Post #106, June 22, 2020: The Untitled (Black Is) Post

Typically when new music is released on Thursday nights, early Friday morning I already have in mind what it is that I’m going to review, for example this week it was just Smokepurpp’s latest project Florida Jit. Since one project isn’t enough for a week I tend to search around in different genres for albums that either released on surprise for me or albums that look and sound interesting, this is one of those albums. I’ve never heard of SAULT but the cover art and title really caught my attention and gave me the feeling that this was going to either talk about the current situations that we’re dealing with in this country or something empowering for black people. My interest is peaked and my ears and mind are open for what it is that I’m about to experience.

Untitled (Black Is) by SAULT

This review won’t be my traditional track for track review and it’s for good reasons, this project is in my opinion like 4:20 by Mike Dean in the sense that it’s a listening experience, a poetic story more than anything but I’d rather talk about it as a whole rather than track by track since it’s such a special body of art.

The album starts off with what sounds like a group of people chanting different phrases all ending in “Out the Lies” which also is the title of the track, now I’m not sure where this comes from but this album does have a lot of samples and this one starts off the album then we transition into a lady speaking describing what “black is” this is not the last time we hear this lady throughout the album, she speaks in a very poetic way with a very calm but empowering tone of voice. Quite a bit of the production on this project gives me memories of Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered. project back in 2016 in the sense that there’s a lot of jazz funk fusions on here such as tracks like “Hard Life”, “Wildfires”, “Sorry Ain’t Enough”, “Eternal Life”, “Only Synth in Church”, and quite a bit more. I am especially impressed with the lyrical imagery that is in this project like for example the set up and delivery of this imagery, every other track is this woman speaking about what black is, what black women are, about certain stereotypes put in place in society, and other empowering words to support black people. After doing research on SAULT I found out that it is a musical group of different producers, musicians and other artists but no one knows who it is really consisted of. The woman we hear throughout the project is an artist named Cleo Sol, her own music is very interesting and lovely but her presence on this album is very important in my eyes because it brings the music to a whole different level of art with her narration. This album is probably one of the best I’ve heard all year in the sense that it has a theme and a message behind the music and delivered the music in such a creative and poetic way. The current situation that our country is in is terrible but in my opinion more and more close minded people are being exposed to the reality of the other side of America and are changing their beliefs to be more supportive of our brothers and sisters in this country, this music has a lot of structure behind it and uses a lot of history as well, I believe everyone should listen to this album not only for the musical side of it but for the amount of black culture it radiates and it should be appreciated as well. Earlier in the review I said how this is a listening experience to me, that means that I won’t just press shuffle and go from there but instead I’m going to press play and be fully immersed in the music because of the story it tells me. The entire thing is fantastic but I do have favorite parts of the albums such as the up beat tempo and African theme behind the track “Bow” and the exquisite use of the synth in “Eternal Life” leading into “Only Synth in Church”, the overall vocals within the album performed by Cleo Sol (I assume) are gorgeous and the production is just perfect in my opinion. I have nothing negative to say about this project, only positive so with that being said I feel that a perfect 10 is the only rating I can give it.

Like I said a while ago, I feel that everyone should listen to this and really pay attention to it because it’s definitely an experience and an eye opener. I really enjoyed this listening experience, one of my favorite of the year as far as messages, stories, feeling and production goes. I highly recommend this project for anyone that appreciates black culture or artists, it’s definitely a poetic masterpiece.

Thank you all for coming back to another post by me, I appreciate you all and hope everyone is doing well and are in high spirits. I only have one other review this week going up tomorrow and then a Throwback Thursday Post going up Thursday that I’m excited for. STAY TUNED AND FOLLOW!!!

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