Post #114, July 24, 2020: The Happiness in Liquid Form Post

Now I have absolutely no idea who Alfie Templeman is but while I was searching for new music to listen to last week I stumbled across this, this bright, tripped out, fish eye lens cover art which caught my attention and stood out from all the other albums around it. I’m not too entirely sure what to expect but based on the cover art I can assume that this music will be psychedelic based and full of really good and positive vibes, let’s see if I’m right with my prediction.

Happiness in Liquid Form by Alfie Templeman

“Happiness in Liquid Form”– As soon as the track starts it reminds me of the beach for some reason, probably the choice of guitar and various instruments but when Alfie stops singing after he performs the chorus we get a really nice instrumental of synths, guitars, percussion, etc. but all in a up beat and fun pattern. I really enjoy this track for the good and laid back vibes it gives me and I’m sure this is what we’ll get for the rest of the project.

“Things I Thought We’re Mine”– Now I’m not sure what this instrument is on this track but it definitely resembles a xylophone but with plenty of effects on it but the thing that gets me is the tempo and the 808 pattern, it’s very on par with everything else and repetitive throughout the track. The vocals from Alfie seem a little bit shadowed by the production but they’re still good for what they are although it is hard to understand him from time to time.

“Maybe This Is Time”– I genuinely love this track because of how smooth it is, the build up is dramatic and precise. The choice of guitar is genius and how it matches the vocal patterns of Alfie during the chorus. I’m also a big fan of the effects put on Alfie’s vocals, it makes the whole track this drugged out and clouded experience which is to die for. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks so far on the project for obvious reasons, it’s just so smooth and relaxing which is great because I’ve been enjoying more and more music that’s easy on the ears and that soothe me.

“Obvious Guy”– I absolutely adore the instrumentation on this track, it’s definitely the most colorful and active amongst the other tracks but the thing that I’m trying to understand are the lyrics and what he means by “I don’t want to be an obvious guys”. From the sound of it he is with someone who clearly makes him feel not himself and he’s tired of it and wants out of this feelingless relationship. It’s a deep message over a bright and upbeat production style so it could totally give the listener mixed messages but I love it and got the message after a few listens.

“Wish I Was Younger”– I’m not the biggest fan of this track, it’s a good track but not as good as everything before it in my opinion. I really enjoy the production but it seems a little too fast paced for me which throws me off a bit and the lyrics are hard to listen to for two reasons, the production is too loud and overshadows the lyrics and also the lyrics have an effect on them which make them sound cloudy to me. Not the best track on the project but it’s alright.

“My Best Friend”– This track has one of the most uninteresting styles off the whole project. What I mean by that is that there isn’t a lot going on, it sounds a little darker and not as colorful as the other tracks but one thing I enjoy about the track is the back and forth between Alfie and the feature with their melodic performances, very cryptic and hypnotic. This is a smooth and soft outro that comes to an abrupt end, it’s a little too short for my liking but that’s what we’ve gotten from all the tracks thus far. Not the worst but also not the best, I enjoy it for what it is.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and was shocked by it. I genuinely feel like the cover art portrays the music perfectly in the sense that that majority of it has this upbeat, vibrant, tripped out sound to the production and vocals. I see this project being played at beach and pool parties for how laid back and carefree it sounds. I love Alfie’s style and I plan on keeping my eye out for future releases because this was definitely a fun and relaxing break from what I’m normally used to reviewing. I think a 7/10 is appropriate, possibly an 8 but I’d need more time with the project.

Thank you for being here for these reviews, this was a long week that stretched from Monday to Friday but it was a lot of fun creating the posts and sharing them with you all. Don’t forget to follow follow follow because we’re almost at 50 followers which is a milestone for me. See you all soon for another post.

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