Post #113, July 22, 2020: The Minor Post

Every week when Friday comes I do one of two things, one being beginning my listening of the albums I had planned out to listen to and review then the second one is search for other new releases so I can get a chance to listen to someone new. This is one of this instances, I was searching for any new music since there weren’t many releases this week and I cane across this EP from this artist Gracie Abrams, one other thing I like to do is base what new music I’ll listen to off of how much I like the cover art because the cover art plays a big part in the music in my opinion and the cover art here is very minimal and simplistic but that’s why I enjoy it. I have no idea what to expect so let’s get into it and see if I made a good decision.

minor by Gracie Abrams

“Friend”– First thing first I just found that this was released last week so I am fairly late but that doesn’t matter here, anyways, the first thing that really caught my attention here was the catchy chorus, the way she sings the chorus is really eye opening and ear opening. Her singing style is really unique in my opinion and sounds very relaxing, she makes her voice shake like how Post Malone does which adds a lot of depth on this track. I really think that this is a strong opening track and gives me a good idea as of what type of music Gracie makes. The songwriting skills and the acoustic guitar on this track impress me also and adds more of the emotion that Gracie is channeling to the track as a whole, amazing opener.

“21”– I really enjoy the little story this song tells, it’s obviously about a couple who is having some sort of issues in their relationship but this track is more about how Gracie is dealing with her significant other. Her vocals add a lot of emotion which makes me, the listener, feel her pain through the lyrics. I had expected her to sing over mainly guitars so hearing soft 808s and percussion makes me love it even more because everything here matches in the sense that it’s so smooth and flows like water, very well done.

“Under/Over”– Gracie has probably one of the most musically satisfying melodies I’ve heard in a while on this track, the melody during these lines “I got, you got, we got too much time on our hands, Used to be so caught up in the things we had planned, I’m not chasing feelings that I don’t understand” is just perfect, her voice goes from a standard tone to a higher pitch tone of voice which I think is just purely beautiful and all of this doesn’t include the wonderful songwriting on this track. So far in this project I am very impressed that I decided to listen to this artist.

“tehe”– The song as a whole didn’t really do a lot for me but I’m okay with giving it a pass because while I was listening to it I was just reading the lyrics and noticed that this track is about a toxic relationship, the lyrics she sings point in that direction in my opinion. Her vocals are very off putting to what she sings about and what I mean by that is she has such a soft and innocent singing voice but the things that she sings about can be concerning a bit.

“I miss you, I’m sorry”– This is another track that has such strong lyrics about an old relationship that she seems to still hold on to. This track is just amazing, I can’t really say much besides that. The lyrics are just amazing and make me think that she is reminiscing about the person she was with but not necessarily the relationship because the relationship clearly seems abusive and toxic, she seems to miss being with someone but not as much as the actual relationship. All I can say is wow…the track gave me goosebumps because I feel some relation with this track, just wow.

“Long Sleeves”– Here we are with another shocking track. The lyrics on this track are unexplainable, they are just too impactful and perfect but I’ll do my best. The one thing that she sings that caught my attention was “If you hear me leaving in the morning could you please pretend that it was only wind”, this caught my attention for obvious reasons, it just sounds that she’s singing this from a place of pain and regret. I absolutely love how she backs up these stories with the perfect amount of emotion to make everything more alive.

“minor”– The ending track is the title track and ends on a really good note. The chorus of the track is probably one of my favorite off of the entire project because I really enjoy how she breaks down minor as M I N O R and explains why she can’t see the person she loves. I think she ends this project on an amazing note and sends it off the same way she started it. I wish I was longer because I found that I got too attached to her voice and her stories but I plan on tuning in again.

If I could explain this listening experience with one word that word would be “empathic”. It would be this because I feel a lot of personal connections with her songs, her stories, her lyrics. Gracie Abrams May not have the strongest voice but she definitely knows how to use her voice to invoke emotion to the listener, her voice is very soft, soothing, wholesome, and she uses this to her advantage on all these tracks. The production is something I didn’t talk a lot about on this review and I didn’t talk about it a lot because it didn’t stand out a lot to me, I feel that she made it so it supports her and doesn’t overshadow her story and voice, that’s what I heard at least. I’d feel bad if I were to rate this anything other than a 9 or a perfect 10 so that’s what the score will be, either one of those. I’m really pleased with her performance on these tracks and I’ll definitely tune back into Gracie Abrams.

Thank you for being here for another post. Me liking this project was really unexpected and shocked me a lot because like I said in the beginning of the review I didn’t expect anything but this ended up being one of the better listening experiences of the year. I have one more review going up on Friday about another artist I never heard of before so hopefully I get the same results. As always, thank you for being here and if you haven’t followed the blog then go ahead and do so RIGHT NOW and share it with another music lover!!! See you tomorrow for another Throwback Thursday Post, it’s going to be special.

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