Post #103, June 1, 2020: The CORLEONE Post

This post is going to be my second recommended post and it is from and artist by the name of Corleone and it is about one of his singles titled “USAIN”. Corleone messaged me on Instagram last week and sent me a link to this record, after further discussion I got more information about Corleone that I will talk about in this review because reviews on singles are already short so it will be filled up with personal information along with information about the music. Let’s go ahead and get started with this review, I’m excited!


Alright, “USAIN” is by Corleone and featured by Villain and is a pretty good record, I have a lot of things to say about the different aspects about the track itself and just about corleone but let’s start with the artist so you can get an introduction first. Corleone is an artist from Georgia, specifically Union Point and has been doing music for a while but decided to take it extremely serious around 2017 when his brother passed away. It was a dream which his brother had to make it big and to be in charge of his own label. He said and I quote “I am doing this for him like literally for him. He is my inspiration. And since I did my first song after his passing and got the response from people all over I knew then it was gonna be major” I really loved this answer because it shows how hungry he is for success and how important his brothers aspirations were to him. He had also mentioned that he likes and is influenced by Jay Z, T.I., Jeezy, and Ross because they are the ones he imagines being like one day and their work ethic makes him go even harder to achieve his set goals in the music industry and just life in general. I really respected these answers because a lot of people take advantage of the music industry to make a “quick buck” because it can be fast money when done right. Not many people care for the history of rap and hip hop which saddens me as a reviewer but that doesn’t seem to be the case here, Corleone knows his stuff and knows exactly what is meant to happen with his career. Let’s get started with the music review.

So starting off with the production we have the same instrumental throughout the track, no major change besides a drop of the flute used here and there but that’s about it. For an “amateur” beat this is very well done, the structure is strong and it has a hard hitting base line which I love and I say a mature because it’s not a producer that’s well known and mainly underground. I think the thing that ties everything together with the production is the use of the flute, everyone loves a flute so this was a great move to incorporate in the beat. The different tones of the flute throughout the track add that good structure I was talking about. The production is entertaining and supports the aggressiveness both artists bring to the track.

As soon as the track begins we get energy and aggression. I love when artists sound confident because when they sound confident the track as a whole just sounds better. I can tell that this is an authentic sound from Corleone and Villain because of how they use their voices. There isn’t a lot of vocal effects on their voices which typically turns me off from the track but that’s the thing that I’m getting used to with up and coming artists, they won’t have the technology that mainstream acts have so this is an aspect that I normally ignore with up and coming acts. Speaking about voices, if Corleone never told me he was from Georgia I could have probably guessed it because he has a strong southern accent that I hear from mainstream acts so I definitely think I could have guessed where he was from just based off his voice. The lyrics aren’t anything extremely impressive and notable but they are just fun, entertaining and energetic. The hook is a simple simile about how fast Corleone makes money, it goes “Runnin to the money like USAIN”, this is simple but creative which is what I like to hear from artists. There are bars here and there within the first verse that I appreciate but I don’t think there is anything extremely shocking, you’d have to listen to it for yourself because there might be some bars that I’m missing. The second verse from Villain is really nice, there isn’t anything crazy with the lyrics too but he adds a lot of energy and good vibes to the track as a whole. I genuinely enjoy this track for a lot of different reasons, the main reasons are for the production, the simple but enthusiastic lyrics, the different flows from both of them really get me going, and the chemistry these two have. I enjoy this track and I would recommend this to all of you, especially if you support up and coming artists.

Like I said, I highly recommend “USAIN” by Corleone to any of you because it’s energetic and just gives off good energy. I like this track a lot and didn’t expect this when I had first gotten a message from him on Instagram. I hope you all find equal enjoyment from this track like me, let me know what you think when you listen to it by coming back and commenting your opinion because I’d love to hear them.

Thank you all for coming back for another post by me. Check out Corleone’s music for real! I recommend it and I’m glad he reached out to me to do this review. For any up and coming artists reading this message me on Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts with a link and we can talk more about a review. Don’t forget to follow this page for more great content like this!

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