Post #101, May 28, 2020: The Blvckhndz Post

Blvckhndz is an artist that messaged me on Instagram showing me his work. I asked if I could do a review so all of you could be exposed to another artists music. This little mix is titled bvlck and it’s just a collection of some of his songs that have the most positive feedback. This is my first recommended post from an artist to do their music, I’ve done recommended posts in the past but they’ve been some of my friends giving me albums to listen to so I am honored to be doing this post and hopefully many more. Let’s get right into what I think about the artist Blvckhndz.

ELEMENTS by Blvckhnds

For the first track in this little mix we have “W.R.R.” and some things that I can talk about is that I appreciate the production a lot and the lyricism as well. The production is very laid back and gives me a very spacey and psychedelic vibe along with the vocals, the thing I’ve noticed with all up and coming artists is that the vocals don’t have some of the professional effects on them like mainstream artists do so that’s why the vocals sound a little gritty and raw but that’s an aspect of up and coming music I take away because artists don’t have access to that equipment yet but for an up and coming artist Blvckhndz definitely has a unique and entertaining sound. “Sunflower-Demo” is another track in which the production has extreme vibes of influence from psychedelics, this production which consists of mainly synths enthuses me and makes me engaged to the artist. I really enjoy the lyrics on this track in particular because he seems to be rapping about someone he wishes to be with in a perfect world but can’t for some reason, this gives me Tyler, the Creator vibes. From this track until the 6th track the tracks are very short which isn’t a bad thing in my eyes, let’s see if he makes the content worth it for the shorter tracks because that’s what a lot of artists fail to do. “Track 2” is a pretty good track but I don’t think it’s as good as the ones we’ve listened to before. It’s a very short track, 1:34 to be exact but the thing about the track that I enjoy is that since it’s so short he keeps the energy high by coming with strong and consistent lyrics. Besides the very beginning and the very end he fills the track to the brim with good lyrical content which is what a lot of mainstream artists fail to do. The production has a nice tempo and he keeps up with the tempo which is more impressive, this is definitely a good track but not as good as the two before. “Dreamin” is kind of like the previous track in the sense that it’s short and he fills it up with a lot of lyrics and decent rhyme schemes but the production is definitely more vibrant and entertaining in my eyes. I really enjoy some of the bars he uses because I think they are funny like “yo bit** got gills, she reek of fish no seaweed” and “ain’t chasing ho*s no quagmire”. When I had heard these I figured out what the vibe of this track was, lighthearted and fun which I absolutely love. “Intro” is a nice little interlude, it doesn’t really contain much besides some really enjoyable and out of this world production styles. “Lilith” is probably one of my favorite tracks because I love the dark undertone it contains. The production creeps in the background by not overlaying the vocals of Blvckhndz and the vocals create an eerie feeling because there is an effect over his voice that repeats what he says but in a deeper voice which makes this and the beat mixed together sound very dark and evil. Fantastic track in my opinion, the songwriting is great. Now “Intermission” is THE track. This track doesn’t have any vocals in it, it’s just a instrumental track which I love, I’m big on production and this track has a lot of great features to it like the slow addition to instruments throughout the beginning of the track and the same psychedelic and outer space vibe it portrays. Whoever made this instrumental has a lot of potential with funky and drugged out music, the track as a whole reminds me of Cuco or Tyler, the Creator but some of their old stuff which I favor more so this is definitely something I can see myself listening to on a daily basis, I love this.

I normally don’t listen to up and coming artists for two reasons, I typically don’t like that kind of music and it’s also hard for me to find good up and coming artists but that isn’t the case here. I genuinely like this music by Blvckhndz and can see him being someone big, his music radiates good vibes and drugged out vibes as well which is what I love to hear nowadays, it’s easy on the ears and isn’t too abrasive. I highly recommend Blvckhndz music for people looking for up and coming artists to listen to. He has one EP out titled Elements which I recommend and some other singles which are the ones I reviewed just now, a small discography but hopefully he sticks to it because there is definitely some talent here. Check out Blvckhndz music for me, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for coming back to another post here at TMT. If you’re an artist like Blvckhndz and want some of your music reviewed DM me on Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts with a link to a piece of music, preferably a body of work and not a single because a body fo work has more content to make an opinion on than just one single. Let’s see who’s next for some recommend posts!

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