Post #102, May 31, 2020: The Lil Boat 3 Post

Lil Boat 3, the third installment in the Lil Boat series. I’ve really enjoyed this series because I was there from the start, when the original released I was a sophomore in high school just living life, 2016 was a good year for rap music in my opinion. When the second one released it got its negative feedback but all in all I really enjoyed that album but now we’re here with the long awaited Lil Boat 3, Yachty has been reported to have scrapped this about 4 times and started over on the album, I have high hopes but I understand Yachty is very hit or miss with his projects. Let’s see if he can continue his good streak with the other two albums in this series or not.

Lil Boat 3 by Lil Yachty

For the introduction track we have “Top Down” and it is a pretty unimpressive introduction track, it lacks a lot and relies heavy on auto tune and other vocal effects. This isn’t really that good of a track and makes me worried for the rest of the album, the album we’ve waited so long for. “Wock in Stock” is another track that I don’t really like, I like this more than the last track but this sound from Yachty has never really been my favorite. He makes very happy and positive music but he is also capable of making dark and gritty music which is what I prefer. “Split/ Whole Time” was released a few days before the release of this album and is what I expected from Yachty on this project. I absolutely love how he flows on the first part of the track because it’s consistent and pack full with bars. The second part of the track is also really well, it feels like a more lighthearted version of the first part in my opinion but still does wonders for the overall track. Great track here, glad to finally get a good track. Something I did notice is that this is without debate the best track off this album, I never liked how artists released the best track off their album before hand because that’s as good as were going to get with the music which is pretty disappointing. “T.D (feat. A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator & Tierra Whack)” will probably be one of my favorite tracks mainly for the production and the features. The production is a clear sample of Tokyo Drift hence the name of the track. Yachty’s first verse is pretty weak but his second verse later in the track is actually really well done. Rocky, Tyler and Tierra’s verses are all really well in my opinion especially Tyler’s verse. The overall energy and collaboration of this track is what I imagined for this album, I love this. “Pardon Me (feat. Future & Mike WiLL Made-It” is something I didn’t expect to be on this album. Yachty doesn’t seem to have a lot of time on the track which I don’t like because it’s more of a Future track than a Yachty track. I really enjoy the Future feature, he has been on a roll lately and the different flows he uses are absolutely deadly. The album started really slow but it’s picking up each and every track. “Demon Time (feat. Draft Day)” is another extremely high energy track and is probably one of my favorite so far for one main reason and that’s the chemistry they both have. I love the back and forth rapping from these two, Yachty has shined the most doing this with Tee Grizzly but it’s good to see him do it with another artist. I’ve never heard of Draft Day but I enjoyed his feature a lot so I hope to see more of him. “Black Jesus” is a Jetson Made produced track which is obvious with the 808s used but Jetson does a lot with the production specifically withy he background sounds, it makes the track more dark and a little bit haunting which is what Yachty does best with in my opinion. I really don’t mind this track, as a matter of a fact I genuinely enjoy it. The lyrics aren’t anything I’m paying a whole lot to but if a bar pops out then I’ll mention it, so far I’ve been here for the vibe, the flow, and the production.

DISCLAIMER!!!! I want to make this clear to people. This album is 19 tracks long so I’m not going to be talking about every single track. The tracks I genuinely don’t like will be skipped, so far “From Down Bad”, “Love Jones”, “Can’t Go” and the introduction track have been my least favorite tracks.

Okay resume. “Oprah’s Bank Account (feat. Drake & DaBaby)” was released about a month before the release of this album and was not a favorite to me, I actually really hated this track but now I understand that it’s popular because it’s catchy and because it has Drake and DaBaby on it. I still don’t like it. As soon as I heard “Ayo Pi’erre You Wanna Come Out Here” I knew this track was gonna be hot. “Range Rover Sports Truck (feat. Lil Keed” is a very vibrant track with a lot of good qualities such as that back and forth flow Yachty likes to participate in all the time. I really hate Lil Keed’s music but I don’t mind this feature at all, it really fits in with the track and the mood of the album. “Lemon Head” is ATROCIOUS. The worst track off the whole project so far. That’s all. I have a lot of indifferent feelings towards “Don’t Forget” because I like the productions lot and parts of Yachty’s verses but I don’t know, something about it seems really off, I’ll just need a few more listened to solidify my opinion. For now I’ll count it as a win. “Concrete Boys” and the tracks before this until “Don’t Forget” are just terrible. I really have no words for the last 5 tracks, it literally feels like Yachty made this in a week. I feel really disappointed right now in this album. I have nothing else to say as far as the review goes, just my final thoughts.

I have a lot of final thoughts. First of all I only liked 7/19 tracks which is absolutely terrible, definitely earned it’s spot on my list for the worst albums of 2020. From what I am aware of this is Yachty’s last installment of the Lil Boat series so I expected to see a lot of what was in the first Lil Boat here like aquatic themed production, good bubblegum rap, an appearance from the “Darnell Boat” character, etc. This album feels like it was made in a very short timespan but like I said early in this review it’s reported that he trashed it and started over 4 times. I really feel bad because Yachty tried really hard on this album but it’s just god awful. Tracks 4-7 are really good and are the only major highlights for the album because they capture that dark Yachty I like to see, the production is great on these tracks along with a few more but as a whole the albums production and overall vibe just doesn’t cut it for me, don’t even get me started on the lyrics. I disliked this album so much I couldn’t listen to it more than 2 times so I went and listened to Lil Boat for some sort of rebound from the atrocity I just listened to. I did go back and listen to the other two in the Lil Boat installment and I noticed something. The first Lil Boat is almost as if Yachty is setting sale to a luxurious island. The tracks are very lighthearted and borderline innocent. Lil Boat 2 is much darker as if he is on this same voyage but entering a storm in the middle of the ocean. Lil Boat 3 is just all over the place as if Yachty wrecked the ship he was on and everything was just abandon ship. The choreography for this album is probably amongst his worst to date. I think that’s all I have to say about the album so with that being said I feel that a 4/10 is a very appropriate rate for Lil Boat 3, possibly 3/10. I hope Yachty can rebound from this like he did Teenage Emotions a few years ago.

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