Post #107, June 23, 2020: The Florida Jit Post

Late last year I did a review to Smokepurpp’s Deadstar 2 which I thought was pretty weak and I might be to blame for my feelings about it because I had some high standards for it since the original Deadstar is a favorite of mine. Smokepurpp is back within 6 months of his last release with a 17 track and 37 minute long album and all I am hoping is that it is better than Deadstar 2. I notice that a lot of this is produced by Ronny J which is a good way to go as far as production goes but I can tell already that a lot of the tracks will sound the same, I hope not but thats what I’m thinking. Let’s get into this and see if it’s a rebound from DS2.

Florida Jit by Smokepurpp

“Pop Sh*t”– Here we have a really strong opener with very hard hitting 808s which is what makes 70% of a Ronny J beat. The lyrics are never anything crazy but his flow is really aggressive and matches the energy of the production perfectly in my opinion. This review won’t be anything crazy since the tracks and the content within the tracks are very short and dull, at least it has a lot of energy.

“Off My Chest (feat. Lil Pump)”– I haven’t heard Pump in a while. This track starts with a little recording of an altercation that happened at one of their concerts and I actually saw the video of this altercation so I really enjoy the implementation of this because it brings a level of carelessness and recklessness to the track before the production even comes in then we get the production and the verses from Purpp and Pump and it just all lines up perfectly. So far we’re starting off much better than DS2.

“One Play”– The production on this track is a little bit odd but I see how it works I guess but the entire time Purpp raps I just have a hard time enjoying it, he has a really awkward and childish flow. This track is a hard no from me.

“Not Code”– Smokepurpp flows really nice on this track here. He definitely isn’t overdoing it or under doing it, in my opinion he flows perfectly because of how natural it sounds. The production is also really well done, I love the whistle sound in the background because it just really matches well it Purpp and his vibe on this track.

“Hangin Out The Roof”– Right off the bat within the first 5 seconds of the track I knew it was going to be great. The flute does wonders for this track as well as the stringed instrument Ronny J uses. Ronny J always uses the dirtiest 808s in his production and in my opinion when Smokepurpp makes tracks like this it really captures the down and dirty part of the Southern Florida Rap scene.

“Outside”– This track is a little different from what we’ve gotten so far with Purpp’s flow. He starts off rapping is a really low key and calm tone of voice then goes back to his loud and yelling style of rapping but I prefer the lower key type of rapping from him. The production is nice, nothing completely different but this is the point of the album where something needs to switch up because it’s starting to sound the same.

“It’s Whatever”– Like I said with the last track everything is starting to sound the same and this track is a good example of this. It has the same high energy in a short duration so I can’t completely complain because that’s why I like Smokepurpp but I really want to start hearing more from Smokepurpp.

“1st & 3rd”– As soon as this track came on I just had a feeling that it was going to be promising and I was right, the production sounds a little different and it comes with an even higher amount of energy. I’m really happy with this track and it was a good track to get back on course with the album. I really enjoy the flow from Purpp because he just does it so effortlessly nowadays and especially on this project.

“Mink Coat”– Now this track seems like it was made with 0 creativity or effort but it sounds good so I guess it gets a little pass. To be completely fair Purpp’s sound is low effort and lacks creativity but he uses it to his advantage majority of the time which is what I enjoy about his style of rap.

“Ends (feat. Young Nudy)”– I started enjoying Young Nudy after I did a review on his album this year so I was really looking forward to this track and it definitely delivered in my opinion. I had a feeling these two would have good chemistry and I was right, the track is really good and full of a really good energy that is just infectious. Nudy brings a lot to the track but doesn’t outshine Purpp which was great to hear and Ronny J does his thing with the production delivering a strong instrumental to match these guys energy.

“I’m Him (feat. Denzel Curry)”– On Deadstar 2 Denzel makes an appearance and the track he’s on if actually my favorite off of it and I listen to it daily, it actually has the most plays on Smokepurpp’s SoundCloud. When I saw that Denzel was featured on this album I just wished that it would be as good as their other track and I was right, I love this track here mainly for the Denzel feature but since they are both from the same area they both make that dark and gritty South Florida sound perfectly. Denzel comes with a really interesting flow and lyrics but they sound amazing so I’m definitely not complaining. This track is definitely a highlight off the album.

“Fishscale”– This is definitely the most unnatural production off the album BUT Smokepurpp has always made really dark music which is why I always come back to his releases, because I absolutely love it. This track has such a gritty and haunting beat and lyrics so this is definitely going to be considered a favorite.

“Florida Jit”– This has the same vibe as the previous track in the sense that it’s a really dark and chaotic production style with a hysterical type of lyrical/ vocal structure. It seems like to me that this music is coming out of a horror movie that was based in South Florida. I really am enjoying this album and I think this might be his best to date.

“24s”– This definitely isn’t the best track but I totally appreciate it for the switch up in the style that Purpp uses. The hook sounds awfully like Swae Lee but I know it’s Purpp attempting to do doing high pitch singing which has never been good for him. The track overall seems as if it’s just there to be there, not a whole lot of substance in my opinion. Definitely the worst off the album in my opinion.

“Tide Pen (feat. Jack Harlow)”– Jack Harlow has been having a fantastic year so far so I was definitely happy to see him on Smokepurpp’s album, I love seeing the love being shared from Purpp to Jack. They have a surprisingly good chemistry with the lead off from Jack’s verse into Smokepurpp’s verse then back to Jack, the structure on this track is really impressive and this might be one of the best orchestrated tracks on here.

“Big Dawg (feat. Rick Ross)”– I know that this track along with a few more off this album were released prior to the release of the album but I know that this got a lot of attention for the Rick Ross feature. I love that Rick Ross does a lot for the younger rappers coming out of Florida. Ross delivers a very strong and entertaining feature as usual, he never does bad in my opinion but Smokepurpp does really well also and definitely keeps up with Ross’s energy. I love seeing an OG and a young artist work together to give the younger guy some good exposure.

“Chopstix”– Here we are, the final track, this track lacks a bit in energy which is surprising because 90% of the album is nothing but high energy and ignorance but this is just ignorance. I’ll give it a pass since the rest of the album is just so good in my opinion but if the album wasn’t as consistent as it was then this ending track would be a total flop.

After going back and figuring out which tracks I genuinely enjoyed to the ones I didn’t enjoy as much I can say with confidence that I liked 13 out of 17 of the tracks, some more than others but these numbers are way higher than Deadstar 2 and the ratio of good to bad tracks. This album here is much more darker, reckless and chaotic than any of his other pieces of music. It’s super quick and straight to the point which is why I come back to Purpp, he fills me with a lot of short but very energetic tracks. There isn’t really anything bad I can say about this project from Purpp, the cover art is a good reflection of the music in my opinion, Ronny J captures Smokepurpp’s dark side perfectly with the dirty and hard hitting beats, the flows from Purpp are deadly and entertaining and the use of the features on the project are perfectly executed in my opinion, like I said I can’t complain about almost anything besides the 4 tracks that didn’t rock with me. I feel like an 8/10 is an appropriate score since I’m comparing it to his other work and the type of rap like this. I’m super happy that Purpp rebounded from DS2 and I really hope he can make another project that’s experimental but better, this project was just basically a “back to my roots” type of project because a lot of the tracks sounded like it came off the original Deadstar project. With what I just said being fresh in your mind I want to go back to what I said on the track “Florida Jit”, I said that the music on this album sounds like a horror movie based out of South Florida and I though this was really funny because it seems really accurate, Smokepurpp would make the best score for a horror themed South Florida Trap movie, everything is just so chaotic, dark and just crazy. In all seriousness I’m excited to see what Purpp has up his sleeves in the future.

Thank you for coming back to TMT to read another review. We’re coming up on a very special time for TMT but you all will see this Wednesday what this surprise is. I have big plans for TMT and they can’t be executed unless you follow the blog and the Instagram so go ahead and do both RIGHT NOW!!! see you all tomorrow and stay tuned for this upcoming Throwback Thursday Post because it’s going to be special. See you all soon!!!

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