Post #108, June 24, 2020: The 1 Year Anniversary of TMT Post

This post is mainly dedicated to the blog and what I’ve been doing for the last year, it won’t be this crazy and elaborate post but more of a lighthearted and fun post (also short). As usual I just wanna give a little introduction before I start getting into the real post so here’s that and thank you for being here.

I personally can’t believe it’s been a year since I started making posts, well, as of tomorrow it’ll be one year but since I have a post going up tomorrow I decided to do it today. But today a year ago I was in the works of making my first post and thinking of what I should do and the original idea for this blog was to review music on Sunday then revisit it on Tuesday then talk about closing other fashion related items on Thursday, I know, crazy right. I’m glad I stuck with the music because it seems to be really working out for me right now but back then the way that I reviewed music was so different from how I do now but that’s how growth works. I don’t think I’ve talked about this yet but the main reason why I created this blog is because as you can tell I am very passionate about music, all music But I just love and pay more attention to rap and hip-hop more than any other genres, but I definitely pay attention to other genres all the time. Other than me being extremely passionate about music I didn’t really have anybody to talk to about music that felt the same way that I did so that’s another reason why I started the blog so I could express my feelings about what I’m listening to to someone. I was extremely nervous whenever I started off doing this, my first 10 posts were not promoted because I want to see if I would still stick to it, then once I hit my 10th post I started promoting it and I started getting more followers more attention from people etc. then I just kept the momentum going and didn’t stop. I am very happy where I’ve gotten within a year because I’ve hit some really huge milestones if you ask me, but I still have much more to do. In my 100th post I talked about some of my highlights and my favorite posts over the last 100 posts so I’m not going to touch on that so much but if you were curious as to what were my favorite pose then go ahead and check that out because they are fire. I really enjoy these posts and I put them at a really high priority in my life in hopes that something will come out of it but either way I’m still having a whole lot of fun so thank you for everything.

If you are reading this and you’re hesitant about something that you really want to do but you’re afraid about what the people around you might think, just do it, I was so afraid about what other people were going to think which put a restraint on me doing what I wanted to do but after I overcame the fear I started doing this blog I noticed that the people that I thought would make fun of me actually supported me so you’d be really surprised about what just might happen when you follow what you want to do. You can only assume what might happen but you don’t know what will happen so you should just take your chance because you might be really satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you all for being here again to celebrate my one year post, hopefully will be back in another year for our second anniversary but that’s a ways away. In the meantime follow the blog if you’re new and if you already follow the blog then share this with someone I’m trying to get TMT to really boom in this second year. As always I will see you tomorrow for another post!!!

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  1. super proud of you buddy.. it was great to watch you grow for Blog 1 to now.. keep grinding and keep growing never stop sharing your passions…

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