Post #111, July 20, 2020: The Ugly Is Beautiful Post

Oliver Tree is an artist that I always saw as a meme and a troll but so I didn’t take his music serious some if his first singles released but after the 5th or 6th single that he released I found myself enjoying it and the oddball persona he portrays. I was aware of this album but not the release until I stumbled across it while I was looking for new music to review for this week. Every Friday I have an album or a few albums that I am expecting to drop but sometimes nothing major releases so I just go hunting for new music, this is one of those situations. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far from Oliver Tree so I’m definitely ready to see what else he has to bring to the table as a new artist.

Ugly Is Beautiful by Oliver Tree

“Me, Myself & I”– Oliver Tree brings a really nice alternative rock sound to the table not only to track but in all the other tracks he has released prior to this album. This track is about him being an outcast and his view on what it’s like being an outcast, he seems to have no problem with it which shows me that others perceptions on him don’t matter. I really find this track as being a strong opener that sets the album up for success.

“1993 (feat. Little Ricky ZR3)”– The first thing that grabs my attention here is the production because it’s something that I didn’t expect. The vocals have a nice distortion effect added to them which adds an element of aggression to the track, definitely nothing I’ve heard from Oliver before but I definitely enjoy the tempo and rhythm of the production.

“Cash Machine”– I feel like people listen to his voice and the production more than the lyrics and I feel this way because he really amplifies his voice to make him sound louder and more clear which is an aspect of his music I enjoy, we get it on this track and several more. I get the lyrics and how they tie into the title of the track, fairly clever and meaningful.

“Let Me Down”– This is one of the tracks that was released as a single before the release of this album and this is another track where he amplifies his vocals to make them stronger and more clear. I really enjoy the guitar work on this track, it adds a lot of substance and structure so I definitely can’t complain about it. This is a good example of a alternative rock track done right in my opinion.

“Miracle Man”– This is probably one of his most popular tracks out and definitely my favorite track of his. I absolutely love his vocals, like I’ve said for the last two tracks they are super strong and articulate, I can understand everything he is saying as clear as day. The production is catchy and has the most perfect tempo so I’d definitely call this my favorite track off the album.

“Bury Me Alive”– This is definitely one of the most odd and different tracks I’ve heard in a while. The best thing I can compare this to is 90s rap, I would totally call this a rap song. His flow and rhythmic pattern on this track resembles something from the 90s and so does the beat during the actual rapping part. I think this track definitely stands out but I’m not sure if it’s in a good way, I would need several different listens in order for me to make a definite decision on how I feel about it.

“Alien Boy”– I really enjoy the lyrics on this track, his singing seems to get in the way a little bit on the other tracks but it isn’t as eccentric on this track as the others. The production is also a little toned down in tempo, it’s a really calming and galactic type of beat which I absolutely adore but that would make sense due to the title. His vocals become very soft and relaxing towards the very end which I absolutely love and appreciate to the absolute max, amazing track.

“Joke’s On You!”– This is definitely a left turn from the previous track, we get a track that is much more aggressive and filled with a little bit of resentment in my opinion. The production mixed with the serious vocals from Oliver create a story for the listener which I appreciate a lot, so far this album has been a musical rollercoaster.

“Again & Again”– All throughout the duration of this album I’ve gotten strong feelings and vibes of Green Day, I’m not sure if it’s the pronunciation from Oliver than reminds me of Billie Joe Armstrong but I get a lot of Green Day vibes especially on this track here, the instrumentals play a big part in this opinion of mine as well. This is definitely an alright track, it isn’t the best but I definitely found myself nodding my head to the beat and the chorus.

“Waste My Time”– This is an alright track In my opinion but there are several things that I don’t like about it but the main reason would be the beginning vocals, they are just too different to the point where it just sounds weird so I’m not a big fan. I keep bad thoughts about the track up until the last minute when the vocals are layered and amplified so multiple recordings are in unison and also an absolutely killer guitar solo, terrible start but lovely ending.

“Jerk”– It is crazy how much the guitar in this track reminds me of Nirvana, I’m not sure why but I just get a lot of Nirvana vibes from the guitar within the production of the track from beginning to end. I really enjoy this track for a few reasons, the guitar being one and then also the vocals but that isn’t anything new. The rock presence within the track is more dominant than any other track here which I really enjoy because so far we’ve gotten a lot of different things which shows me just how versatile Oliver Tree is as an artist.

“Hurt”– This was another single released before the release of the album and I definitely got a lot of listening time out of this track. I think it’s fantastic and entertaining but besides this I don’t have anything crazy to talk about since it isn’t my first time listening to it but the music video is funny, crazy but funny.

“Introspective”– As much as he doesn’t look like a serious musician with his appearance he really plays the role of an alternative artist really well with the music he makes and this track is a good example of that, he really stretches his vocals several times which I feel is a thing a lot of alternative rock artists do nowadays and just throughout history. Definitely not another bad track but again it isn’t my favorite.

“I’m Gone”– Here we are at the ending of this rollercoaster of an album and all I can really say is that I appreciate the harmonious melodies within the chorus, it’s just beautiful and adds a fantastic touch to the ending of the album. The effect on the vocals really make his strong vocals stand out tenfold in my opinion and just make them sound more prominent. I love the making of this track and on top of that it has some heartfelt and actual meanings behind the lyrics. This is an amazing ending to this album in my opinion.

This album is full of really strong and unique instrumentals as well as the vocals, in my opinion the level of strength form the vocals resembles the type of energy the instrumental gives off. Oliver is definitely a unique artist that cane into the industry as a meme but definitely seems to take a lot of this seriously and it’s apparent all throughout this album. I get several feelings on this album of Influences from Green Day and Nirvana, I wouldn’t be shocked if Oliver was influenced by these two since they are both iconic figures in music but it’s definitely there in the music in my opinion. I feel good giving this album a strong 7-8/10, it’s full of really good energy and makes me feel good as a listener and carries a lot of memorable tracks and memorable moments within some of the tracks I’m not the most fond about. This is a really strong debut album and I’m excited to hear more.

Thank You all for being here once again for another post by me. This was a fun one to make and an unexpected release, the majority of the posts this week will be of artists that I’ve never heard of and just want to give them a try, I value doing reviews on new artists because that means it’s a new person I can listen to. Follow the blog and definitely share to so you won’t miss out on any future posts.

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