Throwback Thursday Post #2: The Dark Side of the Moon Post

I’ve always known of Pink Floyd but never decided to listen to their music until about 3 months ago when a friend of mine recommended this album for me, this then led into me listening to The Wall, Animals, etc. And ultimately becoming a big fan of their music. I knew that this was going to be an album I had to review for these Throwback Thursday Posts but I didn’t think it would be so soon. Needless to say I am very excited for this review, I have a lot to say so let’s get right into it.

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

“Speak to Me”– The albums starts off with this track and a very interesting build up, there is silence for the first 15 seconds then we start to hear the sound of a beat then more and more sounds come in like the sound of money, a helicopter, laughter then ultimately leading into screaming which transitions into the next track. I genuinely enjoy this album for the transitions it has at the end of every single track. The whole album is so fluid which makes it almost one big song in my opinion.

“Breathe (In the Air)”– A friend recommended this album to me but I didn’t really expect much, I didn’t know anything about Pink Floyd before this album so it was open ears for me. When this track played it gave me goosebumps, not a lot of music can give me goosebumps so when it does then it’s a sign to me that what I’m listening to is perfect. The track here is just so smooth and exactly what I like to hear, it’s really trippy and psychedelic which is a sound that we hear a lot on this album. Definitely caught my interest when I first listened to this album and made me realize that this was going to be a masterpiece.

“On the Run”– Here we get a track that is chaotic in a way or two, it starts off with a really odd sound that I can’t really describe and also a recording of someone running from something crazy, hence the title of the track. The track has the ability to inflict anxiety on someone in my opinion because it’s all over the place going from one headphone to another with all sorts of sounds coming in and out. I love production and was really excited to find out that a lot of Pink Floyd’s music was instrumental based, this is a very entertaining track that really keeps me on the edge of my seat.

“Time”– One thing that I love about music is when artists implement real world sounds and on this track they implement the sounds of timers going off and various clock sounds, again hence the title of the track. It really gets your attention and keeps you wondering what’s to come and what’s to come is a beast of a rock song. After some subtle instrumentals we finally get our real first track of performance and it’s just amazing. The transitions within the actual track are gorgeous because there is a strong build up then they drop the tempo and the overall sound becomes really slow and smooth. The guitar solo on this track is beautiful and is what I’d imagine to be a perfect use of the guitar in a track, it’s almost like another verse from an artist. The outro to the track is really slow and just radiates psychedelic rock in my opinion but this is a perfect track.

“The Great Gig in the Sky”– This track was another that gave be goosebumps and I think the part of the track that did it for me was the very strong vocals about a minute and a half into the track but up until then the instrumental is very pretty with it mainly consisting of a gorgeous piano. The vocals only get stronger and stronger until they just drop as well as the instruments within the track and from this point on until the end of the track it’s just really calming sounds coming in from every direction.

“Money”- Here we are back with another track that uses a lot do real world sounds, this track they use the sound of registers and other money related sounds. This track is a CLASSIC and I didn’t know it was Pink Floyd until I first heard it, I’ve heard this instrumental in movies for years but just never knew. The overall vibe is very Blues sounding and the vocals have quite a bit of soul in them which plays into that sound. I love the several guitars in this track, they add a lot of personality to the track in my opinion. Everything about this track is just perfect, the vocals, the overall sound, the transition in tempo, etc.

“Us and Them”– The hypnotic sound this track has is absolutely crazy. When I first listened to this track it just teleported me to another dimension, the vocals are so soft and beautiful then the usage of the saxophone in the background for the first half of the track adds a lot of depth in my opinion but the saxophone ends up taking over in the end to deliver one last punch to the listener. So far in the album I am still impressed to this day with the amount of instruments used in the album so far and just the creative approach that they took while making this album, definitely one of the best I’ve ever listened to.

“Any Colour You Like”– This is a track that I didn’t expect to listen to initially. We’ve heard a lot of instruments so far and a lot of different sounds but for some reason I didn’t expect to hear synths, If you know me you know I absolutely adore synths so hearing this just sent me to another place mentally and even physically. Now what I didn’t expect even more was a switch up in the track from synths to a really cool guitar riff throughout the duration of the track. There isn’t a lot of vocals on the album but instead a lot of crazy instrumentals which I absolutely adore this is a journey of a track.

“Brain Damage”– There are really strong and just overall really deep lyrics on this track, this is one of the more conscious track in my opinion. Throughout the track we get what we’ve gotten so far in the album like string instrumentals and we also get one of the audio clips from the very first track, I’ve learned that the very first track seems to be a little bit of everything throughout the album. This is probably one of the more shorter tracks but it still holds a punch and delivered a great message.

“Eclipse”– The last two tracks are ending up being the shortest off of the whole album which I don’t mind at all because they are both fantastic in their own way. The lyrics within the track are very meaningful and impactful in my opinion, I love the ending when they sing “when the sun is eclipsed by the moon” everything leading up to this give these couple of words a lot in my opinion. After these words are sang the track breaks into silence and then we get the same simple drum beat from the very first track that ultimately leads us back into the first track on a perfect loop.

This album is adored by many people and it’s sad that I never listened to this up until about 3 months ago. Every single thing about this album is perfect like the instruments and instrumentals, the vocals are perfectly executed on every track that consists of vocals, the versatility of the artists going from one sound to another, the psychedelic tendencies throughout the entire album, and so many other qualities. The album made me feel really good and just put me in a very calm mood overall. There is absolutely nothing I can say that is bad about this album because it’s just absolutely perfect. Like I said in the introduction the cover art is known by almost everyone because it’s just a image that has been in pop culture for decades, it’s on posters, clothing, parodie albums, etc. It is a very common image and should be known for the music by everyone. I think a perfect 10/10 is appropriate for a rating of this album, if I could rate it higher I would but the scale sadly goes to 10. I love doing these reviews and can’t wait for more like this one, it was a lot of fun.

Thank You for being here for the Throwback Thursday Post number 2. I really enjoy making these posts and I can’t wait to make more of them in the future. If you enjoy these posts then go ahead and follow the blog and the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts then share this with a friend. See you all soon with more reviews!!!

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