Post #115, August 2, 2020: The What Could Possibly Go Wrong Post

I first got put on to Dominic Fike last year through Kevin Abstracts ARIZONA BABY project with a few Dominic Fike features. His style and mixture of rapping and alternative music seemed really interesting to me so I decided to check out his own work with his Don’t Forget About Me, Demos and his hit song “3 Nights”. I really enjoyed his style and gained an appreciation for his music and his persona because like I said before, it was interesting. I’ve been paying attention to his single releases or his collaborations with bigger artists such as Halsey, Kevin Abstract, BROCKHAMPTON, Kenny Beats, etc. and I’ve been tuning in there while getting ready for a full debut project from the Naples, Florida native and here we are finally with that full debut project. I’m excited to see what he has in store. My expectations revolve around the sound, I’m hoping to hear some really laid back guitar chords, beach influenced tracks, and some really smooth vocals. Let’s get into this review.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong by Dominic Fike

“Come here”– At first I really didn’t like this track, the vocal effect on it makes it sound very clouded and distorted which is an effect that I’m not typically used to. After my 5th listen I started getting used to the track and the instrumental, the use of the electric guitar is something special and I really enjoy it. The indie sound this has is unique although it’s a mainstream release. Overall decent opener to this album.

“Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)”– The thing about this track that I personally enjoy is the upbeat tempo that fluctuates throughout the track. I really like the little influence of punk that this track has through the instrumentation, Dominic Fike is influenced by quite a bit of different genres and it’s very apparent through his music especially this track. Very nice track.

“Cancel Me”– Lyrically, this is probably the best track off the entire project in my opinion. On this track he is talking about the positives of people being canceled through social media, he mentions that he’ll finally be able to see his family and also taking off the mask he wears for his fans. It’s a really humbling track and gives a different perspective to canceling someone. I also enjoy the little bit of rapping he does on this track, I would call what he does on this track rapping because he is coming up with different rhyme schemes in a fast and poetic manner, definitely a highlight for the album.

“10x Stronger”– Here we have a track this is basically an instrumental, more of an interlude in my opinion. I personally love this track because it’s just gorgeous, the vocals from Dominic are really soft and harmonious and the background instrumentation is on par with the vocals. It’s a really soothing and relaxing track that seems like a breathe of fresh air.

“Good Game”– This is a track that I has a really unique structure to it in my opinion. I feel this way because it has a level of ambience not only with the vocals but with the guitar used in the production, this is definitely not a bad thing, as a matter of fact I enjoy it but it was just an unexpected element to the music he makes. The lyrics are also really interesting because it seems like he’s talking from the point of view of family member sir friends back in his home town of Naples, Florida. I think it’s a really easy going and laid back track, definitely have beach time vibes to the music and message.

“Why”– This track here has that same sound and vibe that we’ve been getting so far in the album, a really laid back and high in tempo track. It doesn’t necessarily stand out in any major way but what I love is the ambience at the end of the track, we’re getting more and more ambience which I genuinely enjoy.

“Chicken Tenders”- This is a track that I didn’t expect, what I didn’t expect was the pitch effect in his voice. I really enjoy when artists alter their voice to make it sound completely different because it adds another layer to the music that makes it just beautiful and that’s definitely what’s going on here. The tracks title is really funny, childish and unique but the music backs it up in a professional way, definitely a great track

“What’s For Dinner?”– This track has relatively the same effect that the same track has with the vocals. The vocals here are really foggy and have a very clouded effect to them which makes it hard to hear and understand at times. I love the production and the usage of the guitar, it’s really jazzy and low key in my opinion.

“Vampire”– Here we have probably my favorite track off the whole album. I absolutely love the melody from Dominic over the hook blended with the production, his notes go toe to toe with the notes from the instruments within the production. I adore this track and love every element behind the structure of the track.

“Superstar Sh*t”– Now at first I thought this track had an unlisted feature but once again we have Dominic’s voice pitched up to make it sound borderline feminine in a way. I absolutely love the different pitches he sings at with this effect in place over his voice, it definitely makes this track a standout track in my opinion for its individuality and uniqueness.

“Politics & Violence”– The thing about this album that I’m enjoying a lot are the effects placed over his vocals. I genuinely love the faint screams in the back throughout the track because it adds a level of ambience to the track and also makes things sound a little haunting. There is a beat change around the halfway point of the track where the tempo drops but the lyrics increase as well as the speed in the lyrics to where it becomes borderline rapping. Dominic does a lot on this track and really shows off his singing skills and his rapping skills, not many artists can do this especially like how Dominic does it.

“Joey Blazey”– Once again, the effects placed on the vocals in the very beginning make it seem like it’s a whole different person but I’m more than sure it’s Dominic. He is an artist that is just flooded with talent. This track here is really calming and laid back like the majority of the tracks before this one which still sounds really good even this far into the album. We take a left turn around the halfway point again where the atmosphere of the track gets a little dark and gritty, especially the vocals.

“Wurli”– I remember during my first listen of the album feeling like I was being teleported whenever this track came on and I still feel this way during my 5th or 6th listen. I absolutely love how the track sounds, it’s hard to explain the tracks sound without mentioning what I’ve mentioned all throughout the review like the laid back, beach vibe, ambience, harmonious style, etc. This track has basically a little of everything that was experienced within the album. It ends off with some really great vocals constantly going in and out as well as a siren sound that intensifies up until the end of the track, just gorgeous.

“Florida”– Here ends the album, this Kenny Beats produces track concludes the debut album from Dominic Fike. Kenny Beats and Dominic Fike have collaborated in the past before so it’s definitely really nice to see them work again on his debut. This track is probably on of the more low key tracks amongst the rest and definitely gives me Partynextdoor vibes. It’s a really nice closer to the album

I personally feel a little shocked with how well this album was. I loved all of the different effects that were placed over the vocals and also the different candy and affects placed on the production to make it sound more empty in a way. I’ve been paying attention to Dominic Fike for quite some time and from what I experienced before didn’t really set me up for something to this level but hey I’m not complaining. I would honestly give this album a solid 9 out of 10 and I’m very confident with this rating for obvious reasons. I am really excited to see what he has in store as far as music goes because he is still so very young but jam packed full with a intense amount of talent.

Thank you for being here for one of this weeks reviews. This was a really fun one to make and I’m definitely excited to hear more from Dominic Fike and I’m also excited to upload the rest of this weeks reviews. Come back tomorrow for another review and don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more content.

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