Post #99, May 24, 2020: The WUNNA Post

When I had seen that Gunna was releasing an album I didn’t really know how to feel because his last album didn’t have playback value, I listened to it a few times then never listened to it again. 18 Gunna tracks just doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. Somehow Gunna got a pass during this new wave of artists that are clones of Young Thug, the first time I heard of Gunna I thought it was Young Thug so that says a lot of just how similar they sound. I’ve been hearing really good things about Wunna but I normally don’t like what others like so let’s see how well this sits with me, hopefully it’s better than his last project. Also, where did “Wunna” come from? People started calling him that out of nowhere and I have no clue why but I guess he caught some inspiration from it and decided to make his album after it.

WUNNA by Gunna

“ARGENTINA” is an okay introduction track but it definitely isn’t my favorite by a long shot. It sets a really laid back tone and doesn’t really show me anything new from Gunna but I didn’t expect anything new from him on this album just a lot of what he’s been doing for the last 2 years or so. “GIMMICK” is what I want. I love the smooth pace of the 808 in the beginning of the track coming in and out of the rest of the production throughout the duration of the track, gorgeous. He flows like water on here which is something that I admire and hope to see a lot of on this project. Gunna never needs to say anything if his flow is like this. “MOTW” is another track just like the previous where he’s literally just saying whatever but it sounds so good. He definitely found some good flows in the time since his last album and is using them to his absolute advantage. “DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD (feat. Young Thug)” caught my attention right off the bat with the subtle vocals from Gunna in the very beginning of the track and leading into some really interesting vocal effects throughout the rest of the track. Young Thug absolutely kills this feature which is great to see since I feel that he is very hit or miss with a lot of his features. They both have always had fantastic chemistry but this track probably tops the list of their collaborations in my opinion. “ADDYS (feat. Nechie)” is probably the most uninteresting tracks so far in the album mainly for the hook and it’s very annoying amount of repetition with the word “Addy”, and the recycled flow. The feature is very bad. I’m not sure who Nechie is but he sounds like one of those Young Thug clones. This is definitely one of the tracks I wanted to avoid while listening to this album. “SKYBOX” is the lead single from the album and was released about a month before the album. I didn’t really listen to it when it came out, I dabbled in it but never fully listened to it but since this is my first listen I can say that it’s alright, nothing stands out, maybe the production but that’s it. “WUNNA” is another single that was released before the album and I didn’t listen to this one also. After my first few listens I can say almost the same things about “SKYBOX” but on this track, it’s alright. We’re getting to the point in the album where everything is starting to sound the same the “grey area”. So far I’ve realized how inconsistent this album is. The tracks that I like are my favorite and are tracks that I think are just really good, they sound great and have a lot of substance behind them but the tracks I don’t like are just very lack luster and boring besides “ARGENTINA” and “SKYBOX” because I think that’s the only one so far that I’m neutral on. The rest are either really good or just bad. “BLINDFOLD” (feat. Lil Baby)” is one of those golden tracks, I think they both flow effortlessly and really show off why they are at the forefront of the new school. “ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS” is a very weird track mainly for the production. The production is done by Wheezy who is a very popular producer associated with Gunna, Lil Baby & Young Thug but the production on this track is really all over the place, it sounds very chaotic but have very little substance and Gunna doesn’t flow too well on the production either. “NASTY GIRL/ ON CAMERA” is a good rebuttal after the last 2 tracks. This again doesn’t really carry a lot but sticks to the good tracks we’ve gotten so far, just a typical Gunna track so I can say it’s good or bad, neutral track. I do love the best switch and overall mood change of the track, that’s a plus. “COOLER THAN A B**CH (feat. Roddy Ricch)” is definitely a highlight for the album. Roddy Ricch really does a lot for this track because while I was listening to the track I was getting a little bored but then I heard Roddy come in and he really brought everything together. The track itself is really good but Roddy Ricch just adds something else to the track that makes it more enjoyable. I’ve heard a lot about this track “TOP FLOOR (feat. Travis Scott)” and how it’s “the best track off here”. Travis comes in doing what Travis does, he hits us with some really nice background harmonies throughout the track which always gets my attention. I really enjoy their chemistry and how they just go back and forth off each other’s flows, very impressive if you ask me. I definitely see what all the hype is about but I wouldn’t call this the best track, Travis does more for this track than Gunna which as a Travis fan I love to hear but since this is Gunna’s album I would have liked to see more control from Gunna but it’s still a highlight of the album. The last 3 tracks definitely aren’t the best especially “FAR (feat. Young Thug)”. This track in particular is probably the worst off the whole album, the feature from Thug is not that good, at one point Thug does this thing with his voice where he is “singing” but very very high pitch which never ends well with me. Yeah, this track is the worst off the album which sucks because the last track isn’t supposed to be the worst but is what it is, it’s Gunna so it isn’t surprising.

I genuinely liked about half the tracks on WUNNA. The other tracks that I didn’t talk about I either really didn’t like them or had nothing to say because nothing in the track shocked me enough. I went back and listened to his last album and I can easily say that I enjoy this one more but not by a lot. My expectations for this album were fairly low and what I got from the album matched my expectations. For my final rating I’ll give it a good 6/10, the tracks that I enjoy on here are really good, near perfect but the tracks I don’t like are just really bad or boring, the inconsistency is high, I find myself more bored than excited and a few other reasons. Will I still tune into future Gunna releases? Of course I will because Gunna has a lot of potential and I’d love to hear him at his fullest potential.

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