Throwback Thursday Post #3: The TA13OO Post

Sorry for another week of no posting, June has been lacking with major releases or interesting releases but it is the month I started these Throwback Thursday Posts so that’s definitely a plus. This week we have one of my favorite albums of all time, TA13OO by Denzel Curry. This album was released in 2018 and was tied with ASTROWORLD with being my favorite album of 2018, this is also my favorite concept album. The albums is broken in three acts, light, grey, and dark and has a clear transition in ever 4-5 tracks to indicate when it changes acts. I am excited to be reviewing this album since I never got to when it released but let’s get into what I have to say.

TA13OO by Denzel Curry

“TABOO”– for the first track in the introduction to the first act we have a very relaxing track that tells the story of taboo indicating that this is supposed to be a person also this track touches on molestation with this character being molested at a very young age, these types of subjects are not really talked about in rap so when I first heard Denzel talk about this I knew just the direction of this album was going in, a more conscious and personal record. The actual rapping from denzel is deep and diverse which is something he is known for.

“BLACK BALOONS (feat. Twelve’len & Goldlink)”– This track here has a more upbeat vibe to it and is heading in a more positive direction and definitely portrays the light part of this album perfectly in my opinion. The features on this track are definitely highlights for the entire album and the production also is some of his best, this album took a while to complete and to be released so it was definitely nerve-racking for me being a fan and listening to this but the wait was definitely worth the listen, this is one of my favorite tracks. I love the ending of this track with the clips of people talking here and there with the question “what exactly are you trying to hide Mr. Curry” adds quite a bit of mystery.

“CASH MANIAC (feat. Nyyjerya)”– This track initially wasn’t one of my favorites but I definitely did like it for the funky type vibe the production gave me along with the feature from Nyyjerya over the hook. Denzel always comes with very hard and very aggressive lyrics so nothing here really stands out but there are some standouts throughout the album but a main reason why I enjoy this track is probably the last minute and a half when the entire production just goes in is completely different direction that’s immersed in just sound, beautiful Outro to this track here.

“SUMO”– this track was released prior to the release of this album as one of the first singles from the first act, this track also concludes the first act but this track got a lot of mixed emotions because of its placement on the album, it is a very dark and aggressive type of track but then Denzel explained the reason why it’s on The light side of the album is because of the lyrics which mainly talk about getting money, the gray part is more political and has more concept so I can definitely see why this was placed here, it’s just a track to really get a boost of energy from which I love. The hook is infectious and entertaining, “choppa eat a ***** like chowder , radradaradarada” this was one of my favorite line because I’m a huge fan of the show chowder which is what this line is from, I love it.

“SUPER SAIYAN SUPERMAN”– This track starts the gray portion of the album and you can clearly tell that this is the beginning of a different part of the album just by the tone of his voice, lyrical pattern, and production style. Now the title of the track is some thing that really peaked my interest when I first saw it and imagining just how powerful this would be (as super saiyan Superman) scary. This track is extremely high in energy but doesn’t supply a lot of lyrical content compared to what we’ve gotten so far not only in this album but in his career, still one of my favorite tracks though.

“SWITCH IT UP”– A little bit before the release of this album Denzel performed at a little festival and tease this track, now when I first heard it it was this crazy you will produce track with bells in it and a perfect trap beat. The vocal inflections Denzel uses on this track to make his voice raspy is just an addition to the darker part of the character he portrays on this album. The hook is lyrically amazing as well just with the play on words with “Switch it up”. I have 0 complaints for this track here and I am fully convinced that it is the best track on this album.

“MAD I GOT IT”– I am fully convinced that this is the most underrated track off of the entire album. And why do I believe that? It’s because of the feedback from the several reviews I’ve read off of this album, now this track definitely got the praise that it deserves but it wasn’t recognized as one of the better track since it is. On this track we get an X shout out, bars about police brutality, and just absolutely hard lines. Lyrically this is one of the best tracks off the whole album and probably his best, the ending is nice and slow also which adds a lot of structure.

“SIRENS (feat. JID)”– Now this, this is the best track off the album. We have a feature from JID and some background vocals from Billie Eilish, this explains their relationship and her bringing him on tour with her. This track JID and Denzel go back-and-forth with verses, I actually read that JID did so well that Denzel had to change his verse which seems like it was a competitive decision. This whole track is one big mixing pot of lyrical genius, this track holds my favorite verse of all time and it goes like “Donald Trump, Donald Duck, what the f*ck is the difference? Now we stuck, in a rut, this ain’t what I envisioned What is what? What is guts when you don’t have intuition? Not a saint, not a sin, tell me what’s my real religion? Genocide, Genesis, they say it’s a new beginnin’ I’m a sinner, you a sinner, I can see the devil grinnin’, damn” all of this is said while the production slowly fades out which adds a lot of drama to the vibe of the track. I love this not only for the political topics this track holds but for the way it made me feel as a person, just held some really personal messages for me.

“CLOUT COBAIN”– This track was the second single to be released prior to the release of the album and was the single for the gray part of the album. When this was released it caught a lot of peoples attention mainly for the music video but the lyrics did also. This talks about Kurt Cobain in a way but if Denzel were to be living as Kurt Cobain in this age of rap. The overall feeling of the track is in a way hypnotic and very drugged out, it’s dark and mysterious which is what I love about the album, we keep going further and further into the dark mind of Denzel and there is no turning back. We end the grey portion of the album and now we heard into act three the dark act.

“THE BLACKEST BALOON”– This was my least favorite track off of the entire album and I still don’t like it to this day. There’s just something about the simplicity in the track that I don’t like, if it’s to be compared to the tracks before it it’s really bad because Denzel dumbs it down in my opinion. I enjoy the lyrics about Denzel‘s brother that died and passed friends but as it track it isn’t that good.

“PERCS”– This was the last single released before the album and is the single for the dark part of the album. We get a very obnoxious but very aggressive production style which is a good way to start off the dark act, we get lyrics about modern rappers and their drug use and how frankly Denzel does not need any of that to be a good rapper. He doesn’t only talk about the rappers but the people listening to these artists and how they all think anything is good, he touches on his place in rap and how he sees himself as very overlooked but backs it up by saying that he is not underpaid which I think was a boss line. This track is definitely a highlight and a great rebound from the last track also one of my favorite.

“VENGEANCE (feat. JPEGMAFIA & ZillaKami)”– The very beginning of this track has some echoes and has a really ominous vibe but then immediately goes into this state of chaos with this really high pitch in distorted voice singing the book. Denzel is the first verse and has very dark and twisted lyrics in his verse talking about what he would do with someone’s body in a duffel bag, then we go to JPEGMAFIA who I never heard of prior to this and delivers a really entertaining and different verse but nothing special in my opinion, and ZillaKami ends the trackDenzel is the first verse and has very dark and twisted lyrics in his verse talking about what he would do with someone’s body in a duffel bag, then we go to JPEGMAFIA who I never heard of prior to this and delivers a really entertaining and different verse but nothing special in my opinion, and ZillaKami ends the track this is also my very first time listening to ZillaKami so after I heard of him I went straight into the rest of his music because of how his voice is and how aggressive he made the track sound. I love how obnoxious and chaotic all three of these artists are on this track, it’s very abrasive and hard hitting which makes it one of my favorite. I also love the very ending, it’s a smooth transition to this really calming production style that from my knowledge is an ode to XXXTENTACION.

“BLACK METAL TERRORIST”– this is the end of the dark act and also the very last track of the album know everything before this flowed perfectly down the album so in my mind this track had to be the most aggressive out of everything before this and it was. Denzel goes absolutely crazy over this extremely experimental and loud instrumental, I am surprised just how easy Denzel makes it with the ability to turn on and off the screaming all while flowing effortlessly. I knew that this was the real deal when Denzel said “I am the mark of the beast” at the end of the first verse and “send them to hell” at the end of the hook. I am especially a fan of the really dark metal screen that Denzel gives off within the last minute of the track, you can tell just what has influenced him in his life to make music. The ending is an instrumental wonder in my opinion, it sends off the album in such a dark and mysterious way, it couldn’t have been done any more perfectly.

I was very shocked when I first heard this album, before this we got Nostalgic 64, Imperial, and his 13 EP about a year or two before this and none of those really hinted towards this masterpiece of an album we got in 2018. Denzel talks about a lot of things such as molestation, police brutality, the presidency, his way of dealing with fame, the internet and social media, the current state of rap and many many other things. As a Denzel fan of four years now I am proud to see how much Denzel has grown throughout the years and this album was just a testament to the constant question that is being asked which is if Denzel is underrated or overrated and is worth the attention of the main stream eye. This album wasn’t appreciated initially but definitely got the attention that it deserves in my opinion and Denzel really shows off on his talents and proved just how good of an artist he really is, the long wait for this album was clearly worth it with Denzel showing off his versatility with rapping over a really funky type instrumental to the most aggressive sounding production style. This album deserves nothing but a perfect score and will continue to be a favorite of mine for a very very long time.

Thank you all for coming back to another post by me, I really hope that July is a good month for a Music and from the looks of it we are already going to be getting some music this week so stay tune for some posts this week and also next weeks Throwback Thursday Post. As always go ahead and FOLLOW!!!! Share this page with others you know too!!!!

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