other projects. ZillaKami is always a highlight on their projects and continues that streak on here, I’ve always felt that he would do just fine on his own but SosMula does support the City Morgue image and brings his own contribution to the table, I’m just waiting for his to try new things with his sound and rapping style. This little tape from City Morgue wasn’t terrible but didn’t really meet my expectations entirely but it does make me excited for more music from them which I hope is coming soon.

Thank you for being here for the second post for the week. I’m waiting on another full length album from City Morgue since they are one of my favorite duos/ groups in music. I’ll be here for when they do release but up until then keep coming back for posts about other artists because I’m constantly posting. If you’re a fan of music then go ahead and follow the page and share the page with someone else who loves music. See you soon for more reviews.

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