Post #110, July 12, 2020: The Legends Never Die Post

Last week I reviewed the posthumous album from Pop Smoke and now this week we have the first posthumous album from Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD was an artist who I became a strong fan of very fast with his breakout single “All Girls Are The Same”, this track exposed me to more of Juice WRLD’s music such as “moonlight”, “let me know”, “eye contact” & the legendary “Lucid Dreams”. Juice WRLD is on my top five favorite artist list because of the messages that he preached in his music, they were supportive to someone like me who has been through quite a few emotional events looking for some sort of comfort and his music definitely did that and also continues to do that. I have my thoughts on posthumous albums but I have a really good feeling that this one is going to be perfect. I don’t really have a lot of expectations for this album because I want to be surprised as a fan of Juice WRLD to see what they did with his music and his message so without further ado this is my review for Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD.

Legends Never Die by Juice Wrld

“Anxiety – Intro”– This little Intro is full of audio clips of Juice mainly talking about his life and his relationship with music which I feel is a touching topic. It’s no secret that Juice loved his fans with a passion and at the end of this Intro we have him giving advice to his fans at a concert which is what he did very often at his shows. This introduction is touching and sets the album up very nice and tells us that it is for Juice and his legacy.

“Conversation”– This is the first real track of the album and it’s amazing, something that I would have expected from a Juice WRLD album. The lyrics are a little concerning because he does talk about the devil and taking drugs although this has been a topic throughout his music ever since he became famous I just feel like it shouldn’t be the main topic especially on this album but we’ll see where this goes. I really enjoy the production from Ronny J and the flow pattern that Juice has on this track, very catchy and also very entertaining in my opinion.

“Titanic”– Here we have another very catchy track with a really interesting choice of lyrics in the hook. The metaphor used within the hook of the track is really nice, nothing crazy but definitely an enjoyable metaphor. The production seems to be a little bit dark which I hope isn’t what the overall sound of the album is, I just feel like these first few tracks are going to be a little darker just to get people in the feel for the album but that’s just my opinion, really great track overall.

“Bad Energy”– Now at first I wasn’t a huge fan of this track but after my second listen I started to enjoy it because I really like the simplicity in the structure of the track and the really drawn out hook by Juice WRLD, his singing on this track seems really slow almost drugged out which is what Juice does best most of the time. The thing that really got me was the last 30 seconds of the track with a really nice beat switch to intensify the emotion already brought by the lyrics, take a day trip has been a production team that has interested me for a while.

“Righteous”– This track was the first single to be released off of the album and when it released I was not a big fan of it and I’m still not a big fan of it, I don’t think it’s terrible but I don’t think it’s that good of a track compared to the others around it. This type of Juice WRLD has never been my favorite only for the reason that I’m not a big fan of slow music from artists that are typically upbeat and energetic. I still enjoy it a little bit but I’d probably skip it if it came up on shuffle.

“Blood On My Jeans”– Juice WRLD is like water on this track and for those of you that don’t know what I mean, what I mean is that Juice WRLD’s flow is just so smooth, calming and comes with so much ease. Juice has always had amazing flows but this flow he uses on this track and over this production is definitely one fo my favorites. There is just so much simplicity in this track which makes it such a strong and beautiful piece of this album.

“Tell Me U Luv Me (with Trippie Redd)”– Here we have another single that was released prior to the release of this album and I never listen to it up until the release of the album a few days ago and all I can say is that this is the only track off of this album that I do not like. I enjoy Juice WRLD and Trippie Redd on this track and all of their collaborations but the production in my opinion is very horrendous because I don’t know where it’s going or what it’s supposed to sound like, just a really awful beat selection.

“Hate The Other Side (with Marshmellow feat. Polo G & The Kid Laroi)”– This track really caught my attention because it’s the first “brand new” track with features. Juice WRLD starts off the track really strong as usual and performs with a high standard, a standard that Polo G and The Kid Laroi have to follow and in my opinion they both do fantastic. I really enjoyed Polo G on this track, we just got an album from him with a Juice WRLD feature but I didn’t expect Polo to be on here but it does makes sense since they are both from Chicago and were friends but Polo G has a really solid verse and brings a lot of positive energy to the track. The Kid Laroi has been a name that I’ve been hearing about for quite some time but I never had a huge chance to get into his music, he was label mates with Juice so that’s where their friendship sparked, he has such a strong voice and powerful vocals not only on this track but in his own music as well so I am definitely going to keep my eye on him because he has so much potential, I really love this track and it’s a clear favorite for me.

“Get Through It – Interlude”– This Interlude is only 21 seconds and seems a little purposeless in my opinion but I understand that this is supposed to be emotional and fueled from the memory of Juice WRLD and his positive nature so I do see how it’s appropriate. It is a nice little uplifting message from Juice to the listener which I’ve always adored but it’s just oddly placed and too short.

“Life’s A Mess (feat. Halsey)”– This track was released a day or two when the album itself was announced And I also did not listen to it because I wanted to wait for the actual album. Now I’m not going to say that this was a waste of a feature but that’s definitely what it feels like because Halsey only gives a 25 second verse and some background vocals so I’m not really sure where her contribution was as far as performance goes but maybe she had a part with the lyrics, I am not sure. juice WRLD has very nice and soft vocals and the production is very nice and light so I can’t complain about anything really besides that feature from Halsey.

“Come & Go (with Marshmellow)”– This was the fourth single release prior to the release of the album and I also did not listen to this before the albums release. This is definitely my favorite track or top three because I love the switch up we get with the production, it’s just amazing. The buildup before the main beat drop that occurs around a minute and a half is so electrifying an intense, Juice does a really good job imitating the production with his voice and his flow pattern which is something that not many people notice he does but I do and I appreciate it a lot. This track would have gone absolutely crazy during a concert, too bad we could never see it but I appreciate the anthem sound this track has, it feels like it was made for the youth.

“I Want It”– When I did my initial listen of this album I was not sure how I felt about this track and I still feel very indifferent, I enjoy it? I just feel really indecisive about my opinions towards this track for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to find much to say. Decent track I guess.

“Fighting Demons”– I enjoy this track for a few reasons, the first reason being dark lyrics over this carefree sounding beat and the second reason being The lack of awareness that there is a problem with Juice WRLD because he covers everything with a harmonious flow, this is been a strong quality of this music that I believe went unnoticed until he died. Artists will rap and sing about their problems but they’ll do it in a way that’s fun to the listener so sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s an actual problem, this seems like one of those tracks but it’s still a really good track.

“Wishing Well”– when the album released a few days ago this track was trending on Twitter and I had seen a lot of it on Instagram so I was definitely confused and curious as of why but after listening to it I can see why because the lyrics are some of the more heartbreaking off of the album because he does talk about depression, being alone forever, hiding his feelings and the constant drug usage he takes. Since he died from drug use this track is especially difficult to listen to but as a piece of music it isn’t bad, pretty good track because of voice, it’s just really gorgeous and full of emotion.

“Screw Juice”– This is a track that I really enjoyed during my first listen all the way up until right now because it’s just a fun track nothing more nothing less. I really enjoyed the lines that Juice WRLD raps that say “She said she wanna screw Juice, her boyfriend like screw Juice” I just like the play on words with “Screw Juice” because it’s being used in two completely different scenarios. I really like the good energies of this track and the lightheartedness, definitely favorite off of the album.

“Up Up And Away”– This track is another favorite of mine because of the way Juice WRLD uses his voice. Juice WRLD uses his voice so gorgeously on this instrumental, his voice sounds so open and vulnerable specially with the lyrics that he sings, truly heartbreaking but infectious. “Up, up, and away, I been feel the walls in my brain and they’re caving in Outside those walls, there’s an ocean, I can’t swim Especially with all these waves” the way he sings these lyrics makes me so sad but I can’t help but head bop because of how catchy it is, utterly perfect, I don’t know if I want to sing my heart out or if I want to cry.

“The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Interlude”– This is another interlude consisting of audio records from artists such as Young Thug, J. Cole, Eminem, Lil Dicky & G Herbo all showing homage and respect towards Juice WRLD. All of these artists are recognizing Juice WRLD for his insane freestyle and songwriting abilities, especially his infamous 1 hour freestyle on the radio. This interlude really got to me because I’ve never heard anything like this on a posthumous album, definitely an emotional touch they added to the album.

“Stay High”– I really enjoy this track for how unique it is and what I mean by that is that juice really changes his voice on this track to something I’ve never heard, these little vocal inflections that he changes sound really good they make himself more vulnerable than he already is. He flows super nice over this production and does this thing as always, another really strong and structured track with a super infectious chorus.

“Can’t Die”– This is another track with the same message that we’ve been getting throughout the album, we’re getting nice messages over some pretty dark and depressing lyrics which has been Juice WRLD’s shtick ever since he started but the thing that makes this different is that I heard it was supposed to be a tribute to the late XXXTENTACION. This track does feel a little different with the sound because in my opinion Juice WRLD’s voice seems a little dull and emotionless almost like he is numb to whatever pain he’s going through, this may be done on purpose to bring more effect to the track or just a natural thing either way it sounds really great and I don’t mind it.

“Man Of The Year”– This track being the last actual record of the album brought me quite a few emotions one stemming from his vocals and two from a specific set of lyrics but he shares. “My ups and downs, I’ll jot them down, In London town Cheers to the golden years, Let’s raise our hands, let’s sing and dance, I know my lyrics saved you, I know my lyrics saved you, Let’s raise our hands and sing and dance, I know my lyrics saved you, I know I helped you break through” these are the lyrics that caused a good amount of emotion for me, he is well aware of what his lyrics did for people but he doesn’t want to dwell on the things he’s done instead he just wants to appreciate life for what it is and to celebrate. This is a clear favorite for me and has another anthem style behind the structure of the track as if this was also made specifically for the youth, the lyrics even prove this, absolutely a perfect track.

“Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven – Outro”– This Outro track brought a lot of people strong emotions when they first heard it, the title is clear giveaway of what this is going to be but for those of you that don’t know Juice WRLD when he was alive went on Instagram live and was talking about how he is on Instagram live from heaven saying that he made it, I see how this is appropriate for the album but in my opinion it’s just too much of an emotional topic for some of the younger fans. The album ends on a really sad note but in a way gives closure to the fans because it ends with juice appreciating his fans the same way that the album started which I think is a very good touch. I absolutely love the “The party never ends” at the very end of this track because it’s a little ode to his feature off of ASTROWORLD back in 2018 which was a highlight of my year. Really good and emotional ending to the album with the series of audio recording here.

I was really hurt when I found out Juice WRLD died and I had done a post on the remembrance of Juice WRLD soon after his death, probably by a few days, but he is definitely one of the best artists i’ve ever heard, I gained an emotional connection to his music that will never be lost, just a few words before my final thoughts. I really enjoyed this listening of Legends Never Die way more than I had expected to. I have a personal opinion towards posthumous albums because when X had died his first posthumous album Skins just felt unfinished but that is apparently healthy wanted it but that’s no excuse for the albums that came after because when you have more and more posthumous albums the less and less good content there is because all of the good content was used on the first albums after the artists death. I had a feeling that it was going to be really good album but not this good, it’s packed full of emotion and just depressing vibes which isn’t always a bad because in this case it’s coming through as an art form. Juice WRLD shine so bright on this album and kudos to the executives and other family and friends that worked on the album because I feel like Juice WRLD would be extremely proud of this album. I would definitely give this a 10 out of 10 and an easy spot on my favorite albums of 2020 list because it doesn’t have any gray moment whatsoever which is hard to come across nowadays. I would definitely want everybody to listen to this album because you can feel supported, comforted, related and understood all within the listen experience of this album, it’s definitely one to remember forever.

Thank you all for being back for another review by me and especially being here for such a special one. Follow the blog for more content like this and be back next week for some more posts, there is a deluxe confirmed for this album so definitely stay tuned for that as well. See you all soon.

Rest In Piece Jarad Anthony Higgins aka Juice WRLD. 999 Forever.

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