Post #109, July 6, 2020: The Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon Post

Earlier this year Pop Smoke released Meet The Woo 2 and I really didn’t like it, it actually was the first album to make it to my least favorite albums of 2020 list. When Pop got murdered I did a remembrance post about Pop Smoke and my feelings towards his death and after he died I sadly started appreciating his music more and more, I’ve been excited for this album once I got word of its release but I am not forgetting what I heard earlier this year, I hope he is more diverse on this project and changes it up with his flow but I’m expecting the production to be top tier. From my knowledge 50 cent took over the making of this album which was totally heartwarming to me, the student mentor type of relationship they had was great to see but I’m definitely excited to give my thoughts on this album so stay tuned.

Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon by Pop Smoke

***disclaimer*** I understand Pop Smoke is a lot of people’s favorite artist but since honesty is one of my main values while writing that means I won’t hold back just because he is dead, if it’s bad music it’s bad music and I’ll say it but hopefully I won’t have to.

“Bad Bitch From Tokyo (Intro)”– This is a very short lived Introduction track but sets up the rest of the album for success if you ask me. I enjoy the little bit of production and small verse from Pop, definitely a good opener and great transition into the next track.

“Aim For the Moon (feat. Quavo)”– Pop Smoke and Quavo’s track on his last album was a favorite of mine I believe so i was actually looking forward to this track here. Here we get the same Grime production were used to with Pop and in all honesty no one right now as an American rapper does it better than Pop does/did. I love the energy here and the verses from both Pop and Quavo, it isn’t anything crazy as far as lyrics go but I enjoy it for what it is.

“For the Night (feat. Lil Baby & DaBaby)”– When I saw that DaBaby and Lil Baby were featured on the same track I was actually really interested to hear how this would sound. I’m not the biggest fan of this track mainly because Lil Baby’s flow doesn’t sound super authentic as well as DaBaby. The production is really interesting and very well done but the artists featured on the track itself don’t really do a whole lot.

“44 BullDog ”– I don’t really know how to feel about this track here in all honesty, I enjoy the flow, it’s aggressive and in your face but at the same time I sounds a little all over the place like he’s trying to fill in space with any word that comes to mind. The production is a little weak so this is definitely not a track I’d come back to if I were to re-visit the album.

“Gangstas”– This track takes a while to start, not sure who decided to start the track so late but my initial feeling was full of unimpressed emotions because when the track actually started I was met with a really monotoned and unenergetic Pop Smoke but in a way this resembles a young 50 cent in my opinion. Not the best track, we’re on a roll of bad tracks.

“Yea Yea”– One thing I don’t like that rappers do is carry the same flow and same aesthetic of their music on different styles of production. This track is a good example because if you took his vocals and put them over a track that has a more grime style of production I’m sure it would work because he’s doing the same thing with this lyrics and vocals here as he would on an aggressive track. I enjoy the attempt but it isn’t for me at all.

“Creature. (feat. Swae Lee)”– Were going in an okay direction with this track but ever since the 2nd track it’s been very disappointing and downhill. I’ve never heard Swae Lee on a beat like this and I don’t think I like it, he sounds like Playboi Carti on the hook in my opinion, definitely not liking this album as much as I thought I would.

“Snitchin (feat. Quavo & Future)”– I really like the little audio recording in the beginning of this track, it’s funny and makes me think the track is going to be more lighthearted and the production also makes me feel this way. This is the only good track ever since the second track which also featured Quavo. All three acts perform really well and make a really entertaining track together, definitely a highlight in my opinion.

“Make It Rain. (feat. Rowdy Rebel)”– Now this is a track! This is what I expected the album to sound like. This was released before the release of the album but I didn’t get a chance to really listen to it so this is my first time. The 808s used in the production are probably some of the most aggressive and hardest hitting 808s I’ve ever heard. I think the jail call verse from Rowdy Rebel is a great touch honestly. I really love the energy of this track it’s definitely one of my favorite so far.

The Woo. (feat. 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch)”– I heard a lot about this track here, mainly for the 50 Cent feature. A lot of my friends told me to listen to this track in particular because apparently it’s the best track here and I can agree with that. The Roddy Ricch feature is a really good touch and doesn’t outshine anything but the 50 Cent feature may outshine Pop Smoke since 50 is a living legend to many people. I love the guitar in the production and the baseline behind the main structure of the production, really nice. I also love the little switch up towards the end of the track and the sample of 50 Cents classic hit “Candy Shop”, good homage paid from Pop to 50 on this track.

“West Coast Shit. (feat. Tyga & Quavo)”– I’m fully convinced that Tyga only raps over west coast beats, anyways I really like Pop Smoke over this type of beat, I didn’t think he would sound so good. At this point in the album I’m tired of Quavo, I’ve heard enough of him. Really the only good thing about this track is the production style and Pop Smokes time on the track, Tyga and Quavo don’t really do a lot in my opinion, more Tyga than Quavo but I just don’t like Quavo period.

“Enjoy Yourself (feat. Karol G)”– I really enjoy the tempo of this track, it seems a little slower than most tracks on here which is nice to have once in a while. The feature from this person named Karol G is really nice, I understand that New York has a strong presence of Spanish culture so having this feature on Pop Smokes album pays a little homage to the culture that he was influenced by a bit. Really nice track overall.

“Mood Swings (feat. Lil Tjay)”– I’m not gonna lie I think this track is pretty bad. I just don’t like the “Singing” that Pop Smoke does and the Tjay feature just doesn’t really do it for me since I’m not a big fan. Definitely my least favorite tracks off of the album in my opinion.

“Something Special”– This track is probably one of my favorite for the reason that it sounds like a really good 90s rap song, the production just has aspects that remind me of vintage 50 Cent or the rapping from Pop also reminds me of the 90s. I love the lyrics that he raps on this track they just seem really raw and authentic, really a good highlight for this album.

“What You Know Bout Love”– There seems to be quite a bit of “love songs” but I don’t really have a problem because they sound really good. I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this truck that I haven’t said already about some of the previous tracks that cover this topic because the fact that I think it’s above decent along with some of the rest of the album.

“Diana (feat. King Combs)”- yeah, this is definitely a track that I could’ve went without. The feature being from someone that isn’t that well-known in rap but only really being known because of his father seemed like a pretty bad move in my opinion, this album has a lot of really good features but this one is definitely the bottom of the list and the overall vibe of the track just is off which I’m confused about.

“Got It on Me”– This is another track that was highly praised, the person who first told me to listen to this track didn’t give me any reason besides to just listen so I did and I know why it’s so good, the line “many men, many many many many men wish death upon me” is a lyric from 50 Cents classic track “Many Men (Wish Death)” which i thought was an amazing touch. I genuinely think this is the best track I’ve ever heard from Pop Smoke because he comes in with a really aggressive verse but cuts it early to go back to a nice a subtlety emotional chorus, very very nice. I love the female choir in the background of the production, this is a really nice touch and really brings everything together nicely.

“Tunnel Vision (Outro)”– This is the Outro to the album but it isn’t the last track. This track here sounds a lot like his older music as far as production goes but I really enjoy this track because he seems more lyrical if you ask me which I think is appropriate with an outro track. Every artist that has an outro track should make it memorable and I definitely think they did a good job with this track and it’s placement on the album. I love the audio clip at the end of the track, definitely leaves the listener full of remembrance and other emotions which is definitely good for the core fan base.

“Dior (Bonus)”– Every single time I listen to this track here I get the same feeling that I did when I first heard and that feeling is full of excitement and adrenaline because it’s such a Energetic and aggressive track. This has been on all three of Pop Smokes projects but I have no problem with that because of the energy this track brings to me alone, definitely his most energetic and fun track he has ever done. This track ends the album on a really good note if you ask me.

So for my final thoughts all I really have to say is that I definitely find this better than his album earlier this year in the sense that it doesn’t all sound the same, I think there is much more versatility on this album than his other projects but as far as his lyrics go they seem the same but on some tracks it does go in depth a bit which I really enjoy. I personally don’t think this album is as good as people praise it to be but I don’t think it’s terrible I can say that I genuinely enjoyed 11 out of 19 of the tracks on this album, I don’t like that it was that long but I do understand where it’s coming from. Nothing really shocked me with this album, maybe a few features but that’s about it, speaking of the features I think they were all really well done and didn’t overshadow Pop Smoke. My final review for this album would probably have to be a good 6 out of 10 and this is mainly for the inconsistency with the amount of tracks that I liked.

Thank you all for being back for another post by me! This past week was another week of no releases so I’m glad this week we got a few releases, I have one more for this week so stay tuned for that post coming out tomorrow. If you are new here go ahead and share this page with someone and follow the blog! You won’t regret it whatsoever! See you all tomorrow.

R.I.P. Bashar Barakah Jackson, Pop Smoke & The Big Woo.

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