Post #112, July 21, 2020: The Light Pack Post

It’s been about 3 years since we’ve gotten any new Joey Bada$$ Music and although this is just a small pack that contains 3 singles I still value it and chose to review it since Joey is one of the forefront leaders of his generation in my opinion. When I got word that he was releasing a few singles I got pretty excited because I would classify myself as a Joey Bada$$ fan, he knows how to use his talent to push social issues to the public eye through the music he makes. I’m excited to see what’s new from Joey and what’s to expect for a soon to come album.

The Light Pack by Joey Bada$$

“The Light”– Off rip we get nothing but bars from Joey so that aspect of his music didn’t change a bit, he starts off the track by talking about his absence in the rap game but quickly comes back with lyrics about how his presence now is basically needed and how he “found his mojo”. He raps “This is mumble rap extermination, This is godly interpellation, This is that “Who ya top 5?” conversation” and these few lines really gave me that “stink” face because the bars are juts so realistic and hard. Joey really makes a good entrance with this track here, it is a little short for my liking but besides this I can not complain one bit.

“No Explanation”– This track has Pusha T as a listed collaborator so I was definitely excited to see where this was going to go since I also haven’t heard a lot of Pusha T since his DAYTONA release a couple years ago. Starting the track off I didn’t hear much that was worth writing down until Joey said this… “I’m already on my seven figure, But I got other things on my mind that’s much bigger, Like being a voice to this voiceless generation”. This caught my attention within a second after hearing it because I don’t hear enough of it in music. Joey has always been one for the community and one to better the generation so hearing this put a smile on my face because it shows that he reached his goal to make as much money as he could for now so not it’s time to make other goals and to reach those high goals, amazing lyricism. Pusha T delivers an outstanding verse on this track but sadly nothing he rapped stood out to me, maybe a lot of it went over my head. I’m really pleased to hear Joey like this, he seems overly confident and has an attitude that resembles someone thinking they are the king of the world, absolutely amazing track.

“Shine”– The first thing that caught my attention was the sample used, the “my life my life my life my life in the sunshine” sounded very familiar to me and after researching it I found out that the sample is from the song “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Roy Ayers Ubiquity from the 70s. Great use of the sample here because the way Joey uses it makes me think about the summer time and being around family, a really soothing and calming instrumental. Again, there isn’t one specific line or series of lines that stick out but the whole second verse is something that I recommend everyone listen to because it’s just a crazy bundle of fantastic lyrics and out of this world word play. Joey seems to be goal oriented on money and making as much money as he possibly can not only through the music he makes but through other opportunities such as property which he mentions on this track. This is Rap, this is beautiful.

I’m really glad I got the chance and took the time to really listen to these three new tracks from Joey. They are jam packed full of meaningful lyrics and hard bars, if this is the type of energy Joey is projecting towards his music then I am super excited to hear more of this on an album. Pusha T made a strong entrance although nothing stood out I still appreciated the quick bars he provided to me on the second track. This was a quick review, just a little something that I wanted to do real quick but since this is real Rap I tried to jam pack it full with as much content as I could give you. Whenever I do shorter projects or packs like this I like to make the most of it but luckily this was about Joey Bada$$, the content within the music is full to the brim so that means the review will be longer because there is much more to talk about. Like I said before, I can’t wait for a full length project from Joey because these three tracks put me in such a great mood and also made me eager to get more Joey Bada$$ music, see you when we get a full project.

Thank you for being here with me during these troubling times. This is a place where you can come to do a few things, let go, relax, read then listen to some good music and forget about all the negativity going on in our country. If you want more of these posts then go ahead and follow the blog and follow the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts. See you tomorrow for another post on an artist I’ve never heard of.

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