Throwback Thursday Post #5: The Led Zeppelin IV Post

I know close to nothing about Led Zeppelin besides that they are one of the most famous rock bands ever. I know no members, no album names, no famous songs besides “Stairway to Heaven” because that’s one of the most iconic rock songs ever. I did listen to this album a few months ago and I was actually shocked because while I was listening to it I found out that I knew more songs than I thought I did, for example “Black Dog” sounded so familiar to me because it’s been in movies that I’ve watched all throughout my childhood. I’m excited to listen to this album again and hopefully this review will open doors to more Led Zeppelin reviews because I genuinely like them.

Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin

“Black Dog”– I just briefly mentioned this song here, it has an iconic sound and a recognizable sound. When i pressed play on the album and this track started I said to myself “ohhh I know this song” and I just enjoyed it fully. The thing that really catches my ear is clearly the vocals from Robert Plant, I learned about Plant from a new band named Greta Van Fleet because the main vocalist there sounds like him, it opened a door to Led Zeppelin for me. The instrumentation within the track is extremely active and catchy, mainly the in and out of the guitar. I enjoy the way the instruments match the vocals from Plant throughout the song as well as the guitar solo towards the end of the track, very animated and skillful.

“Rock and Roll”– The first thing that came to mind when I listened to this track was the sound of the track and how free it sounds. I can see this playing in a coming of age film, it sounds full of rebellion and strength. The orchestration and the structure of the track itself is something beautiful because everything just flows so effortlessly and everyone has their individual part to play, the vocals are strong all throughout the track and stop for a moment so the guitarist can do his thing and show off there, the drummer is the back bone of this track in my opinion because he plays from start to finish and brings a high energy and the pianist adds an extra layer of structure to the already fantastic track to boost everything to a higher level. Utterly amazing and full of pure energy.

“The Battle of Evermore”– I enjoy this track for two reasons, one being the lyrics and how fantasy driven they are in my opinion, they tell a great tale of a Kingdom facing a time of war, at least that’s how I interpret it. And the second reason is the simple production within the track, I enjoy the repeated guitar riff because it sounds like it’s full of light and life, it brings a good energy to the track and doesn’t overtake the story in the track.

“Stairway to Heaven”– Here we have one of the most popular and iconic rock songs ever, the guitar riff and the hollow and haunting vocals/ lyrics is what makes the track such an infectious experience. The beginning is so moving and feels as if a dark mass has covered the structure of the track which makes it such a depressing listening experience in my opinion. Around the 2 minute mark we get a little glimpse of a change in instrumentals with a more active instrumental that incorporates a stronger presence of the guitar, as time goes on this all increases and leads into the second part of this track. It feels as if every 2 minutes the track intensifies because we start off with such a soft instrumental with vocals to match and then we go up in intensity every 2 minutes or so until we reach the high energy the ending provides us, such a beautiful song from start to finish and a beautiful story as well. I know that a lot of people like to compare this and “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the best rock songs ever, I’d prefer not to share my opinion on that because everyone has such strong feelings about both tracks and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

“Misty Mountain Hop”– I like this track for the melody used for the track and the guitar riff used in a majority of the track. Other than these two I think it’s an alright track. The melody is really good and hypnotic in my opinion, it’s very infectious because after listening to it once I found myself humming the melody in the chorus of the track.

“Four Sticks”– I feel like I’ve heard this in a movie before, I more than likely have but I’m not sure, I couldn’t tell. I absolutely love the guitar riff in the track, it sounds super simple but it’s really effective in delivering the goal emotion to the listener. The vocals are really strong throughout the track as they have been since the beginning of the track so nothing new there for me. This track holds a little bit of psychedelic tendencies in my opinion, I’m not sure why I feel this way but it just screams hypnotic and trippy vibes.

“Going to California”– I really enjoy how clear the lyrics are on this track because I can actually hear the story being told and it’s a special one. I really enjoy how the bring down the instrumentation on this track for and just make the vocals the main attraction. I think this might be my favorite track off of the album mainly for the simplicity, there is nothing wrong with making something sound simple and easy going, I prefer that most times than something that goes all out, this track is a good breath of fresh air and a relaxing track overall.

“When the Levee Breaks”– I love the strength and energy that comes in as soon as the track starts, the harmonica does wonders for the track since it isn’t that popular of an instrument. Around the 1:20 mark the instrumental stops then starts back up within seconds but this time over vocals, the entry of Plant is something of swagger and confidence, the vocal pattern he has on this part of the track is impressive and contains a lot of energy. I love how the the track contains a solid 60% of nothing but instrumental, I enjoy instrumentals a lot so this track being the last track and containing majority instrumental really sits well with me exiting the album. I think this is a super strong finisher to this rock classic.

When I first listened to this album a few months ago I was shocked for how much I enjoyed it, I didn’t expect this to be that good of an album but it is. This album has many highs and very little lows but the lows it does have brings the overall rating to a 9/10, still a perfect album in my opinion. The production is lovely and is full of all different types of emotion, it makes you feel super energetic and full of good energy right off the bat then it can bring you to a darker more depressing mood halfway through the album, truly a masterpiece. The vocals are a strong highlight for me because Robert Plants voice is just one that can’t be compared to, it’s truly unique in many ways and has lived on for decades and will continue to live on. This review will open many doors to future Led Zeppelin reviews so definitely stay tuned for those.

Thank you for stopping by once again for my 5th Throwback Thursday Post, every once in a while I like to bring it back to a time way before I was born and do an older album, I have vinyls and lists of albums that were released when my parents were my age that I plan on reviewing and then also albums from people that I grew up with or that were released within the last 5 years, the possibilities are endless here at TMT. Stay tuned for this weeks set of posts, I’m not sure who is releasing music but stay tuned because it’ll be great no matter what. FOLLOW THE BLOG TOO!!!!

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