Post #100, May 25, 2020: The 100th Post

HAPPY 100TH!!! This post will be my 100th post on this platform and I’m super excited. What’s going to happen for this post won’t be anything normal, I’m going to be looking back on how much everything has changed like my format for posting from my first few posts to now. Then I’m going to go over some of my favorite posts I’ve done to date and why they are my favorite, not a huge in depth detail but just a little run down of why they are my favorite. Then I’ll finish up with where TMT is at and where I see it going. Let’s get started with this wonderful post.

My posting style when I had first started was a little chaotic if you ask me, I would try and fit several reviews into one but this ended around post #24 with my review on WOPTOBER II, I’m not sure what made me stop but it es probably the amount of work to do several in one post. I also remember doing very brief and non-detailed reviews back then as well, if you go back to my first 20 posts the reviews are pretty short and not as fun to read as they are now. I had also done singles before, I don’t like to review singles but that was something I tried out to see if it would stick or not and it’s clear to see that it didn’t stick, for good reasons too. I definitely know I’ve came a long long way in the 11 months that I’ve been doing this but I still have so much more to learn and to do for TMT to be better. Going back to read some old posts was hard because I thought those were amazing back then, little did I know. But let’s get into some of my favorite reviews

Post #15: My first favorite review starts at my 15th post, everything before this was really good like So Much Fun by Young Thug or Bumps & Bruises by Ugly God but on my 15th Post I did Post Malone’s album along with EARTHGANG and Melanie Martinez’s K-12 album which was one of my favorite albums of 2019. This album by Melanie Martinez was wonderful in so many ways but the main reason was for its concept, it played as a follow up to her 2015 Cry Baby album which is also a masterpiece but it keeps the same main character and shows more of her life as she grows. This album has dark meanings and a very twisted reality behind it, it also comes with a movie. If you enjoy conceptual albums I highly recommend this, I still listen to this and her first album almost daily.

Post #18: My next favorite post is post #18 because this is when I shared what my favorite albums of all time were. I won’t go into depth about what they are and who they are made by because you can go read that on your own time but this was special for me because I think knowing what ones favorite album or albums are is very important because it can lead to strong and healthy conversations. Rodeo by Travis Scott topped the list, that’s all I’ll say.

Post #22: This review was special because I had gotten to listen to “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott for the first time. This was very anticipated and ended up being his first solo number one on billboard which is a huge feat as an artist. I just remembered listening to this song every single day for weeks on end, it’s still amazing to this day, definitely a highlight of 2019.

Post #26: This post was amazing because it was my first real listen to FKA Twigs with her album MAGDALENE. This album was a clear favorite in 2019 for so so many reasons. The production was unearthly and sounded like something from a distant alien planet at times, the vocals made her sound extremely vulnerable but very confident at the same time, and the overall meaning behind the music was gorgeous. I still listen to this album regularly and it’s still nothing but a 10.

Post #28: This review was for Trippie Redd’s A Love Letter to You 4 which is the 4th installment to this series of albums. I had a lot of expectations for this album because the last 2 prior to this were horrendous in my opinion. This album ended up being absolutely fantastic and one of my favorite Trippie Redd albums not only for the production but for the consistently it had within the tracks, I only didn’t like about 2 out of the long track list it had which was great. I loved making this review and listening to the album.

Post #30: This was my remembrance post for Juice WRLD when he passed late 2019. This isn’t really a favorite because it was hard to make but it was definitely my most passionate post. I remember making this post very late at night and it being fueled by pure emotion because I was just shocked and extremely saddened by his loss. I still wish it wasn’t real because of how much I enjoyed his personality and his music. The same thing goes for my Pop Smoke remembrance post. I hate to see these two artists and many more die so young but life always comes to an end whether it be early in life or late, we all have plans after this life.

Post #37: This was a favorite for how out of nowhere this album was. JACKBOYS was the collective album/ label album from the Cactus Jack signees and Travis Scott, this 7 track album was not taken well with fans until it was announced that there would be more of these albums to come in the future. I personally enjoyed it and bought and vinyl version of the album for my collection. I enjoyed listening to this project and I still listen to “OUT WEST (feat. Young Thug)” every day.

Post #39: This is on this list because it was a first listen of an artist and also it was my last review of 2019. The album Let the Sun Talk by North Carolina native Mavi released earlier 2019 but I hadn’t gotten awareness to Mavi until late 2019 and decided to do a review on him and the album since it would have been a 2 week separation between my posts going into the new year. I had wished to listen to this album when it came out because it was definitely a highlight of that year, this record was the perfect Rap record in my opinion because of its subliminal messages, double meanings, word play, etc. Mavi is someone I’ve continued to pay attention to and be a fan of. Being from NC helps too.

Post #47: This post was on 070 Shake who I had first heard of off Kanye West’s album Ye and after this I was very intrigued with her style of music making. One Friday I was scrolling for new music and stumbled acRoss Modus Vivendi, her debut album. In my opinion this is so far in my top 3 favorite albums of 2020 for the futuristic production style and range of vocals from 070 Shake. The majority Mike Dean producer album has a lot of consistency and is something I listen to on a very regular basis, I highly recommend this album.

Post #53: This post was such a fun one to make, probably my favorite post of 2020. UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats was a surprise album from the two which incorporated a lot of strong instrumentals from Kenny and a lot of diverse usage of flows from Denzel. I love this album so much I bought the vinyl for it and it is still something I listen to every single day. The versatility this album has is hard to explain and the chances for another UNLOCKED are high from what I’ve heard. Definitely the best album of 2020.

Post #65: This one was on the highly highly anticipated Eternal Atake album from Lil Uzi Vert. This album is also at the top of my list for my favorite albums of 2020 because of the versatility it has, every single track on here is great and resonated super well with me. The best this about this is that a week later he released the deluxe which was a whole different album on its own which was a sequel to a lot of people’s favorite Lil Uzi Vert album. Lil Uzi has been dominating 2020 and this album just proves why he’s at the top of the list of the new generation artists. Such a fantastic album, definitely met its expectations.

Post #68 & #86: I have two posts here because one is Heaven Or Hell and the other is the same album but with a Chopped and Screwed remix style to it. This album was wonderful because it’s everything I expected from Don Toliver’s debut album. The remix is probably favorited more in my opinion for its extremely relaxing vibe to it. When I go to sleep I like to play the remixed version because of how calming and soothing some of the tracks are. Don really showed me why he is going to be the biggest artist out one day on this project, he has extreme range and a fascinating voice, I can’t wait to hear more from Don hopefully his year or next year.

Post #75: This was a special post because it was on an artist that is extremely huge in Spanish speaking countries and also my mom is a huge fan. COLORES by J Balvin was special on its own for the concept it had. The title translated to Colors has tracks titled with different colors based off of how the sound made J Balvin feel. So for example, the track “NEGRO” is titled this because the production and overall sound is dark and would be perceived as the color black. I didn’t dislike any track off this album and I still like to visit it from time to time, I actually bought the vinyl which is one of my favorite vinyls because of how colorful it is, very vibrant album.

Post #88: My last favorite post on this blog is my 4:20 Review by Mike Dean. I like to compare this to a movie. When I watch a movie I don’t watch it every day, I’ll watch it once in a while and I watch it in it’s entirety, I have favorite scenes but I watch the whole thing, not just those scenes. This album is like that because it’s an experience just like a movie, I have favorite parts but I listen to the whole thing because of the experiences has. This album was just gorgeous, the synths Mike used for the album made it feel as it I was traveling from planet to planet to find some sort of Oasis in dystopian societies. I know that’s a lot but that’s what the album made me feel. Definitely one of my favorite for 2020.

If you want to see more details of why these are my favorite posts then go ahead and just search for them in the search bar and read the full posts. A lot has happened over the last 100 posts, I’ve accumulated almost 1,500 views, I’ve been reached out by artists, I’ve found a format and stuck to it, I got a logo made professionally, I’ve been gaining more followers, and started an instagram for TMT. I’ve done a lot but I have much more to do. One of my main goals is for the follower count on here and Instagram to grow to a high number, hopefully by the end of this year we’ll be at a good number. I love doing this and would love to stick to this for as long as I can because I’m determined and hopeful for my future, I see this being a podcast one day along with some clothing for people who support this, or a platform for new artists to get a name out there, the possibilities are endless. When I started I didn’t advertise this for 10 posts because I wanted to see if I’d stick to it and I’m happy I did. I have some advice for people who are too afraid to do something, I wanted to do this for a long time but I was afraid of what people would say but sometimes you literally just have to take that risk, you may start off with no views or no followers but if you stick to it for a certain amount do time something great will come out of it I promise, determination is key. This is only the beginning and I’m glad you all are apart of this. THANK YOU and as always I’ll see you tomorrow for another great post but in the meantime go ahead and follow the page and the Instagram @tylersmusicthoughts.

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