Post #105, June 11, 2020: Update Post

Thank you for tuning in today, I haven’t posted in a while mainly because no one special released music and nothing really caught my attention but I’ve also been doing a lot of brain storming and note jotting for TMT and some things that I can do to expand this blog. In the next part of this post i am going to be revealing something special because this “something” expands TMT into different aspects, one being something I am already doing but makes it an official segment and the other I will announce in a little bit. Let’s start with the first one and a little description of it.

I’m proud to officially announce “Recommended Posts” here on TMT. Lately I’ve been reviewing up and coming artists and that was a goal of mine when I first started this blog around a year ago. The whole goal of this is to eventually gain a big following and share these reviews to give a little nudge to up and coming artists by exposing different people to their music. So far I’ve done 3 recommended posts by artists who have messaged me on the official Tyler’s Music Thoughts Instagram and they have been so much fun to make. The thing about these reviews is that they are always going to be 100% honest so that means if I don’t like it I will make it known that it isn’t for me, just because it isn’t for me doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. Eventually I will have a payment for artists who want their music reviewed but I’ll have to work on that a little bit more. With that all being said if you are reading this and know someone who makes music then send them my way if they want a quick review on their music, it’s some great exposure and benefits both parties. I hope to hear some good feedback from this decision of mine but on to the next surprise.

I am very excited about this one. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but it’s only been an idea. Sometimes I get weeks like this week where no one good releases music or the music that does release just doesn’t supply me with enough to make a whole review out of it but I don’t want to go the whole week without posting. My posting schedule for people who don’t know starts on Sundays at 2pm est and lasts normally up until Tuesday but it depends on how many pieces of music release that week, if there are 4 albums that week then there will be 4 reviews stretching from Sunday to Wednesday and they all are released at 2pm est. But like it said, sometimes there are no major releases and then I’m stuck with no content, that won’t be the case anymore, every Thursday I plan on doing “Throwback Thursday Posts” and these will be reviews on albums that I basically never got a chance to review whether it be from the 60s or within the last 5 years, it doesn’t matter the genre either because this blog is mainly rap and hip hop but it isn’t dedicated to one genre. What that means is that one Thursday I may do Pink Floyd then the next week I may do Nine Ince Nails then the next week probably Travis Scott, it really just depends on what you all want reviewed. I am super excited to be doing these posts and creating a whole new side of TMT. Now, with that being said please comment any albums you want to see on this blog, it’ll help a lot and will provide me with more content for you all.

Thank you all for coming back to another post by myself. I am super excited to be making these changes to TMT and I honestly can’t wait to see where it leads to with the next few months. Share this page with someone, anyone, let’s get this page bigger and go ahead follow it while you’re telling someone about it. See you soon.

P.s. the first Throwback Thursday Post goes live next week the 18th so tune in it’ll be special.

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