Post #98, May 19, 2020: The Suga (ChopNotSlop Remix) Post

After my Heaven Or Hell (ChopNotSlop remix) remix I started to pay more attention to DJ Candlestick because I am a big fan of his remixes and what he does for the Chopped and Screwed sound. Megan Thee Stallion is from Houston and has done a ChopNotSlop remix before so I had a feeling that there was going to be a remix of this album but I wasn’t sure, looks like I was right. I am extremely excited because I genuinely liked the original version of Suga and I know I’ll like this remix even more. Now as a disclaimer this won’t be a normally lengthy post because just like the last ChopNotSlop remix I reviewed I will only talk about the tracks that I loved from the original album but the remixed version of those tracks on this review.

Suga (ChopNotSlop Remix) by Megan Thee Stallion
Remix by DJ Candlestick & OG Ron C

First of all before I start the review I want to say that I haven’t really gone back to Suga besides to listen to “Savage”, “Captain Hook” & “Hit My Phone (feat. Kehlani)” because they were my favorites off the whole project but since I rated it pretty high I’m definitely going to do a review to this remix. I liked this project and loved the last remix by DJ Candlestick so why not do a review. Let’s get right into it.

Starting off with “Savage” all I can say is that I didn’t think I needed a Savage remix but after hearing it I can definitely say I NEEDED it. This remix is just flat out amazing. It’s so smooth and just a nice relaxing take on the hyped up billboard hit. The chopping skills oh the record are really interesting because you get a feeling that the track will officially start but he brings it back all the way to the beginning and starts over again, I love this aspect of the Chopped and Screwed sound. “B.I.T.C.H.” was a really strong and impactful track but doesn’t really hit the same with the remix, it’s very nice but not as good as I had expected it to be. Still a highlight of the remix in my opinion but it isn’t anything I’d come back to over and over again. I normally don’t like tracks that are high in tempo to have a slowed down vibe but “Captain Hook” is an exception, it’s just super smooth and really drawn out in a good way. This remix makes me love the original even more honestly. There is so much about this track that I love but the main thing is it’s versatility if that makes any sense, what I mean is that it sounds good normally and it also sounds great with the remix applied to it. DJ Candlestick really shows off his DJing skills on the little interlude on here, not only on the interlude but all throughout the album, I just felt that this was a good chance to point this out. After the first ChopNotSlop review I did I just went back to a lot of his older remixes because I loved that one. He has a lot of skill and in my opinion it was just perfect timing because I was looking for more Chopped and Screwed music to listen to and then DJ Candlestick made an appearance into my world of music. Just like all the other tracks so far “Stop Playing (feat. Gunna)” provides a very relaxing vibe. This track does a good job expressing my love for this type of music, it takes a fairly energetic track but just completely brings it down in tempo and bpm and makes it a whole new track, Gunna also has a great Chop and Screwed voice, I’d love to hear his voice on some more of these remixes. I was really excited to hear what “Hit My Phone (feat. Kehlani)” would sound like and it’s everything I’d imagine to to sound like. This was probably my favorite off the original album and it’s still my favorite even off the remix. I absolutely love this and the purple vibe it radiates. If you like Chopped and Screwed music then I highly recommend this song in particular. “Ain’t Equal” is another highly energetic track from the original that sounds amazing with the ChopNotSlopped style to it. I can’t really say much that I haven’t said already besides that it’s just more amazing slowed down.

This is another ChopNotSlop remix that I love. I am really happy that I was exposed to DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C because what they do to these albums is just amazing, sometimes it’s hard to talk about. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is looking for Chopped and Screwed music to listen to or just music to relax to, specifically “Savage”, “ Hit My Phone (feat. Kehlani)”, “Captain Hook” & “Stop Playin (feat. Gunna)” these were my favorites off the original and are still my favorites even off the remix album. I love this remix and my rating still stands high. Amazing work from DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C to deliver another wonderful remix for me to review, I can’t wait for the next one.

Thank You!!! For coming back to read another post by yours truly. You guys are killing it with the views so far, tell a friend about this page and get them to follow it!!! See you all again soon for some more posts!!!

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