Post #104, June 3, 2020: The Roll Ya Post

Here we have another recommended post about a single titled “Roll Ya” and it has artists RichBandds and Jokiah!! But it is under the name of MoneyTuT which is a brand that contains these two and two others. When asking Jokiah on Instagram after he had reach out to me he said this about the brand “This is a music group as of right now, but we plan to eventually extend ‘MoneyTuT’ to bigger things.” and they seem to have a lot of potential. I asked Jokiah!! what it was that got them into making music, everyone has their own story, he said this “Dedication got us into making music, wanting to make a change in music, we we want to make music happy again, make people feel good again like the middle school days” now I loved this answer not only because for the content within but because I went to middle school with Jokiah!! and I totally know what he means. RichBandds biggest music influences are Nicki Minaj, Jay Z & Weezy. Jokiah said he was inspired by so many artist which will be shown throughout his music. I’m super excited to get into this review so let’s get started.

Roll Ya by MoneyTut (feat. RichBandds & Jokiah!!)

So starting off with the review we’ll talk about the production style. The production style is very different from a lot of the music I’m used to but I never dislike like a record with this production style. It has a wonderful vibe and is consisted of a dance hall type influence, this is very aware because of the types of claps and hi-hats they use, the vocal pattern in the background, and just overall structure of the production. I enjoy this production style a lot because it just gives off good energy and has a good summer sound to it. I can easily see this being played at a pool party or beach party. The production isn’t really anything else besides what I just explained, it’s the same thing looped throughout the track with the background vocals being cut in and out from time to time. Let’s get into the verses.

The lyrics used within the track aren’t anything crazy, throughout the track the same subject matter is repeated which is about having a good time with a certain female or several. I would say that’s these lyrics are in a sensual manner because it talks about wanting to see “her” roll her body, hips, booty, etc. This subject matter isn’t anything new in music but it’s definitely a popular topic. These two have a very unique and special way of using their voices to add more color and energy to the track. They don’t sound bland at all, they let the music take a hold of them and they let it carry them throughout the track. I love the flows they bounce back and forth with, its energizing and like I said before very unique. The track itself is just under 2 and a half minutes so there isn’t much else I could say because the content within the track isn’t packed full with much to talk about but for what it is there is a decent amount to talk about.

I apologize for such a short post but that’s normally what happens when I review one record, I prefer bodies of work because there’s much more content to review rather than one track but sometimes it ends up working out in my favor. I love doing these recommendation posts because it gives me artists to pay attention to, it gives me a chance to connect with artists, I become exposed to new music, the artists has a small platform to get a little more known, etc. It benefits both parties when I do these reviews so if you know any artist that wants their music talked about through a review then refer them to me and I can talk to them. We have a special group here and I am very excited to see what they have in store for the future!

Thank you for coming back to another review by me. I appreciate you coming by and when or you’re here go ahead and follow the blog, also the Instagram page @tylersmusicthoughts. I will begin to post more rather than whenever I make a post on here. Thank you and I’ll see you soon with more reviews.

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